Binas: The story we all have heard but this time my way. The way it should be written. Still reveals Danny. I own NOTHING!

Later somethings will happen. Please no flames. It's going to be humorous!


Danny and his friends laughed at a bunch lists. They said some stupid things about ghost classes with terrible puns and jokes.

"Who would want to join those?!", Tucker asked.

"An idiot!", Danny said.

"Who's teaching them?", Sam asked.

"Mr. Lancer?", Tucker asked.

"My parents would ambush him before he could teach!", Danny said.

Tucker and Sam stopped laughing.

"Uh... Danny you might want to see this.", Sam said.

It was a list. A list of students in that class! Danny, Sam, and Tucker were in that class. Worse of all, Jack and Maddie were teaching it!

"Aw man! Now I'm in deep trouble!", Danny said looking mad.

"Good morning class! Today we will be learning about the 101 ghosts!", Jack said.

"Jack, 101 is just a label to help tell similar classes apart.", Maddie said.

"Oops...", Jack said.

"Okay. You know us as Jack and Maddie Fenton, the best ghost hunters and researchers in town. Today we are going to cover the basics.", Maddie said.

"Can I use the laser pointer?", Jack asked and Maddie tossed it over, "Thanks Mads!"

Jack kisses Maddie on the lips. The students revolt in disturbance/disgust and large sweat drops hang over their heads.


"Get a room!"

"Not in here!"

Danny sank into his seat embarrassed.

'At least he didn't do anything that made me want to die.', Danny thought.

"Okay this is Ghost 001. It is a level .05 ghost.", Maddie said.

Jack drew a bunny over the projector screen with the laser.

"The bunny is attacking the ghost!", Jack said.

The kids laugh as Danny slammed his head on his desk.

The ghost on the projector was no other than the Box Ghost.

"Ghost 001's obsession is boxes. So keep your dangerous boxes in something ghost proof.", Maddie said.

The slide changed to Skulker.

"This is Ghost 002. It's a level 4 ghost. He is frequently seen hunting Invis'o-bil for an unknown reason.", Maddie said.

Danny cringed at what the media called him. It was lame!

A few slides later they got to his.

"This is Invis'o-bil. A level 7.5 ghost. This one is just a weird one with intentions of the usual evil. Invis'o-bil always disappears and has never been captured successfully. This one be captured before it can do anymore harmed.", Maddie said.

Many classmates were arguing that Invis'o-bil was good. Valerie kept saying how bad he was and how he ruined her life.

"QUIET!", Jack bellowed.

Jack then tripped and the laser flashed in Danny's eye. Danny turned away from the laser.

"Dad!", Danny whined.

"Now comes my favorite part! Experiments! We will be using a single ghost's Ectoplasm.", Jack said dancing around like an idiot.

Jack and Maddie passed out beakers filled with Ectoplasm, some anti ghost stuff that was heated, microscopes, and various small instruments.

Jack tripped yet again and some anti ghost stuff landed in Danny's pants. It hurts so bad, Danny screamed and jumped out of his desk. Everyone laughed.

"Sorry...", Jack said.

After Danny got cleaned up he was looking at the slide and soon noticed it was his. He raised his hand.

"Yes Danny-boy.", Jack said.

"Which ghost did you get this from?", Danny asked.

"Invis'o-bil. He always is getting hurt and leaves big puddles of Ectoplasm everywhere.", Jack said, "We even donated some to research facilities."

Danny went wide was going to know his secret now. Kwan raised his hand.

"Yes boy I don't know.", Jack said.

"What's this in the Ectoplasm?", Kwan asked.

"What are you talking about? This stuff was filtered before we used it.", Jack said coming over to take a look.

Jack took a long look and muttered somethings thinking it was just the lens needing to be cleaned until he jolted away.

"SUFFERING SPOOKS!", Jack yelled, "What's human blood doing in there?!"

Maddie raised an eyebrow.

"Jack, did you cut yourself and stick your thumb under the microscope again?", Maddie asked.

Everyone snickered. Danny blushed and was hoping it was just that.

"Mine has hideous red flakes in it!", Paulina whined.

"Let me see.", Maddie said and took a look.

Maddie knew that only Paulina and herself touched this one. Paulina would never cut herself and Maddie never would let her or Jack's blood contaminate their experiments.

"Your right Jack. There is human blood int he Ectoplasm.", Maddie said and turned to the class, "Looks like we found something weird. Invis'o-bil has human blood within his Ectoplasm. How it got there, we have no idea and can't be good."

Tucker raised his hand. This is also when Tucker opened his big mouth.

"What if Invis'o-bil was half human?", Tucker asked.

Danny turned to Tucker and looked very mad. His eyes glowed a bit.

Jack and Maddie laughed.

"That's impossible!", Jack said, "A ghost can't be human!"

Maddie started thinking.

"Wait. The human blood, the human like look, the realistic emotions that shouldn't be there. You might be on to something Tucker. When we capture Invis'o-bil, we will do some experiments.", Maddie said.

Danny paled and mouthed 'Help me' to Sam.

Sam nodded and got up.

"How dare you do experiments on an innocent ghost! How would you feel if you were experimented on for an unknown reason?!", Sam said holding a protest sign.

"Sam, we have to do this. It's obviously a new type of ghost and we need to study. Nothing will change our mind.", Maddie said.

Sam, Tucker, and Danny's faces fell. Danny was in trouble now.

'My first day in this stinkin' class and I'm minutes away from being exposed! The universe just loves hating me, doesn't it?', Danny thought.

{That last sentence in the thought is a slightly altered version of Sokka's quote:

"The universe just loves proving me wrong, doesn't it?"}.

