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I felt another kick to my rib cage praying it was the last, I heard his footstep walking away and him mumble "That will teach ya to think you are better than me. Maybe next time I ask you out you will say yes you little bitch!"

What the hell just happened? Where the hell am I? Oh God, I need to get out of here. I tried to stand up, but I couldn't pull myself up. I saw my purse laying just to the side of me and I tried like hell to grab it. I dragged myself over to it, whimpering in pain with every movement. I dug out my cell phone and dialed the number that I have him programed in for speed dial.

"Please pick up. Please pick up." I whispered in prayer as the phone was dialing out.

"Hey Bella what's up?" I heard my him say.

"Edward.." I choked out. "...help me...please help me!" I cried out.

"Bella! Bella! Where are you? Bella...answer me, where are you baby?" I heard him yelling through the phone.

"I don't..." and the painless dark took over me, and dreams from my past swirled in my mind. I took comfort in them, they were my everything, my happiness. He was my happiness. My best friend, my Edward.

It was a nice day outside, one of the last days of spring and I wanted to spend as much time outside as I could. As the last bell rang for the day I grabbed my things from my locker and ran outside to swing on the swings. My dad wasn't picking me up, so I could just play for a little bit before I walked home. Just as I was day dreaming while swinging I felt two hands on my back push me hard and I fell forward and landed on my stomach in the wood chips that lay under the swings. I felt the warm tears prick the corners of my eyes and fall down my cheeks.

"Hey! Didn't your father teach you to never hurt a girl?" I heard a sweet voice say. I looked up to see a tall boy standing in front of me. "Now, get out of here before I tell my father on you. He doesn't take kindly to boys who hurt girls."

He then knelt down in front of me, "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" He asked.

I couldn't speak. No one has ever stood up for me. He put his hands on my arms and helped me stand up. I looked into his eyes, they were the greenest eyes I have ever seen, which I guess being only ten years old isn't saying much, but I can't imagine another person with eyes as green. I felt him take my hand and turn them over. "Oh my God, your bleeding! Come on, my mom should be here soon. You can come to my house and get cleaned up."

"Why are you being so nice to me? No one is ever this nice to me."

"You're hurt. And those boys should never have pushed you off the swing. My father says boys should never, ever hurt girls. Didn't your father ever tell you that?"

"No, my father doesn't really talk to me much anymore. Not since my mom left us. He told me I made her leave."

"That's not a very nice thing for a father to say."

"He isn't very nice. It could be worse, he could hit me."

"Well, come on. My mom just pulled up. Lets get your hands cleaned up." He lead me to a shinny black car. "My name is Edward. What's your name?"

"Isabella." I said. As we reached the car he opened the back door for me and helped me in. "Mom, some boys pushed Isabella off the swings today and she has some wood chips in her hands. Can you help her?"

"Oh, of course dear. Is it alright with your parents if you come over Isabella?"

"My dad is working a double at the station and my mom isn't around anymore." I replied with my head down.

"Oh, well then you can stay for dinner. Edward and his father can take you home later then. But, you should still call and let your father know where you are."

"Thank you Mrs., um, what's your last name?"

"Cullen Dear."

"Thank you Mrs. Cullen."

As we drove home I found out that Edward was two years ahead of me. He promised to keep an eye out for me to make sure no one hurt me again. It was the strangest feeling, but I felt a connection with Edward. Like we were meant to always be friends. He even wrapped his arms around me as his mom poured disinfectant on my hands to clean them out. I called my father at the station to let him know I was staying over to a friends house for dinner, and as usual he just shrugged it off. Typical of him not to care much.

Mrs. Cullen made a wonderful dinner and I was helping her set the table when Edwards father came home. Edward introduced me and explained what happened. His father told him he was proud of him for standing up for me and doing right by a girl. He then gave me the warmest smile. "Who could ever hurt a sweet little thing like you?" We all sat down for dinner and the conversation rolled on. I loved the feeling of having a family dinner. I can't remember even sitting at the table with my mom and dad. I felt so at home with the Cullens.

