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Fiona had the worst week of her life at work, and on this particular Friday night, all she wanted to do was get good take-out food and post up on her couch with her old boxed set of Pretty Little Liars. She had called her dinner order in around 8:30pm, due to her boss forcing her to work late yet again, and by the time she walked into the restaurant it was close to nine, and it was packed. As she waited to her food, she scanned the place and instantly saw a familiar face sitting at one of the high tables near the bar. It was Imogen, who was sitting with another woman who looked about the same age. Fiona tried to duck behind the fake plants that were in between the hostess station and the restrooms when she heard Imogen across the room excusing herself to use the bathroom. Fiona grabbed a takeout menu to hide behind, but just as Imogen had passed her, the hostess handed Fiona her meal with a cheery, "Here you are Ms. Coyne. Enjoy!" She grabbed the bag with a sigh, and she heard Imogen call out "Fiones?" behind her. She took a deep breath, spun around, and responded "Hey, Imogen."

Imogen had a huge smile on her face as she walked up to Fiona, "What are you doing here? Are you visiting?" she questioned eagerly. Fiona shook her head, "Well…actually I moved here a few months ago. I got a job right after graduation. Surprise!", she was less than enthusiastic. Imogen's face fell, "What? Why didn't you call me?" Fiona glanced at the table where Imogen's friend-slash-date sat, "I just figured you were really busy with everything. Look I've got to run, plus I don't want to take you away from your…date." Imogen rolled her eyes, "It's not a date, it's just a friend from class… how's Hannah by the way?", her tone suddenly becoming less than friendly. "We broke up. Awhile ago actually," Fiona replied, she could not handle getting into this in the middle of a crowded restaurant, "Look I'll call you later or something. Enjoy your evening." With that, Fiona strode out of the building, thinking to herself about how that is absolutely not how she imagined running into Imogen again.

The next day, Fiona had woken up and done her usual Saturday morning routine: coffee, email, and news. She began to realize that she had virtually no plans for the weekend; she didn't even have one small work event that she needed to stop by. Fiona had made friends with her coworkers and was friendly with the couple that lived in the apartment next door, but she didn't really have anyone to do things with outside of work obligations. She still kept in touch with Eli, but he was busy with his own life, and he wasn't the type she could spend an entire day with shopping or just wandering around the city. Fiona started dialing a number on her phone as she told herself to not have any expectations; she was just calling a friend.

Fiona met Imogen on UT's campus that afternoon; she found her standing under a clump of trees taking pictures. "Still dabbling in photography?" Fiona called out. Imogen turned, "I dabble in everything," she placed her camera back into her bag and stood up. "I'm sorry I didn't call you the second I got here", Fiona started, but Imogen interrupted her, "It's okay. I understand… you have a whole life that I'm not really a part of anymore. I didn't mean to get upset with you." Fiona could have laughed, but instead she took a good look at Imogen. Although she hadn't originally realized it, they had both changed over the past five years. Imogen still wore her trademark glasses, but she wore her hair down now, and her style now seemed tame compared to the outfits she used to put together in high school. She was wearing red skinny jeans with black combat boots, complete with a leather jacket. They had both grown so much since their days at Degrassi, but strangely they still seemed to fit together perfectly, at least in Fiona's mind. It was like they had both grown into different people, but those different people were still a good fit for each other. Something Imogen had said so many years ago started to echo in Fiona's mind. You never gave me anything. You never did anything to make me think it was mutual. You literally left me hanging. A sudden revelation came over her; it was time to just be honest. This thing between them still hadn't gone away, and she needed to know if it was going to happen or not, so they could both move on with their lives properly.

"You couldn't be farther from the truth Imogen," Fiona took a step towards the younger girl, "I didn't call you because I wanted to prove to myself that I moved here for my career…and not for someone. Not for you." Imogen was no longer looking at the ground; instead she was looking at Fiona with eyes that she couldn't quite read. "I have never stopped thinking about you. No matter where I was, who I was with, or what was going on in my life, you were always in my head," Fiona continued, "I guess I just need to know if you will try this with me. See what happens if we are actually together. Properly together…because I don't think I can wait anymore." It seemed like they stood in silence for hours as Fiona waited for a response. Imogen took another step towards Fiona, "Do you know how long I have waited to hear that from you?" Imogen placed her hands on the back of Fiona's neck. "Really?" Fiona questioned, "Really," Imogen replied, before she leaned forward and captured Fiona's lips with her own. Fiona wrapped her arms around Imogen's waist, and they stayed like that for quite some time, kissing each other like they had been waiting to for years, because well, they had.

At some point, Imogen had pulled back from Fiona and said, "By the way, I love you too."