The bell rang and the kids left.

During the night...


"Hello misplaced aggression.", Danny said and blasted the Box Ghost.

Danny kicked, punched, blasted, thrown, etc. the Box Ghost until all anger was out. He then sucked the Box ghost in after five minutes of misplaced aggression.

"Glad that's out of me.", Danny said feeling a bit better.

"FREEZE ECTOSCUM!", Jack bellowed aiming a gun at Danny.

"Whoa! What do you want?", Danny said backing away.

"We want answers! We are going to take you back for experiments!", Maddie said raising a net launcher and sent the Ectonet at Danny.

The net grabbed Danny and he fell to the ground. The net had a sedative in it and Danny fell to sleep. Maddie and Jack dragged him into the RV and went speeding for Fenton Works.

Danny woke up tied to a lab table. He struggled to get off. He saw he had a 'Y' shaped stitch mark. The scars of it disappeared but the stitches remained. He was dissected.

"Really?", Danny asked annoyed.

"It's amazing Mads! He is Half Human! I wonder who his human half is!"

It was Jack's voice.

"Since we already completed every experiment while he was asleep, which I'm surprised about, should we release our findings to the press or give him to a research facility that watches behavior?"

It was Maddie's voice of course.

"Let's do both!", Jack said.

"No!", Danny managed to yell.

"Shut up, ghost.", Maddie said.

"Please don't!", Danny said, "I don't want to be revealed or taken away!"

"Too bad!", Jack said and sedated Danny.

'At least they used sedatives instead of doing the dissecting while awake.', Danny thought his last thought.

Next morning...

Danny woke up in a cage in front of the public. he saw his stitches were gone and completely healed without a scar.

"Today we have brought an interesting discovery. We discovered Invis'o-bil is Half Human.", Maddie said,

Everyone gasped.

"How is that possible?"

"We aren't entirely sure but we have a theory.", Jack said, "You see when a girl and a boy like each other so very much..."

Jack rambled on THE TALK. Danny was wide eyed.

'EEEEEEWWWWWW! I rather be dissected again than hear THE TALK!', Danny thought as his brain was now scarred for life by THE TALK.

"EWWWWW! NO! That's just gross! Stop giving everyone THE TALK! A ghost and a human didn't do that to make me! That's just nasty! Worse than the Box Ghost and Lunch Lady Ghost doing that!", Danny complained looking ready to barf.

"I agree with the ghost boy!"

"Take THE TALK to your kids not here!"

"AWWWW!", Jack whined, "But I like giving THE TALK!"

"Okay! Listen... Uh... Jack and Maddie. Take me to somewhere private please.", Danny said, "I want to talk to you."

"Why should we? You'll just attack us!", Maddie said.

"I can't do much if I'm still in this cage!", Danny said looking annoyed.

"Oh, but pull nothing on us! Especially those terrible puns and jokes! Those are just terrible.", Jack said.

"Aw can't handle a bit of witty banter? You do like humor when you hear it.", Danny said.

An Ecto-gun was pointed to his head and he inched away from the gun.

"Really? Are the guns really needed for a terrible joke?", Danny asked.

After taking the cage to the back of the stage, Danny looked at Jack and Maddie.

"Please, I'm begging you, don't hate me! I still don't know how it happened completely. It was an accident.", Danny pleaded with his biggest puppy eyes.

{Think of Aang's puppy eyes in "The Chase" and/or Timmy's puppy eyes in "Where's Wanda?"}.

Jack and Maddie took a picture for blackmail and humor of just looking at. Danny looked pathetic! Both laughed.

"How can we resist a face like that with those eyes?", Jack asked before being Gibbs Slapped up side the head by Maddie, "What? Doesn't it remind you of those eyes that one kid had in the pictures? The ones taken by that baby sitter I have heard rumors about being bad."

"Jack...", Maddie said face palming then turned to Danny, "Give us one good reason why we shouldn't hate you. A good reason not Jack's excuses he has used in battle."

"What's wrong with wanting a fudge break and learning how to use a napkin?", Jack asked with similar puppy eyes to Danny's.

{Think of Sokka's from the comic "Sword Bending" with the pouty lip (i45*tinypic*com/9zn6o0*jpg)}.

Maddie shakes her head.

"We're waiting.", Maddie said.

"Alright. But just don't abandon me and leave me on my own in the world.", Danny said looking pained, "And please don't send me away to the GiW or anything related to them because you can't bare to see me like this!"

"Enough stalling.", Maddie said.

Danny transformed into his human half looking sad. Jack and Maddie gasped. They dropped their guns. They saw their own son. Maddie dropped her knees and sobbed. Jack comforted her.

"I'm sorry. I will go away forever if you want me to. I understand.", Danny said sadly.

Danny transformed and flew through the floor, which they forgot to make ghost proof.

"Wait!", Maddie said then sobbed some more, "Danny..."

"It's all our fault. He's gone because of us.", Jack said, "Why couldn't he tell us? We would have still loved him."

Danny from over head heard this. They still cared. He flew down to the ground and hugged them. Maddie saw him and quickly hugged him. Jack joined in, almost crushing them with his bear hug.

"You came back. I thought you left! We're are so sorry!", Maddie said.

"It's okay. You didn't know and it's partly my fault cause I was stupid enough to go through with that dare to ix the portal.", Danny said, "OW! Dad!"

Jack had playfully did a Gibbs Slap on Danny. He chuckled at seeing Danny react. Danny tickled Jack in return.

"You still tickle like the Tickle Ghost Danny-boy!", Jack said and tickled him back.

Maddie giggled at seeing the only two boys of the house have an all out tickle war.