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This starts at page 142 of Bitter Blood, and goes AU at page 143. The First Passage (In italics) is taken from the book.

Final Warning: SPOILERS!

/AU because of reasons/

I don't want you to go.

"Friends count for little when they cross lovers," he said. "You're old enough to understand that. And that is why I-" he shook his head. "That is why I can't stay."

She felt she would choke on tears, suddenly. He stepped forward and took both of her warm hands in his cool ones. For a moment, she thought he intended to kiss her, and for a panicked moment she wasn't sure if she ought to stop him, if she wanted to stop him...but then he just placed his forehead on hers and held it there.

"Hush now," he said, and there was so much sweetness in his voice. "I don't want to see you cry. I'm nothing to cry over."

"I don't want you to go."

He pulled back, still close, very close, too close. There was a faint crimson flicker in his eyes, like a distant thunderstorm. "Take care," he said. "Promise me."

"I will," she said. "Myrnin-"

He kissed her. It was so fast she couldn't move to prevent it, even if she wanted to. It was also quick, and light, and cool, and then-

-and then it wasn't. Myrnin pulled back slightly, but his breath still ghosted over her lips, leaving them tingling in a way her fingers had done minutes ago. His eyes opened slowly and lifted to hers (which had never closed in the first place), and the distant thunderstorm from before was now a tempest, a hurricane.

It was destructive, and Claire approved. By kissing him back.

Her eyes did shut this time, and his hands moved from her forehead and began to move down her neck and shoulders to grip her tightly around the waist (pulling her body flush against his) as hers gripped his curls. Their lips moulded together until Claire couldn't tell whose was who, and this was rather nice, and they proberly should have done it long ago, and if they could continue doing it for a long, long, time, that would be just swell, and-

Unfortunately, Claire's lungs didn't agree with her lips, or her mind (or her stomach, which seemed to have a string of fire curling inside of it, warming her from the inside out), and she was forced to break the kiss to drag in a few unwilling breaths. Myrnin still had a tight hold on her, so she wasn't complaining too much.

A few seconds of silence passed, and then Claire couldn't help it- a small giggle erupted from her mouth. Myrnin looked torn between confusion and lust. His head tilted slightly to the left, and passion had burnt away the brown in his eyes, leaving them pitch black.

"Excuse me Claire, but... what are you laughing at?" He whispered.

"It's- I- It's just I never really expected that. Not really, anyway."

"Not really, as in, it did occur to you at some point. Would you care to elaborate on that?"

"Not really- unless you count this as elaborating." Claire almost purred- a sound she had never heard from her own person before- which only added to the oddness of the occasion, before pressing her lips to Myrnin's once more.

And when his tongue begged for entrance, Claire had no mind to refuse.

-*Ten Minutes Later*-

Claire was pressed up against the wall, lifted slightly in the air with her legs wrapped around Myrnin's waist (something that provided both convenience and extra friction to areas that were begging for it) as his hips ground into hers slowly, causing him to moan into her mouth, vibrations echoing down her throat. He removed his mouth from hers and Claire almost whimpered at the loss, until he moved it to her neck, kissing gently and occasionally nipping with his normal teeth- his fangs hadn't appeared once. They would still leave marks, but all Claire could think was I am yours- tomorrow wasn't really at the forefront of her mind, in all honesty.

Anything could have happened (thinking back on it later, the pair would like to believe that they would have stopped, or at least found a more appropriate location, but the way they were lost in one another contradicted that) except for the fact that there was other people in the house- a fact made abundantly clear by the sudden influx of noise that erupted from the living room... Shane's cheers, Eve's high voice declaring unfairness, Michael's booming laughter. Myrnin's lips tore away from Claire's neck, and their eyes met in a fearful blaze. They had to stop.

Like, now.

(That might not have actually been fear, come to think about it.

More like disappointment.

There was proberly a tiny bit of fear though. Maybe.)

"Dammit." Claire sighed, disentangling her legs away from Myrnin's waist, feeling bereft at the space between them now his cold body wasn't there to warm her. Her feet gingerly touched the floor and she almost collapsed completely, numb from being engaged in one type of activity for so long- She would have, if Myrnin hadn't have caught her as quick as he did.

A small smile curled his slightly swollen lips, and she had to fight a huge one of her (very swollen) ones.

"You have to go. Not that I want you to, but- they'll be coming up soon, and if-"

"It's ok, Claire."

"You're not still leaving town, are you?"

"No, not anytime soon," Myrnin whispered, stroking a piece of hair away from her face, ignorant of the way the path his fingers took set her skin on fire. "But if I do- sometime in the future, you understand, I cannot tame the politics of this town alone- you will be the first to know. And I hope you would consider joining me. See you tomorrow."

He stepped away, and after kissing her once more, sprung out of the still open window.

And as he left, reality came flooding in- Myrnin was a Vampire, Myrnin was her boss, and Claire's boyfriend sat downstairs, totally ignorant of everything that just happened.

Oh God.

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