An: like I said, sorry last chapter was a bit ah, hectic. Gettin' the ball rolling, you know how it goes. I know it doesn't follow the exact storyline of Jurassic Park, but, you know. Fanfiction...anyway, here's chapter four. Enjoy.


"Can someone please tell me why we've stopped moving?" Derek asked, voice eerily, sugary sweet as he stared Allison down in particular. The woman's heart skipped a beat, soft scent of fear lacing its way through the Jeep. He could hear her swallowing tensely, watched the way her eyes darted to the console.

"I don't know. That's a very good question, give me just one minute." She pressed a green button, clearing her throat "Danny we've got a problem on the track." He realized it was some kind of built in radio system, and settled into his seat to wait her out. "Danny? Can you hear me? Hello?" Allison tapped at the microphone, heart beating a bit faster when there was no response. She reared back to glance out the fogged window. "We're near the tryke paddock." She breathed out on a sigh of relief. "Just stay here, I'm going to go see if I can find a satellite phone." They were posted all over the Island; if she could call one, it'd only be a matter of dialing Lydia directly. Then this entire mess would be sorted out.

She chewed on her lower lip nervously. Thus far? The tour wasn't going well. First, Scott had freaked out in the lab over Jules. Now the Jeeps were broken down. She specifically didn't mention what lovely dinosaur could be found to the right of them.

They went alphabetically on the main tour. Triceratops to the left.

Tyrannosaur to the right. A chill ran up her spine at the thought of what was waiting just beyond the fences, and she quieted herself with the thought that there were guns in the trunk. Her dad had taught her how to shoot at a young age, something that had irritated her then. She was glad for it now.

It's probably just a blip from the storm, Allison she scolded herself as she reached below her seat for night goggles. This is nothing. Danny didn't answer because he's busy getting the systems up and running. Everything will be back to normal in no time. It wasn't evening yet, but the clouds had darkened further, sky only lit occasionally by a brilliant streak of lightening. She'd need the goggles.

"I'm not letting you go out there alone." Scott deadpanned, undoing his own seatbelt and sliding closer to her.

"I can take care of myself Scott." She flashed him a humorless smile. "Not that there's even anything to worry about. Just stay here and stay dry, I'll be back as soon as I radio the main building."

Scott wasn't budging. "I'm going with you."

Derek watched the exchange boredly, one ear listening for his companions in the other vehicle. They were alone, of course, parked about fifteen feet behind him. Neither of them had moved to exit yet, and when he glanced over the shoulder, neither of them appeared concerned. Which was good. He didn't want them getting upset. "Can we stop arguing and just get this show on the road?" He snapped, glaring at Allison when the woman snapped her own sharp gaze towards him. "I'll go if it'll shut you two up."

Stiles made a quiet noise of amusement, face plastered to the glass of the window.

Allison sighed, heavily. "Fine. Scott, you can come with me." She pulled two plastic ponchos from the glove compartment, handing one over to Scott. They were flimsy, light blue. Wouldn't do much to keep the chill of the rainwater out, but it'd keep them dry at the very least. "Come on. The faster we get this over and done with, the faster we can get back to the tour." The words sounded weak even to her own ears. She knew there wouldn't be more of a tour. Derek looked murderous and Scott was on edge. As soon as they got back on the road, they'd want to go inside to the main building. Her gut clenched with the bland feeling of failure. Of course. Of course, it would be like this when their everything was riding on these people's opinions.

She took a deep breath and slid the door open, jerking the hood up as she took her first step outside. The rain had gotten deep, at least up to her ankles, and that was on the road. She was loathe to think about what the grass would be like.

Allison led the way with a familiarity that came from years of practice. She'd always been sure footed, but the Island was her home, and while the back roads and grass trails might seem impossible to an outsider, she had the Island mapped better than the back of her hand. She was aware of Scott behind her, although she couldn't hear him; his steps were lighter than hers.

