Before the Flood

I'm hungry for your love
I'm hungry for your love
I'm hungry for your love
But I can wait now.

-Van Morrison-

If you knew it was the last time, would it make it extra special or bittersweet? Would you even want to know?

New Mexico – Route 66

A travel lodge with neatly spaced, faded bungalows still clinging to life even though history had bypassed it long ago received a young couple as guests. Route 66 had once been the main artery for the western migration, but the interstate highway system had long since made it obsolete. Dwayne, the clerk behind the main desk thought they were lost when they first walked into the office. He expected them to ask for directions, not a room. People like these two didn't stay in places like this, or at least they didn't in his experience. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen and the guy with her had matinee idol written all over him. They were young, but it only took one look to see they were in love.

Dwayne gladly rented them the best, most secluded bungalow the place had. The young woman asked if it had the biggest bed. As Dwayne said it did, he noticed the fella seemed a bit embarrassed by the question. When she smiled at his answer, Dwayne couldn't help but feel pleased that he'd caused it. He was a little smitten with the young woman. Hell, he even offered to carry their luggage, which he never did for anybody. They just smiled at each other as if sharing a private joke and said no thank you. As the young man signed the register, Dwayne couldn't help noticing their clothes. The gorgeous young woman had on what looked almost like a red cape wrapped haphazardly around her, while the guy had on a tee shirt with a big S on it and jeans. Dwayne held out the key and the woman immediately took it with another thank you. As they were exiting, Dwayne turned the registration book around, looked at the name the young man had written and then called after them.

"Enjoy your stay, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen."

"Oh, we will." The young lady called over her shoulder.

Bungalow 8

The overview – the room was 15X15 and dominated by the large king-size bed in the center. The décor was a faded, lowbrow, garish kitsch from the time when this part of the highway was still on the tourist maps. The walls were dull yellow with a purple boarder around the bottom and this theme seemed to extend to everything else in the room. The bedspread was purple on top with yellow and black strips on the skirt. Two oversized purple chairs sat on either side of a glass and cheap metal table. A small color television, no cable, was bolted to the wall and an old radio sat on one of the two bedside nightstands, which were also made of glass.

"Perfect." Diana said.

She wasn't talking about the room. She was wearing Clark's cape as something of a dress to cover up her uniform. It slipped to the floor with a thump as her tiara was still wrapped inside of it. They moved towards each other. Her fingers skimmed under his shirt; lifting it but not before his fingers found the catch to the top of her uniform. It sagged forward exposing a tantalizing view for his eyes. His S shirt was off in the next moment and tossed to the floor. Something akin to a purr escaped her lips as she ran her fingers possessively down his hard, muscled chest. She looked up and they held each other's eyes. They saw reflected what they were each feeling.

Hunger. Desire. Passion.

Those may all have sprung from love, but that was for quieter moments. This was about sex. A hot desperate need had been building and it had been too long since the last time. Would it be perfect? It didn't really matter, it was now and they were together. Diana's arms continued moving upwards until they were around his neck. Clark's fingers moved back to slip around her waist, finishing the job of loosening her top. It pushed away from her body and fell to the floor. Her foot nudging it out of the way.

The distance between them closed. Bodies and lips found each other. Clark's hands traced her curves, caressing and kissing. Reciprocating, she matched his desire. They could have remained like this for hours, but the bed beckoned. Diana had to will herself to pull away from him. She stepped back, a rather provocative smile on her lips. Her boots came off, one after the other and she stood wearing only the bottom half of her uniform. Stretching her hand out, she slipped her index and middle fingers into the front of his jeans, just behind his belt bucket and against his skin and began to gently pull him as she stepped back towards the bed. He willingly followed, once again taken by how lovely she was.

As Wonder Woman and an Amazon, Diana was thought of mostly for her power and strength, but here with him she showed the natural grace of a dancer. Without missing a beat or breaking eye contact she maneuvered backwards onto her knees on the bed while continuing to pull him along. Her flexibility was on display as he climbed on all fours and she effortlessly moved with him even as she managed to undo his jeans.

The last few clothes each had on were removed. The urge was to rip them off, but practicality won out. They were forced to work delicately at this since neither had anything else to wear. In a way this momentary bit of gentleness just made the anticipation grow. A groan escape both of their lips when skin finally was against skin, with no layers between them. Diana felt his weight above and against her and found it immensely satisfying. He made her feel more like a woman than anyone she'd ever met. That was part of the allure for both. They made the other feel normal, yet special in different ways then others did. All the names could be thrown out when they were together and they could be what they were at their most basic, a young man and a young woman.

All the things they naturally had to moderate with everyone else weren't concerns. Diana could be aggressive and passionate; giving her nature it's full release. For Clark, he could indulge in excess and be the man he kept in check at all other times. All of their young lives the world around them both had been made of paper mache, one wrong move and it would crumble into bits before their eyes. Not here, not with each other. The world suddenly became vivid, bursting with color, sounds and tastes. It was as if they'd lived their whole lives watching black and white television and suddenly they experienced high definition color. The world literally popped for them and what made it even amazing was that it was mutual.