After I helped Mrs. Cullen clean up and load the dishwasher, Edward and his father took me home. As we pulled up it was dark inside my house as dad was working until midnight. "Isabella, I don't feel comfortable leaving you here by yourself. Something could happen." Mr. Cullen said.

"It's OK Mr. Cullen. I am usually here by my self at night anyway. My dad doesn't usually stay home much. He says I remind him of my mom and he can't stand it." I opened the door and got out. "Isabella. You have our phone number if something happens, please call us. I don't like this, not at all. A little girl should not be left alone at night"

"I promise, if I need something I will call you." I said before running up to my house and letting myself in. This was the start of my friendship with Edward and his family, taking me in as one of their own.

I felt myself being lifted up and strapped to something hard. Through squinted eyes I could see red and blue lights and then I heard his voice. "Bella...Bella?"

"Edward?" I cried out

"Bella, I'm here, I'm here. "**Oh Dio! Il mio cuore! Guardati! Fuck! Who did this to you Bella?"

I seen the tears running down his face as he ran towards me pushing past the police. He came for me. The one person who was always there for me. My protector, he never let me down. Before I could answer a dark calm took ever again.


"No mom, the last thing I want is for you to set me up on a date with the daughter of one of your book club friends." I sighed into the phone. God my mother could be exhausting with the pressure she put on me to find a good girl and give her grandchildren. I swear, if it had breasts and was Italian, she was trying to fix me up with it!

"Edward, I am not getting any younger! I want to see you happily married before I have to be wheeled down the isle. ** Mio figlio, posso dire siete soli. Voglio solo che tu sia felice."

Great! She was really laying the guilt on now. She only spoke in Italian when she was trying to get her way out of me. She knew it was my weakness. "Mom, I said no. Please understand. There is someone, I just...I need some time. I need to talk with her, let her know my true feeling." As I spoke, I knew it was a mistake.

"Who is she? **Mio figlio, please tell me? Is she a good girl? Is she Italian?"

"Yes mom, she is Italian, and she is an amazing girl."

"Tell me more. What is her name?"

"No mom, I need some time first, just...give me some time OK?"

There was a pause. "Alright, but I better know soon."

"Yes mom, I promise. I have to go, I have business to get back to."

"Always working so hard, you should be out there telling this girl your feelings for her."

"Enough mom! I really have to go mom, business."

"OK, OK. Ti voglio bene, al sicuro"

"Si mamma, sono sempre io. Ti amo."

I put my phone down on my desk and went back to the files that were spread over my desk. These damn Voltori were making my life a living hell. They were a rival family who were trying to get a bigger name for themselves the mafia world. My world. The world I was born into to. I, Edward Cullen, was the mafia prince of New York. Soon to be boss when my father decided to step down. Carlisle has been grooming me to take over since I was a teenager. I, his prince, would one day become the king. I was currently handling the day to day annoyances of keeping tabs of the rival families, keeping an eye on shipments, running the "businesses" to keep our front legit. I normally didn't stress, I can handle most anything. But how the Voltori were getting in and getting to our gun shipments before we were was getting on my damn nerves. There had to be a mole somewhere in my crew, and I needed to find out fast.

I was drawn out of my thoughts by my phone ringing. Picking it up I see my best friends smiling face light up my screen. Looking at the time it was 11:00pm, she never calls this late. "Hey Bella, what's up?"

"Edward...help me...please help me!" I heard her barely choke out. Panic seized my chest.

"Bella! Bella! Where are you? Bella...answer me, where are you baby?" I yelled.

"I don't..." I waited.

"Bella? Bella? Talk to me baby...where are you?" Panic now had a grip over my entire body.

"FUCK! Emmett! Jasper! Get in here NOW!" I yelled.