The first phone they got to was disconnected. Literally. She groaned softly as she stooped to pick it up from the mud. The pole was knocked over completely, dead wires lying haphazardly across the ground. "We're going to have to go deeper." She called over the rain, swiping a muddy hand across her face. She turned to glance at Scott, surprised by how close he was. "There's another landline further into the paddock." She explained as he nodded. "It'll probably be another twenty minute walk. Do you want to go back to the car?"

"No. Stiles won't worry he knows I can handle myself." Scott argued, jerking his chin in the general direction of forward. "Lead the way."

His hand settled warm and heavy over the small of her back as they stepped from the clear grass path into the overgrown tropical forest. Scott took deep, calming breaths, but when he was certain Allison wasn't looking he let his eyes go gold. The world turned to red but at least he could see now. He'd have to rely on his eyes; thanks to the weather, his nose and ears were failing him.

It was just another one of the many things that Scott McCall would come to regret.


"They've been gone for a while." Stiles said, suddenly. His leg was jittering up and down, and his thumb was bleeding from where he'd chewed right into the cuticle. He wasn't even looking at Derek, and the darker haired man wondered if he was even talking to him. Stiles seemed like the kind of person who would think aloud. "They've been gone for a while and the Jeep's aren't working." He bent forward, head between his knees as he rustled underneath the seat, looking for another pair of night goggles. "And I can't see for shit. Some tour, huh?" Ah, then he was talking to Derek.

In response, Derek grunted. "Don't get so worked up. They're fine. What the Hell's going to go wrong in a – what, triceratops exhibit?"

"Despite popular belief tryke's aren't veggiesauruses." Stiles said, brows drawn into a straight line as he stared incredulously at Derek. He only broke his stare when he began tugging the goggles onto his face. "And anyway, it's not the tryke's I'm even worried about dude."

Derek thought of Scott. Werewolf. "Then what are you worried about?" He asked exasperatedly. Scott was a werewolf and Stiles clearly knew that. He knew his friend would be able to defend himself if it really came down to it.

"My God, catch up to the program Derek." A finger jabbed him in the centre of the chest as Stiles leaned forward. "The Jeep isn't moving. The radio isn't working. You see the light poles? Guess what? They're not fucking lit up, asshole. D'you wanna know what else runs on electricity?" He paused for a split second, not nearly long enough for Derek to even respond. "The fences."

"The fences." Derek echoed numbly, eyes darting to the side. He stared out into the dark, eyes already adjusted enough to see past the rain and into the closest paddock. Outside, aside from the weather, everything was still. The chatter of birds had come to a halt, even, the trees only rustling with the wind. He strained his ears, trying desperately to hear for any other signs of life.

The only things he heard were the fast yet steady beat of Stiles' heart, and the murmur of Erica and Boyd in the Jeep behind him. He couldn't make out what they were saying, just that they were talking. They were his betas. His responsibility. His heart clenched with the thought that something might happen to them, and he steeled himself to tell Stiles that they were switching vehicles. Safety in numbers.

That's why wolves run in packs.

The Jeep trembled, suddenly. It rocked lightly back and forth, shaking on the track. Derek furrowed his brow and twisted his head around again. Storms made sense; earthquakes did not. "What the fuck is that?" He hissed as he ripped his seatbelt off, neck bent at an odd angle as he twisted further.

"Don't. Move."

"What?" He spun back around to face Stiles, struck by the look on the younger man's face. His already pale complexion had turned sickly white, goggles pushed up onto his forehead. His heart was hammering frantically inside of his chest, throat clicking as he tried to swallow. He was staring out the window to the right, mouth hanging open. His breath, uneven and sour with his fear, fogged the glass in front of him.

Slowly, Derek moved his head to follow Stiles' line of sight.

His hear dropped into his stomach.

Just behind the fencing was a monster from ones worst nightmare. Nearly twenty feet tall and twice as long, its jaw was hanging open in a gaping arch, teeth glinting in the lightening. The tail, thickly muscled and raised high above the ground, swayed lazily back and forth in the air. Short arms were held close to its chest as the beast tilted its head from one side to the other.

It was watching them.

