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Since we had been moving along at a fast rate, we decided to camp early. Everyone set up their tents, or whatever they were sleeping in, in a circle. We built a fire in the middle, and everyone gathered around it.

Hermione had an extra tent and let Katniss, Peeta, and Gale use it. Katniss and Gale went out to hunt, leaving Peeta alone. I walked over to him.

"Hey," I said behind him. He jumped. I guess that Arya was right about me being really quiet.

"Hey," he replied. "It's Eragon, right?" I nod my head. "I'm Peeta. Nice to meet you, officially," he says, sticking out a hand. I shake it.

"Same to you." We both look out at the fifteen or so people. "It's so crazy here. I wish there was a moment of silence besides the ones in the dead of night." He looks at me questioningly. "I only need half the amount of sleep as you do," I explain. "It comes with the job. Just as Saphira does," I say, pointing to the beautiful blue dragon.

"So, what is your job, exactly?" He asks.

"I'm a dragon rider. We protect my land from threats and harms. Well, Oromis, Arya and I do. But Oromis is in the Elven forest, powerful but old. Arya and I are the only good dragon riders, the only ones that are actively trying to protect the people of Alagaesia. Our homeland. Mine at least," I say, and he looks at me as I stare at Arya.

"You like her, don't you?" Peeta asks.

"Yes. Very much. But she is a royal and a dragon rider, no less! I am only a dragon rider. And right now we must focus on the task at hand. But, speaking of a certain girl that you seem to like, does she know?"

"Yes, and as a matter of fact, she likes me too. But I do have sympathy for you, Eragon. Katniss didn't even acknowledge me until last year. I had been in love with her for what seems like forever. But her friend, Gale, apparently likes her too. So he's been causing a few minor bumps in the road, but we have nearly everything back normal. Gale is just a friend, and I am more than a friend. Yay for me!" He says, waving his arms in the air enthusiastically. I feel good for him.

"We're back!" Katniss yells. Everyone looks at her except Arya and I, who can already smell the meat that sickens us.

They cook the meat in the fire, while Arya and I eat bread and a clear broth.

As we eat, everyone chats merrily, having a good time. We stay up for a little while, then go to sleep. Day one is over. Now we just have to get through a few more.

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