Emmett and Jasper came running into my office. "What's up boss?" Emmett asked.

"Bella!" I held out the phone to them. Jasper grabbed it.

"Bella? Bella?" Jasper yelled into the phone.

"Something's wrong. She called and all she said was my name and then help me. When I asked her where she didn't answer. She didn't hang up, I can still hear the breeze. Can you track it Jasper?" I yelled in panic at them.

"Give me a minute." Jasper said as he grabbed my computer and started opening windows and typing quickly. I started pacing back and fourth.

"Hurry Jasper, I have to get to her." I barked at him.

"Ed, man, take a breath, we'll get her." Emmett said trying to calm me down.

What felt like hours was really only seconds as Jasper yelled out "Got her!"

Oh Thank fuck. "Where?"

"It looks like just outside of Heritage Diner."

I ran out of my office and down the stairs and was assaulted with the loud thumping of whatever popular song the DJ was spinning as the patrons danced. Why was she at a diner so late? "Ed! Wait up! You're not going alone." I heard Emmett yelling as I turned to see him and Jasper running behind me. They caught up with me as Emmett said "I called Jacob, he's pulling the SUV up out front" as we were running to the front door not caring who I ran over in my way, I had to get to her.

As we go to the door I seen Jacob pulling the SUV up and then jumping out to open the door for me. I slide inside as Emmett and Jasper followed. Jacob slammed the door and Jasper barked out our destination. "Jacob, as fast as you can, it's Bella." That was all I needed to say as I felt the force of his foot hitting the accelerator push me back into the seat.

I dialed 911 knowing that she would need medical help when we got there. As I told the operator where they were needed let my head fall back on the headrest and remember the last time she called me panicked asking for help.

My father and I were driving back from the shooting range that summer night. I would be eighteen next week and he had stepped up my training to enter into the family business. Once I was eighteen I would be brought into the mafia dealing and really start my hands on training to one day take over. I was looking forward to it, but at the same time dreading it. How the hell was I going to balance college courses and learning the in's and out's of the mafia. I wanted to talk to the one person who knew me better than I knew myself, Isabella. My Bella. She always knew what to say to me without blowing smoke up my ass. She was the one person who didn't kiss my ass, which was rare in my life. No one wanted to displease the Cullen prince. It was beyond annoying.

I was brought out of my thoughts as my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID, Isabella.

"Did you know I was thinking about you just now?" I asked

"Edward...Edward...help! He's drunk and out of control. He keeps calling me Renee." She whispered into the phone. I could tell she was crying too.

"Bella! Fuck!" This caught my dad's attention. "Where are you right now?"

"I am upstairs in my house."

"OK. He is going to look for you in your bedroom. Get into the hall closet and cover yourself. Be quiet. Don't make a sound. Don't even talk." I heard my father tell the driver to head to Bella's house. I could hear her opening the door and then closing it. I heard things moving and muffled sounds in the phone. "Don't hang up. I am right here with you. Dad and I are on our way." I wanted to badly to be holding right now, calming her down. "Renee, where are you? Are you playing with me? You know I don't like it when you tease me!" I could hear her take in a sharp breath "Bella don't make a sound OK. We are almost there **Bambina."

As we pulled up to her house my father grabbed my arm, "Let Eleazar go in first. I will follow. Let us handle Charlie. You go and get Bella and get her out of there. Bring her back to the car. Make sure she is physically OK. Do not draw your gun unless you have to. Do you understand me?"

"Yes." I answered. With that the door was thrown open as I saw Eleazar running up the front steps. Dad and I were not far behind. The door was unlocked. We walked in quietly.

"Come out now you little bitch! I know you are up here!" we heard from up stairs. We ran up the steps. I seen Charlie coming out of Bella's bedroom with a baseball bad dragging behind him. He seen us and raised it up. "What the fuck are you doing here? He slurred. Eleazar kicked him in the gut and he went down hard. As he and my father kept him on the ground I ran to the closet and threw it opened. I grabbed the towels and laundry hamper and threw them out and was met with a high pitched scream.