The air in front of its face misted with every exhale and Derek watched, transfixed, as a wickedly clawed hand lifted towards the top of the fence. The head rose with it until the beast was staring down at them, head tilting one way and the other curiously.

The hand made contact and everything froze, for just a second – like everything was holding a collective breath, waiting for the moment when they could sigh in relief, adrenaline fleeing their bodies.

Only nothing happened.

Enthralled, the creature lowered its hand further, and further still. There was a snap as the first dead wire sprang free from its metal holding place, whipping back with such force it ripped a sharp cut into the flesh of the dinosaur. Not bothered at all by the sting it continued moving its hand downwards.




The tyrannosaur, despite its small brain and questionable intelligence had clearly realized one thing; it was free.

The monster threw its head back and roared, the bellow shaking the sensitive flesh of its cheeks until they vibrated back and forth. Stiles' hands flew up to cover his ears although he didn't duck his head, unable and unwilling to look away.

Derek felt the challenge rising inside of him, was aware that his eyes were turning crimson. He could feel his fangs lengthening at the threat.

In the vehicle behind them, Erica began to scream.

Captured by the noise and the way the woman was trying to struggle out of the door – trying, because Boyd had a tight grip on her, was using his bulk to keep her inside the vehicle – the tyrannosaur lifted a mighty leg. The wires cut into its skin as it began stepping over the cement blockade. They gave way almost all at once, the force of its push dragging a metal beam down until it was bent in half. Its foot slammed into the ground on their side of the paddock, sending the earth into tremors once again.

Startled into movement, a flock of brightly colored tropic birds took flight. The tyrannosaur didn't even seem to notice them, too busy moving towards Derek's only female beta.

Thickly muscled legs bounded by Derek's Jeep with alarming speed, the swaying tail clipping the windshield hard enough it cracked into a hundreds of hairline fractures.

Derek allowed himself to turn once more to Stiles, seeing recognition on the other man's face. "You're –"

"I don't have time for this." He growled back, weight of the alpha heavy in his tone. He let his jaw lengthen further, strengthen with the pull of his monster that was clawing at his insides hard enough it ached. "Stay here. In the car."

"Dude, you –"

"I have a chance of surviving if I get hit. You? You don't. Stay in the fucking car Stiles." Derek jabbed a clawed finger in Stiles' direction before flinging his own door open. "Any tips?"

"Its visions based on movement. You might be able to outrun it, it's not the fastest." Stiles breathed quickly, plastering himself back against the squeaky leather seat.

Derek didn't so much as spare him another glance. "If I outrun it, it won't keep following me."

Exposed to the rain, the steady thrum of his own heartbeat, and the instinct-thoughts of the wolf, Derek did the only thing he could think to do.

He roared.

The other Jeep was flipped over onto its back, front left tire ripped to shreds and spinning round in useless circles. Intrigued, the beast paused in its exploration, snout snuffling and mouthing along the underside of the vehicle. A slimy tongue snaked out, probably tasted oil – Derek could see the telltale rainbow swirls in a foot shaped puddle – and the massive head reared back, rumbled at the sharp taste. Its attention had been caught, however; a huge eye peered in his direction, pupil dilating until the sickly yellow was nearly entirely engulfed in black.

Derek had faced many a creature in his life. Including insane reptiles. This? This was nothing. Or at the very least that's what he told himself as he dropped into a crouch, fur crawling down his face. He let out another terrible bellow, pleased when the dinosaurs bulk shifted around to face him.

In a brief moment of clarity he realized it was going to charge.

There wasn't time to do anything other than roll to the side, avoid fangs and a foot that would have crushed his bones – would have been a bitch to heal, he knew – and bound back to his feet. It was surprisingly nimble for something so big stumbling only once as it tried to turn. The tail crashed into the side of the Jeep Stiles was in, rolling the vehicle right off the track and onto its side. There was a wordless shout from inside, drowned out by a scream of rage from the dinosaur.

It ended, silence broken by the sound of shattering glass. He tossed a glance over his shoulder, watched as Boyd dragged himself through the windshield he'd shattered, face and arms caked in blood. His eyes were glowing bright through the dark and the rain, fangs glinting as he too gave into instinct.

