Author note: Finally, we get to the last chapter! This chapter is based off the lyrics of the song 'clockwork lullaby6/Capriccio Farce' by mothy/Akuno P, since I can't find a song for Wrath anywhere. Again, I do not own any of the songs by mothy/Akuno P, nor Yakitate! Japan. Enjoy! :)

7. Clockwork Lullaby

"Where could the last vessels be?"

A young girl, with a teal-blue dress and light brown hair pondered this. She turned to a figure nearby.

"If you know this, could you please tell me, Wizard of Time?"

"I'm afraid I don't know, Master of the Court..." The figure responded, a girl of long, orange pigtails spoke. "I fear it could be in that girl's hands..."

"We must search then!" A girl with red hair spoke up.

"Search, search, search!" A pink-haired boy repeated.

"Left, right or deep down below!" The two spoke together. These two were the servants of the Master of the Graveyard. "We must search for the Master of the Hellish Yard!"

A silver-haired man sighed from above, sitting on a floating gear. "How long must this farce go on?" He murmured quietly. "After this all ends, there will be nothing..."

"Adam who fell in that trap, there is also nothing you can do or have done, Gear." The Master of the Graveyard replied to him. The Master pushed back a lock of black hair as he spoke.

All of them lived at a movie theatre in the woods, since who knows how long.

All of them had been searching, with orders from God that they must find the last vessels. Almost all of them were there, they just had to find the ones for Lust and Wrath. They must...

It wasn't long until someone arrived, unexpectedly.

Dragged into court by the servants of the Master of the Graveyard, the man had long, ponytailed-blond hair that was a bit messy, with eyes of light blue and porcelain skin.

"Let us arrange some information, you worthless man that was attracted to demon's blood." The Master of the Court spoke up. "I'm authorising you, so you better tell me how you arrived to this forest."

The blond-haired man took a moment to breathe before he spoke.

"This body of mine was embodied with a curse." He spoke quietly, but loud enough so that everyone could hear. "In order to undo it I must have the sword, the Venom Sword, passed down from my ancestors, and I came to this forest to find it."

"Kill him, eat him, if not arrest him!" The servants shouted. "Judge him anyhow, court session, sentence, DEATH PENALTY!" They shouted the last two words especially loudly, and before the man could protest, a cage of gold was brought down around him.

The man prepared himself for the worst; that he was going to die, still under this bloody curse...

He looked up to see a young woman, with short, blonde hair walk over to him and extend a hand towards him. "Do whatever I wish and I can make sure you're still alive." She spoke quite whimsically.

The man immediately nodded and took his hand in hers.

He would be known as the Cursed Gardener from now on.

"Ru ri ra ru ri ra ru ri ru ri ra!"

As a voice from nowhere sounded out, Irregular's heartbeats echoed all over the theatre.

Now, only one vessel was missing, and that was the vessel of Wrath.

Everything, from hopes, to dreams, to destruction, to death itself, melted and kept circling to the clockwork lullaby.

Whoever built the theatre before they died, whatever utopia they had been wishing for would someday be complete, after all of the sins had been gathered.

Right now, though, they had to play their part in a farce called Life.

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