Chapter 3: Rest of Mimiga Village and Egg Corridor

The trek back up was made easy by a staircase I didn't see earlier. I walked over to Jack and started to tell him about what happened.

"What?! Toroko's been kidnapped? That's terrible! We have to inform King!" Jack, being the number-two in the village ran towards the Assembly Hall to tell King. I followed him inside and saw King. He looked a bit upset over the news.

"Not Toroko too... I can't believe it... Toroko's older brother, Arthur was our strongest warrior. But he was killed by one of the Doctor's goons. And now, I... I couldn't protect her..." King sighed, wishing this would end already. I realized that we couldn't get into Arthur's house now... Or could we? I went over to Jack to ask him.

"There are two keys to Arthur's house. Toroko has one of them and the other is inside the Mimiga Cemetery." I nodded and started to head to the graveyard. I went through the passage Jack was originally guarding and I went in. I noticed all the mushrooms in the cemetery. "I guess that's what Jack meant. I better shoot them down to help the Mimiga's out." After traversing the area, I went up and kept going. After jumping over a huge mushroom, I found a large grave. Arthur's grave. There's writing on the tombstone.

Here sleeps the noble Arthur, true hero to the Mimigas.

After looking around closely, I saw a small glare. After taking a closer look, I realized it was a key.

Found *Arthur's Key*!

"Looks like I found the key. I should go check the house out." After heading to the bottom part of the village and unlocking the door, I headed inside. It was pretty big with 2 paths leading up, a path leading down and overall, looked huge. I headed over to a computer in the room that was still on. Checking the computer screen, it said:

"Sue! Please respond! They're looking for you...Are you asleep? Your brother's starting to worry about you..."

"The same message I heard before! I wonder who this Kazuma person is. I can tell he's Sue's brother, but beyond that is a mystery." After checking that, there was a confirmation screen up asking to permit teleportation to the Egg Corridor. "Well, seeing that Sue isn't here must mean she's somewhere. She might be there so why not check it out?" After confirming, a message saying that teleportation to Egg Corridor was possible now. "Well, here goes nothing!" I stood in the teleporter and started the teleportation to Egg Corridor.

End of Chapter 3

Author's Note: Wow, after posting the first couple of chapters, I just realized how short these chapters are... I think I might have to step up how long I make the chapters.