Together, the two of them could draw it away.

Some of the tension fled Derek's shoulders as he pushed himself up from his crouch, curling his claws forward. He didn't know how much force it would take, or if he'd even be able to, but he had to try to kill it. He had to do something.

The world exploded into a flurry of movement; he and Boyd were shifting constantly, moving the dinosaur further and further away from the two cars. Erica had still yet to emerge, and Derek could see that Stiles was trapped, the side of the Jeep that had been hit by the tail caved in in such a way it was impossible to open, the other door pressed tight to the mud.

Distracted as he was keeping an eye on his female beta, Derek missed the sudden turn until it was too late. Razor sharp teeth as long as his hand lashed towards his chest. He braced himself for the pain, wondering if his hand could reach an eye, maybe make it go half blind.

The pain didn't come;

He was hit hard from the side by what felt like a brick wall, although nothing broke. He ate mud a moment after, rolled with the force of his fall. Rolled just in time to see jaws close around Boyd, lift him right up off the fucking ground and shake him like a dog with a squeak toy. The familiar, bitter taste of loss coated his inside as Boyd's howl was cut off mid cry.

The scent of blood hung heavy in the air, slicked the tyrannosaurs teeth. It made them slippery enough that when it went to adjust its grip, it's powerful jaws lost their hold. Boyd was sent careening through the air, and he hit the ground with a wet smack, slid through the mud and into a wooden utility shack that had been nestled in a divot of the paddock.

Derek wasn't aware that he was moving until his legs were slipping out from under him and he was sliding through the muck. He hit Boyd harder than he intended, hands grasping at a ruined shirt.

Gold eyes slitted open to watch him, and he bit back a noise of pain.

Boyd was ripped right open. There were parts of him, inside parts, that were hanging partially on the outside and Derek had seen horrible things in his time, had done horrible things, but he had no idea how to fix this. He wasn't a doctor. They could heal, yes, but he might not heal in time to fight off blood loss and intestinal damage. There was a puncture wound low in the hollow of his throat, oozing thick blood as he tried to gurgle out a sentence.

Derek was talking; an endless stream of babble, low to his own ears, telling Boyd it was going to be okay.

"Go get Erica. Get out of here." Boyd manage to croak out, blood pushing out of his mouth with every word, every breath. Derek stopped trying to apply pressure, awestruck.

Only, he understood perfectly what Boyd was trying to say. He was injured. Injured wolves were culled, if they couldn't carry their own weight. "I'll come back for you." He promised, face serious. "Whatever happens, I'll come back. And I promise you, I'll get her out of here safely."

And, as if the fates hadn't cursed him enough, the sound of groaning metal drew his attention behind him.

He twisted around just in time to see it.

The tyrannosaur was after pushing one of the Jeeps further up the road, the bottom nearly gutted right out. It was pushing, and pushing, and the vehicle was tipping precariously upwards, over the bridge that lead across the damn.

Derek's heart stopped, and then jump started. He'd only just pushed himself up to his knees when the car finally tipped and disappeared right over the ledge.


Allison screamed as a hand closed over her arm, twisting her around fast enough she almost lost her balance. "Isaac!" She shouted in the man's face, dropping her flashlight to take a swipe at him. "What the Hell are you doing out here?" She asked breathlessly, listening to Scott's noise of irritation from behind her.

"What am I doing out here? Your feet are soaked. What the Hell Allison?" Isaac looked worried, eyes darting around. "Came out to check on a sick tryke." He added. "Got the call from Deaton just as you guys were leaving the lab, but then the lights went out. I was heading to check on the fence and find the radio phone near the road. The dispatch in the truck isn't working." He let her go, crossed his arms tight over his own chest as he looked over her shoulder at Scott.

Allison's heart sank. "The fences." She said, flat. "You were going to check on the fences?"

"The powers out." Isaac admitted, chewing on his lower lip. "I checked the ones on the east of the trykes. No voltage going. They're too stupid to try and get out, I imagine."

