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I got to class late, no surprise there. Mrs. Peterson, our stubby 2nd grade teacher that had beady eyes that I swear are red, glared at me as I walked in.

"Ms. Halliwell, What an honor that you've graced us with your presence." She snarled sarcastically. Everyone looked up at us. Normally anyone who gets to class late,is ignored by the rest of the class, but since it was me who was up there everyone was watching to see what would happen. I was well known in school, anyone from 1st grade to 5th grade knows who I am. You see last year when mom died, some people thought they'd kick me while I'm down and tease me about not having any parents (a lot of people are cruel in this school) so when the fifth grade boys started to tease me I lost my temper. 3 fifth grade guys ended up in the hospital critically injured, and I didn't even touch them. How is this possible? Well my family and I are witches. We have supernatural powers, and mine is telekinesis. It doesn't really help that our powers are tied to our emotions. Those boys flew from the parking lot, to oncoming traffic. So you could say I'm kind of popular. Anyways I decided to start behaving more to set an example for piper.

"Um sorry Mrs. P I had to take my little sister to her first day of kindergarten, she was very nervous" a buzz went around the room, some disappointed groans that I didn't talk back or do something entertaining and some whispers of the start of rumors to spread about me having a younger sibling. Well, I thought, today's gonna be interesting.


"So, who was that? You know the girl you came with" Prue had just left and I was really panicking.

"M-my s-s-sister" I stuttered tears threatening to spill down my cheeks. Unfortunately, One of my fellow classmates noticed my tear filled eyes and started laughing.

"Hey, everybody look! This little baby misses her mommy!" the whole class, minus Alison and a few others roared with laughter. I couldn't take this anymore, I had to get out of here. I threw my hands up into the air, and the nearest boy -who happened to be the one who started this whole thing- flinched, thinking I was going to hit him. Though I would've very much liked to, I didn't. Instead, I froze the room. Now I thought, would be a great time to do something without getting caught. I decked the kid so hard, he fell to the floor still frozen.

"That's what happens when you pick on a witch!" I yelled at his frozen state, then bolted out the door in search of my big sister.

I know, I know, I was planning on this being a lot longer, but as I mentioned before, I'm very lazy, Not to mention, I'm re-imagining what to do next cuz I dont like what I actually wrote down. Because of thanksgiving break, I have more free days where I can type, So another update shouldn't be too long from now. Thank You for continuing to read my story, and Happy Early Thanksgiving!