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I was bored, and I couldn't sleep. Dad made me go to my room so I wouldn't stay up all night watching TV. Didn't he realize that it was summer vacation and it was perfectly okay for me to do that? Obviously not.

I occupied myself texting friends for hours, until just before 2 AM. Then Melissa decided she was going to bed, and that left me alone, as everyone else had gone to bed some time ago. I considered sneaking back downstairs to watch TV. If I kept the volume down, Dad probably wouldn't hear. But, that required moving, and moving required effort. Besides, my nest of blankets was pretty comfortable.

On a whim, I texted Gillian. She was the only non-relative in my contacts that I hadn't already texted, so I gave it a shot. I didn't really think she'd be up, but I had nothing to lose.

A few minutes later, she texted back.

Gillian: What are you doing still awake?

Me: Can't sleep. Dad said no TV. I'm bored.

Gillian: I'm with you on that one. Can't sleep either.

Me: I didn't wake you then?

Gillian: Nope.

Me: Good.

Gillian: So, why can't you sleep?

Me: Idk… I just can't. I probably slept too late this morning.

Gillian: When did you get up?

Me: Noon.

Gillian: That's probably why.

Me: I was texting my friends, but they went to bed. So I figured I'd text you.

Gillian: Yay! I could do with a good conversation!

Me: Why? What's keeping you up?

There were several minutes where Gillian didn't reply, so I sent another text.

Me: Gill?

Gillian: I don't need to swear you to secrecy do I?

Me: Of course not.

I have my suspicions about what's keeping Gillian awake. I hope she'll talk to me about it, so at least I can go off and be all happy on my own. And then make evil plans. If it's what I'm thinking anyway.

Gillian: Well…. it's your dad (he's fine) I was just thinking about him…

Me: Go on…

Gillian: Things have been so different since Alec left.

Me: Yeah. Dad's been different since the divorce too. He's lonely.

Gillian: I know…

Me: He needs a girlfriend.

Gillian: haha. Emily…

Me: Sorry. Back to the original topic of conversation. What about my dad were you thinking about?

Gillian: Remember that case we worked last week?

Me: The one with that obnoxious guy who hit on you from minute 1?

Gillian: That one. Cal didn't tell you this of course, but whenever we dealt with the guy after that Cal flirted with me the entire time.

Me: Wow! He definitely didn't tell me that.

Gillian: I should hope not. It was… fun. He acted all sheepish about it after. Kept asking if it had crossed the line.

Me: Did it?

Gillian: Not really. I should have just told him that I thought it was sweet.

Me: You think my father is sweet?!

Gillian: …

Me: You should tell him.

Gillian: NO!

Gillian: I mean, the line…

Me: Gill, just tell him the line has gone to hell.

Gillian: Uh…

Me: Just do it.

Gillian: In all seriousness Emily, I made up the line because I think I was in love with your father long before my divorce.

Me: Really? The L word's kinda a big deal Gill.

Gillian: I know.

Me: You mean it then

Gillian: Do you have to ask?

Gillian: I do.

Me: Well then. This changes things.

Gillian: Remember that you're sworn to secrecy.

Me: I know.

You see, I had information that Gill didn't. In fact, I had as close to all the facts that anyone was likely to get. Time to begin Evil Plan #493.

Gillian: Well, I'm going to get some sleep. Can you remind Cal to bring the manila folder with his credit card statements to the office tomorrow?

Me: Sure. Goodnight!

And suddenly I had an idea. An evil idea, yes, but a brilliant one. After all, it was an Evil Plan, and everyone knows evil plans must have evil ideas, even if the goal is something as angelic as mine.

I just had to hope Dad hadn't put those pictures in the safe. I crept downstairs and stood in the living room. If I was a hopelessly in love old-ish man, where would I hide those pictures? I opened a few cabinets in the kitchen, but they were full of dishes that we never used. Then I opened the refrigerator to get a glass of juice, not to look for the pictures. That would be weird. I opened the freezer to grab an ice cube, and I happened to notice a zip-lock bag that looked like it was empty. It would be just like my dad to leave empty bags in the freezer, so I pulled it out.

There they were. The pictures I was looking for. In a zip-lock bag in the back of our freezer. It's not as crazy as it sounds, actually. If it wasn't three in the morning and I hadn't been thirsty, there was no way I would have looked in the freezer. I carefully opened the bag and took the pictures out. Leaving them on the table, I walked into the living room with my juice and almost tripped over something. I didn't bother to turn the lights on to see what, because the manila folder I was looking for was half buried on the table. I grabbed it and headed back into the kitchen, taking more care this time to avoid any objects on the floor.

I set my now almost empty glass of juice on the counter and opened up the manila folder. Just like Gill had said, it was just boring papers. I slipped the pictures in after the first piece of paper. Hopefully he would just toss her the folder tomorrow.

Now that I was up and doing something, I felt a lot more tired. I put the empty plastic bag back in the freezer so it would look like the pictures were still there, and then I wrote out a note on a piece of paper and stuck it to Dad's car keys.

Gill said to remind you to take this.

I left the folder on the table, put my glass in the sink, and went to bed.

A/N: I have a friend who would do this sort of thing. In fact, she has, and probably always will. So, new chapters for all my stuff soon guys? I think so.