I'm writing a story with lost saga characters and here they are along with their class and stuff.

Hero - Iron Knight- He's shy but a really good fighter except for blood and girls- Part of the King's Hammer team - Male - 18

Sophia Turragur- Fire Mage- Bold and kinda loud but its to cover up her past – Leader of Team Tracer- Female – 17

Shay Zara – Dark Shaman - Looks down on the boys and is strong willed, Good leader in any situation - Leader of Team Tower –Female – 19

Grant Kingson - Grand Templar – Boisterous and Kind of pervy but a reliable person – Male – 19

Robby Haggard – Robin Hood – Despite his name he's a crack shot with his dad's old bow and he fires off more jokes than arrows –Team Rampage – Male – 21

Flying Leaf - Chaos Dahlia – Cold and calculating but on the inside he's warm and fuzzy – Team King's Hammer

Bear's Claw –Viking Raider – He's the newest generation of his line and the only thing he wants to do is uphold his legacy – Leader of Team Rampage – Male – 18 ½

Adrian Turragur – Musketeer – Secretive but young, quiet and cold hearted – Part of Team Zero Strike – Male - 16 ¾

Shaudi Harrakin – Desert Blader - Quiet and extremely intelligent – Leader of Team Zero Strike- Male – 22

Hylla – Heavy Crasher- Orphaned at 7 by her abusive parents this genius put together a suit out of spare parts and has now perfected her design into a weapon of terror – Team Rampage - Female -16

Snow's Fall – Ice Mage – Bitter Rival of Sophia and being part of Bear's tribe she is very powerful but can't usually harness her strength – Team Tower – Female - 17

Cloud's Fall – Ice Mage – Snow's Identical twin she can summon thunder and lightning to strike down her foes – Team Tower – Female - 17

Kilo Xan - Kage Ninja– This boy is from a long, long line of assassins and mercenaries and is trying to redeem his family name, Xan – Male – 16

Pamela Jackson – Boxing Champ – This ex-street fighter was known as Whip because of her attitude, and the punches she threw – Team Tracer – Female - 19

Sanj Harrakin – Hawkeye – This chakram wielding, Bird loving guy is the only one who can rival Kilo in sneaking around – Team Tracer's Strategist –Male – 16