Yes, the dreaded author's note. But don't worry- it's not exactly what you think.

I'm gonna make this short so I can get to work.

I am rewriting this story. When I will restart it, I do not yet know.

I'm so sorry to all who have been waiting anxiously for an update. But right now, I truly cannot focus on it.

I've started high school this year, which in between the homework and all this new stuff I have to take responsibility of, I have less and less time to free write.

I promise that this story will return. Till then (When I post the rewritten story) I will keep this up so that I may remind myself of this problem as well.

I have so many other fanfiction stories I wish to write and I really want to get started on them.

I really am sorry.

Thank you, all of you, who have had the patience and kept up with this story. Hang in there.

- I've also been writing stories on my fictionpress account, that I renamed TempestintheStorm. Feel free to check it out.-

Again, so sorry.