Author note: I don't own Yakitate! Japan, but I do own the alternate versions of the characters. Sort of.

This fic was inspired by the Vocaloid 'Seven Deadly Sins' series by mothy/Akuno P, and I don't own that, either.

So...yeah. This should be interesting. I'm doing all the sins' stories, except for Wrath, because the song for Wrath was never released, sadly. So, instead, the last chapter will be based off 'Clockwork Lullaby6' by mothy/Akuno P. In total, that should chapters.

So, let's start things off with Gluttony, shall we?

WARNING: Mentions of cannibalism (NOT graphically described), mentions of mature stuff later on (again, NOT graphically described), and violence (and for the third time, NOT graphically described).

Constructive Criticism would be great, and I hope you guys read and enjoy! Thanks!

1. Evil Eater Conchita

There once was a man by the name of Lord Conchita. He was an eater of gourmet foods, and loved trying out anything that was new.

Unfortunately, he one day crossed the line. Now, he goes for the most despicable foods existent in the entire world...

A raven haired man sat at the end of a long, long table; eating away at all of the lovely/disgusting-looking food laid out on the silver platters. He just continued eating, and eating and eating away at the food.

When the food was all finished, he was still hungry. As a result, he began to eat away at the silver platters as well.

The servants, a red-haired girl and an older boy with pink hair by the names of Miz and Kan respectively, looked on as they did their best to hide the disgust on their faces. Their master was always quite hungry when it came to meals...Lord Conchita would even eat poison for goodness sakes! It would be deadly to a regular human, but all it was to Conchita was spice on the main dish and nothing else.

It scared them sometimes, but they knew they should obey their master, otherwise they would pay a heavy price.

Just like the fifteenth chef this month did.

The fifteenth chef this month, a young boy with a pink hairband and light brown hair, had asked Conchita if he could have a holiday. Serving Conchita the countless amounts of food did grow tiring, after all.

The response he got was being eaten alive by the raven-haired lord.

"Such useless people," Conchita had remarked before telling his servants to start searching for a new chef.

One day, Conchita was still hungry. And he had devoured the plates, too. And the cutlery. And even part of the chair, too.

"Kan! Get over here!" Conchita demanded. The pink-haired servant nervously walked over to him. Conchita gave a wicked smile, before pulling the boy closer to him by his tie. "I wonder...what do you taste like!?"

All Kan could do was let out a scream of warning to Miz before Conchita bit into his throat.

Days went by.

There was nothing left.

The furniture was gone. The cutlery and plates were gone. The food was gone. Even the servants had been devoured.

Conchita sighed, looking into a mirror and licking it quietly. Ugh. He didn't really feel like eating a mirror right now...wait a second...his reflection. Himself.

Conchita smiled as he looked at his right hand.

"There's still more to eat."

The very last meal would be himself.