Diana gasped as he entered her. Her breath momentarily taken away by the sensation, yet in the next instant she was curling her leg around him to urge him deeper. Her hands skimmed up his arms, feeling the muscles as he held himself above her. Her fingers moved to his broad back and urged him closer, wanting to feel every part of him. Growing up on Themyscira, Diana had heard all the horror stories of the Amazons past. She felt equal parts sadness and anger each time she thought of the degradation, but there was another small part of her that had always wondered why it happened? Why had her sisters allowed the men to get so close?

Now she thought she understood. Yes, men could be brutal, disgusting, vain and arrogant, but they also had their own unique charms. Clark had opened up so many new and amazing experiences for her, some she never imagined or believed she would have. She knew she had the same effect on him too and that was what made it so special. They were exploring this world and life together. They could take chances with each other. Most of all they could be who they really were underneath the uniforms, titles, names and expectations.

Diana maneuvered her legs so they shifted positions and now she was on straddling him. She slowed their movements, rising and falling, feeling him deep inside of her. His hands gently held her hips, urging her to go faster, but she wanted this to last for as long as possible. Her lips crushed down on his in a bruising, erotic kiss. He didn't pull back, but returned it with his own desire. Her body seemed incapable of remaining still.

"Kal,' Diana moaned, the flames of desire threatening to overwhelm her. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, caressing her, urging her on. Leaning up, his lips captured her erect nipples, his tongue circling them in a slow, erotic fashion.

"Kal!" Diana gasped, her head thrown back, her body arching into him.

Clark wanted to be a reporter and make his living with words, yet they failed him in this moment. He had so many things he wanted to convey to Diana about what she had brought into his life, but ordinary words didn't seem enough. Fleetingly he though of words like happy, but in the end the best course of action was to show her. He wanted her to feel just how much she affected him, how her very being had opened up another world to him. He wanted her to remember this day, this hour, this minute for the rest of life. He wanted to take her over the edge and let the joy swallow her up.

Diana's hips ground down on him, tantalizing him with the sensual contact. He groaned and this only spurred her on. She wanted him to feel the maddening desire that she was feeling, that he was creating. She wanted him to know that only she could make him feeling like this, just as he was the only one for her. Diana wanted when he thought of women; she would be the first and the last. She wanted to be the standard by which he measured all others, just as he was to her. As she felt the cliff fast approaching, she wanted most of all for him to experience the same overwhelming desire she was.


He gasped. His hands moved down to capture her hips and speed things up, but she didn't allow him just yet. She was hanging over the edge holding by her fingernails and she wanted him to know that same feeling. She took his hands in hers and stretched them up over his head. She held them there as she passionately kissed him again and again. He didn't fight this, just squeezed her fingers with his, letting her know the effect she was having on him. His body began to move against hers, seeking, trying to reach their peak together, it was so temptingly close, yet out of reach.


She heard it now, the urgency in his voice. It was an echo of what was going through her mind. The air seemed to rush from her lungs as she settled back down on him, allowing him deeper inside. She released his hands and he immediately pulled her lips to his. He then reached for her hip and pulled her even closer, filling her completely. Diana couldn't hold back any longer and the pace increased.

Her hands were on either side of his shoulders, as she lifted her upper body up. She could feel the beads of sweat rolling down over her curves and dripping onto him. A smile spread across her lips as she licked them, staring down into his eyes. Her hips began to grind down hard against him, meeting each thrust with one of her own. Her locks were disheveled, wild and untamed just as she felt in this moment.

She was related to the Gods or created by them, but that had always seemed so abstract to her since she first discovered the truth. The idea of being a demi-goddess held no meaning. Now she began to understand what it must be like to be a god. In this moment endings and beginnings merge, creation and destruction mingled, Heaven and Hell seemed more real than ever before. The idea that sheer joy was within reach, yet would slip through her grasp if she tried holding onto it. All the preachers, oracles and mystics words paled in comparison to this moment.

His hands were touching her again, caressing her, enjoying the feel of her body. She was astonished that the touch of someone's hands could be so intoxicating. Her hips began to roll, adding to the grinding. This increased the sensations. She wanted more. She held his gaze; relishing the look he gave her. In his eyes she was beautiful and no words had ever made her feel more so.

He leaned up to capture her breasts again with his hands and lips. She arched her back as a moan escaped. He seemed to adore each part of her, leaving no inch of her untouched. Diana's awareness of the world seemed to foreshorten. Everything became a blurred background. She rose and fell, all the while continuing to grind against his body. He sat up, shifting so she was on his lap. Her hand tilted his chin up as she bent down to kiss him. They were such good kisses she thought.

The pace increased, with each buck of her body ending with him deeper inside of her. She still wanted more. The need, the desire, the emotions, the feelings were almost enough, but she still wanted more. She wanted more of him. Diana wasn't sure now they had started whether she would ever get enough of him.

Clark strained to hold on, to make this agonizing yet breath-taking moment last just a little longer. He knew they were both spiraling faster and faster and any semblance of control had long since been lost. The rest of the world was a blur, an echo in the distance. Diana was like a wild, untamed elemental force that had crashed into his life, a whirlwind that tossed and turned him away from the ordinary and everyday. His desire wasn't to tame her, but to simply relish in the experience. They were on an adventure together and he never wanted it to end.

Holding on by their fingernails, they both knew the inevitable surrender was rushing closer and closer. They held out for as long as their combined, formidable wills could. In the end, it was another moment when they realized they were like everyone else. As their muscles locked and the climax overtook them, they could only look into each other's eyes and whisper.