"**Bambina! Bambina, sono io Edward."

I felt her before I seen her. She launched herself into my arms. I held her for a moment before I remembered my dad's words. I had to get her out of here. I slowing stood us up and started to walk us out of the closet. She seen Eleazar on top Charlie yelling while my dad was yelling at him with his gun pointed at his head. She instantly started screaming again. I pulled her head to my chest and lifted her up bridal style and headed down the stairs. "**Ti ho preso. Ti ho preso." I said, trying to sooth her with my words.

Once we made it to the car I sat her down and climbed in next to her. I started to check her out. She has bruises up and down her arms, the beginnings of a black eye, and her lip was busted open. I gritted my teeth and tried not to show her my anger at what this fucker had done to my best friend. "Bella, where else did he hit you? I need you to tell me, I need to know if we have to call the doctor." I asked her. " She turn around and lifted up her shirt to show me bruises on her back and her ribs.

"He hit me with the bat this time." She whimpered. "It hurts to breath Edward." She cried out.

"Your ribs are probably broken. When we get home we will get the doctor over." I said as I helped her pull down her shirt. Just them the car door pulled open and I drew my gun.

"It's just us son." My dad said as he held up his hands.

"Why do you both have guns?" Bella asked. I could see the fear in her eyes.

"Bella...we're taking you home with us." My dad said. "Once we get you checked out by the doctor I promise you, I will explain everything to you." I could see questions in her eyes, but not fear anymore. I pulled her into my lap and just held her as she sobbed into my chest, eventually falling asleep.

"What about Charlie?" I asked my dad.

"I called in a favor. He is getting picked up and sent off to a rehab. He needs to get cleaned up before I lay it down how it is going to go from now on."

"What do you mean?"

"She isn't going back to that house Edward. She will be living with us from now on." He said as he started dialing his phone. I heard him talking to the doctor and telling him to meet us at out house. I heard Bella start to whimper in her sleep and I pulled her close and whispered to her "**Ora sei al sicuro Bella. Saro sempre tenere al sicuro." No one would ever hurt her again. I vowed at that moment to myself that I would always keep her safe. I never wanted to get another phone call like this one again.

Damn it! My worst fear came true tonight, I got the worst call I could ever imagine from my best friend. In my heart, I let her down. I was pulled out of my memories when I felt Emmett nudge me and say "We're here boss."

I threw the door open to be met with flashing red and blue lights as the police and ambulance were already there. In the distance I seen the medics lifting Bella up off the ground. I took off running.

"Sir, you can't go back there, it is a crime scene. I can't let you cross." The scrawny police officer said to me.

"Fuck you! That's my family back there!" I yelled as I pushed past him and ran straight to Bella! "Bella...Bella?" I yelled as I ran to her.


"Edward?" I heard her cry out

"Bella, I'm here, I'm here. "**Oh Dio! Il mio cuore! Guardati! Fuck! Who did this to you Bella?"

I could feel the tears running down my face as I ran toward her. I could see the cuts and bruises all over her body. I could see the blood on her face and it killed me. Who ever did this was as good as dead. As our eyes locked I could see a calm take over her body. She knew she was safe and for a brief moment it made the pain in my chest dull a little. And then I realized she blacked out again.

"Sir! You need to step back. This is a crime scene. We need to bag the evidence and you being here is tampering." I just looked down at this asshole who was pushing me back. Did this fucker not know who the hell I was?

I noticed she was being loaded into the ambulance. I ran over to it. As they got her loaded and locked in I looked at the medic and said "I am riding with you. She is my family and I am not leaving her alone in here." As I climbed into the back and slipped into one of the seats next to her stretcher. The medic just nodded and began her IV and started checking her out. I grabbed her hand and brought it up to my mouth and kissed it. "I'm here Bella. You're safe. Come back to me Bella. Talk to me. I need to hear your voice." I pleaded with her.

