Chapter 1

"Bye piper!" 5year-old Prue called to her younger sister.

"No!" toddler piper cried. Patty Halliwell tried to calm down her two year old daughter, but to no avail. Piper managed to slip free for a moment, but that was all she needed. Freezing her mother and grandmother, she ran out the door to catch up to her older sister.

"Piper! Get back in the house!" her older sister yelled at her.

"No! Me go too!" the stubborn toddler folded her arms over her chest . Prue came up to her baby sister with a plan forming in her mind.

"Piper, you don't want to go with me." Prue told her.

"Yes I do!" Piper cried.

"No you don't, 'cause at school they lock you in a room that's so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face, and there's a monster in there." Piper looked at her sibling with terror etched across her face.

"Don't go Prue!" she wailed.

"Hey, shh" Prue hugged her younger sister rubbing her back. "Don't worry the monster only goes after kids who aren't old enough to go to school, but i'm old enough so he wont hurt me." Prue knew she needed to hurry or she'd be late.

"Now piper, I need you to unfreeze mommy and Grams so I can get going or the monster will be mad if I'm late."

"Otay" the toddler waved her miniscule hand and they unfroze. Realizing what piper had done, they ran out to her and patty picked up her daughter.

"Piper you know better than to use your powers on us!" she scolded.

"Sorry mommy," she turned to Prue. "Bye sissy, don't be wate!" Prue smiled at her sister. "Dont worry I'll be okay."

3Years Later

"Piper! Piper wake up!" someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes to see who was causing all the ruckus.

"Prue?" I said groggily.

"C'mon we've got to get ready, today's your first day of kindergarten!"

":I dont wanna go" I whine pulling my pillow over my head.

"Oh, C'mon you're gonna love it" Prue exclaimed. I felt my blanket be pulled leaving me cold.

"Ugh" I groaned getting out of bed. Prue just laughed.

"C'mon you were the one who couldn't wait to go to school, remember? You tried to follow me right out the door."

"I was two, I didn't know any better" this earned another giggle from Prue.

"Why do we have to share a room again?" I asked her.

"Because you love me" she replied then added "and it was either with me or pheobe." Prue helped me get ready, then we went downstairs for breakfast. Prue was tying my shoes for me when we heard a loud thump.

"What was that?" I asked.

"People fixing the roof" Prue told me.

"Why does it need fixing? Is it broken?"

"Kind of. A few tiles are falling off." Grams answered.

"Why are tiles falling?" I was curious.

"'Cause Its an old house and the older it is the more it tends too fall apart"

""Does that mean it'll fall on top of us?" I looked fearfully up at the ceiling as if I expected it to fall down that moment.

"No It's no that old" Grams said laughter ringing through her voice.

"C'mon pipes, were gonna miss the bus" Prue told me. I jumped out of my chair, grabbed my backpack, and followed her out the door.

"Have a good time you two! And Prue look after your sister!"Grams called.

"I will!" was Prue's reply. She held my hand as we ran to the bus stop, barely making it on the bus.

"Good morning Prue, and whose this?" the bus driver gestured toward me. "Not another Halliwell" she said in mock horror. Prue giggled then smiled up at her.

"Yep! This is Piper"

"Well hello piper I'm Sue your chauffeur." I looked at prue confused.

"bus driver" she elaborated.

"Oh, hi" I said shyly. We found a seat and prue sat by the window while I sat next to her. Prue had me take off my backpack and once she it next to hers on the the ground beside our feet, she caught me yawning.

"Tired?" She asked me. I merely nodded."Here," she said putting her arm around me. "Lean on me. It'll be a little while till we reach the school, I'll just wake you up when we get there." I did as she said and immediately fell asleep.

I have a lot more to this story written down, I just need to know if people are interested. Yes Patty is dead and the girls' powers have not been bound yet. Pleeze read and Review tell me wat you think.