This is just a random thing that appeared in my head while I was laying in bed today. I hope you like it, and R&R!

Katniss POV:

My family, Gale Peeta, Haymitch, etc. were sitting in Peeta's living room with a bunch of oddly dressed, strange acting, hyper people. Oh, and don't forget the dragons with their heads coming in through the window, listening to our conversation.

We all pieced together that everyone we (the strange people and my friends) hate or even tried to kill were staying in Snow's mansion. Great.

They were trying to recruit us for a trip across Panem, which some said was, some was Europe, and to others was Alagaesia (don't ask).

If you're wondering how it happened, well, here it goes again.

Earlier that morning:

Peeta and I had been sleeping in bed together, because of course I had nightmares. Just not today, which I was grateful for, considering that everyone in our house would have freaked out.

So I woke up to the sound of noisy whispers and quite footsteps. Naturally I reached across Peeta, under the bed, and pulled an arrow out of the quiver, and grabbed my bow. Yes, I keep a bow underneath my bed. I'm still not as paranoid as Haymitch, who sleeps with a knife under his pillow. I stayed in that position until I heard the door open. The people waited to see if it was safe, and then poured into the room.

I pulled my bow up and focused on and eye, and found a stormy grey, not to unlike from the Seam's eye color. I paused. "Tell me why you're here," I stated.

"We come in peace," a boy's voice said. I looked. He had messy black hair and sea green eyes, or I think they were sea green. I dunno, I've only seen the ocean once, on the Victory Tour.

"How do I know?" I questioned. I glanced at Peeta for a fraction of a second. Asleep. Figures. Another boy spoke up. He had brown eyes, dark brown hair, but something about him was strange. I didn't move the bow from my target, the grey eye.

"Put the bow down and we'll explain why we're here. Any one of us could kill you and your boyfriend in the blink of an eye, but only if you try to hurt one of us." Boy, for a nice looking person, he got straight to the point.

"Not helping Eragon," a girl said. I looked at the girl; she had long, black hair, green eyes, but again, just like the boy, Eragon, there was something strange about her. "Hello my name is Arya," she said with eloquence.

"I would never dare try and hurt one of you. Definitely not if you break into my house, sneak into my room, come with deadly weapons, and say you just want to talk. Strikes me as a bit shady, don't you think?" I said this, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"You know, I think we could be great friends," yet another boy said. This one had an accent, untidy black hair, and piercing green eyes. It was like they were staring into my soul.

"Oh my god! How many of there are you? It seems like every time one of you speaks, there's five more of you!" If you said I was overly annoyed, you would be understating it.

"You seem pretty annoyed," Eragon said. "Oh, and just for the record, the front door was unlocked. Just thought you should know." Damn you Peeta, leaving the door unlocked and not telling me.

"Okay mister smarty-pants. That still doesn't explain why you're all here. And why are you all here?" I asked for the second time.

The grey eye spoke. The grey eye was a girl. She had blond hair, and was holding the hand of the boy with the sea green eyes. Dating. "Could you come down, and we'll explain. We brought food!" she said cheerily, like this should make everything better.

"Fine. But could you all leave while I talk to Peeta about this?" I asked.

"Pita? As in the bread?" a boy asked. He was short. And stupid. I feel bad for him if I end up getting to shoot someone.

"Leo!" a girl scolded, the grey eyed one from earlier. "I'll take him down, and you guys should come along." Once she said that, everyone walked out the door, and downstairs.

I woke Peeta up with a kiss. He looked up, startled, then kissed me back.

"I have something to tell you," I wearily stated.

"Go right ahead."

That moment:

So here we were, all huddled in Peeta's house smelling dragon breath and bread.