Before you start reading this I'd like to introduce you to the concepts behind this Fanfiction. It is an interactive journal style Self-Insert. That means that what you read are all journal entries by my character. That also means that my SI character can read your reviews and respond to them directly, and is using them as a touchstone to the world he left behind, for both good and ill.

While it might seem like an RP or a quest at first glance, it is not. It's simply a fanfic where I answer your questions through the character and take your suggestions directly rather than covertly adding them into the story. It also means the SI is in no way, shape, or form oblidged to listen to you... once again, for good and ill.

It was originally posted to a forum, and while I am doing some content changes to better fit , it is mostly the same. If you see replies to questions you don't ask, that's why. Once the latest chapter is up, I'll start directly replying to you as well, though well thought out questions on earlier posts will still be responded to, if only in IM.

Now sit back, crack a beer, and enjoy my nightmare