"They're not as stupid as you think." Scott interrupted.

Isaac frowned at him. "I've helped raise all the dinosaurs on this Island. I know exactly what they're capable of."

Sensing an argument, Allison jumped back into the conversation. "What do you mean check the phone by the road? There's a phone at the vet station in this paddock, Isaac."

He shook his head. "The line was dead. The phone closer to the road isn't working either?"

"No. But it wasn't just dead; the entire pole got dragged over." Allison shoved the hood off of her head, no longer worried about getting wet. There were bigger, badder things to deal with now. "Who would have cut the lines Isaac?" She was terrified, trying to reign it in. She'd left the guns back with the others. The tryke's were docile with people they knew, but there was no telling if anything else had figure out that the fences had gone down.

She pointedly did not think of the enclosure near the main building, of the vicious bloodthirsty creatures her family had taken a morbid liking to.

"You drove here?" She asked, already shoving past him to go in the direction he'd come from.

"Parked by the vet station." He agreed, gesturing for Scott to follow. "Where are the others?"

Allison felt a pang of guilt. "I left them on the track; I thought we'd be able to get hold of somebody by now. All of the radios seem to be down. I don't know if we'll be able to fit everyone in the truck but we need to at least try. If not, we'll take as many as we can and make a run to the main building. If the radios aren't working before we get there we'll have to make a trip back to pick up the others."

"I have a hitch. We can hook one of the Jeeps to the truck maybe." Isaac clapped a hand over Allison's shoulder, companionably. "Don't worry so much. I'm sure everything's fine. Danny and Matt are probably in the grid room now, getting the park back up and running. Every major park has delays, problems."

"Not every park is full of animals that could devour you." Scott snapped. He was tempted to turn and run back. The rain and dinosaur smell was still drowning out his sense, but his need to get back to his pack, to Stiles, was almost overwhelming. His wolf had been growling near constant, but at the thought of real danger it had begun to whine, low and needy in the back of his head. They were both scared. But Scott had been in tough situations before, and he wasn't about to turn tail and leave Stiles sitting by himself, defenceless.

Allison and Isaac, though, they were defenceless too. He grimaced as the truck – plain black pickup, medical equipment strewn in the bed, as well as a shotgun that Allison shouldered happily – came into sight. "I'll sit in the back." He offered, swinging himself up and over. He nudged a stethoscope away with his foot, forcing thoughts of his mother out of his head. Now wasn't the time to worry about what ifs, although he was grateful that she wasn't around. He only hoped that when all was said and done he'd be able to see her again.


Danny was a bit confused when he opened the door to the meeting room, finding that he didn't need his access card to get out. He shrugged it off, ignoring the soft, rich laughter of Lydia behind him. He was certain if he looked that he'd see Jackson with his face buried in her neck, and that just wasn't his thing. He smiled regardless, amused at his old friends, and swung by the kitchen to grab an extra slice of cake before he headed off to the office.

"Hey Matt I'm – Matt?" A wave of irritation washed over him; there was supposed to be someone watching the control room at all times for added security. Leave it to Matt to flake out for a minute to grab food after Danny had already offered to bring him out – he'd have had someone else come in and cover for them for an hour or two.

Still, he'd been gone longer than anticipated – lunch had turned into a detailed discussion over new security measures, shock collars that Victoria had brought to their attention, for their more, ah...dangerous pets. "Matt?" He called out again, dropping his backpack by the door as he strode over to the computer.

There were words flashing across his screen. Words that should not be there.

Panicked, he fell into his chair and let his hands fly over the keyboard.

Access denied.

He twisted around to Matt's own computer and pulled up the security grid of the park, eyes flying over code faster than he'd thought possible.

Lydia hadn't forgotten to lock the door behind her. The locks had been shut off.

With a sick feeling in his gut, he realized that the fences had been shut off too.

Horror crawled through him as he realized just where the tour had stopped and, without thinking, he careened out of his chair and out the door, shouting for Chris and Victoria all the while.