I felt her grip my hand "That's it baby girl, wake up. Open your eyes Bella. I need to you open your eyes." Her eye lids began to flicker, blinking at the lights above her. "I'm over here Bella. Look at me, focus on me."

She turned her head and looked at me. A small smile and a tear fell down her face. "You came for me. I knew you would come for me."

"Always. Bella, **ho bisogno che tu mi dica chi ha fatto questo a voi. Sai chi ti ha ferito?" I needed her to tell me who did this before she blacked out again. And I needed the medic to not know what I was saying to her.

She looked up at me and said "James."

I didn't know who the fuck James was, but I vowed on everything that I had I would kill him with my bare hands for doing this to her.

"It hurts Edward."

"I know baby, I know. We are almost to the hospital. I promise it is going to get better as soon as we get there. Just try and stay with me baby." I plead to her.

"Edward, were you crying?"

"Yes, you scared the living shit out of me with that phone call Bella. Then when I got here and I seen you..." I stopped as I chocked on my words.

She squeezed my hand again. "Don't cry."

All of a sudden we stopped moving and the back doors were thrown open and the medics were pulling Bella out. Our hands were pulled apart. "Edward, don't leave me!" She cried out, panic ringing in her voice as she reached her hand out to me.

"Bella, they have to take you back and check you out" I grabbed her hand as soon as she was on the ground and I was out of the back. I ran along side of the stretcher saying, "I promise, I am not leaving. I will be right here. As soon as they let me I will be back there with you." I said kissing her hand. And like that, our hands were ripped apart again and she was being pushed into the ER room and out of my sight.

"Edward?" I turned and saw Emmett and Jasper running towards me. "How is she?" Jasper asked.

"She is pretty fucked up! Bruises everywhere, blood too. She gave me a name. James. Get on it. It has to be someone from one of her classes. Talk to Alice, she might know. Get her schedule, it is in my email files under Bella. She sent it to me so I knew where she would be on campus if I needed to get to her. Get a list of everyone in her classes. It shouldn't be a problem The Cullen's are a huge donor to the university." I was in boss mode. It was all I could do to not break down sobbing at this point. "And get Sam and his boys down here. I want this place full of guards. Carlisle and Esme will want to come, I need this place secure." With that Emmett and Jasper walked away.

I pulled out my phone and dialed Carlisle's number. "What's wrong son?" He questioned. I could hear the sleep in his voice, but he knew something was wrong for me to be calling this late.

"It's Bella. We are at the hospital. I need you and Esme to get down here. I will explain when you are here."

"Is it bad?" He asked.

"It isn't good dad." I could hear him take in a sharp breath.

"We will be right there soon son." And them the line went dead.

I ran my hand threw my hair and walked over to the seats and slumped down. She had to be OK. She had to be in my life. I couldn't live life without here. I put my hands in my head, pulling at my hair.

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Oh Dio! Il mio cuore! Guardati! - Oh God! My Heart! Look at you!

Mio figlio, posso dire siete soli. Voglio solo che tu sia felice. - My son, I can tell you are lonely. I just want you to be happy.

Mio figlio - My son.

Ti voglio bene, al sicuro - I love you, be safe.

Si mamma, sono sempre io. Ti amo - Yes mom, I always am. I love you.

Bambina - Baby girl

Bambina! Bambina, sono io Edward - Baby girl, it's me Edward

Ti ho preso. Ti ho preso - I got you. I got you.

Ora sei al sicuro Bella. Saro sempre tenere al sicuro - You're safe now Bella. I will always keep you safe.

Oh Dio! Il mio cuore! Guardati - Oh God! My Heart! Look at you!

ho bisogno che tu mi dica chi ha fatto questo a voi. Sai chi ti ha ferito? - I need you to tell me who did this to you. Do you know who hurt you?