Chapter 2

Previously, on Transformers,

Jack and June Darby rode on the blue motorcycle towards the Autobot base. A large ship was crashing, flying towards the earth. Autobots Ironhide and Chromia engaged the fight with Shockwave. June Darby hit in her legs, arms and chest. Shockwave kills Ironhide and retreats to Nemesis. As Jack, Arcee and Optimus arrive at the base, Ratchet looked at his commander with sadness and disappointment. "I am sorry Optimus, but I don't think that I can do anything much. I don't think that Ms. June Darby will live for another day"

"Ratchet. Have you contacted Agent Fowler? Perhaps Nurse Darby requires human medical treatment instead of the Cybetronian" suggested the leader of the Autobots.

"Optimus, Ms. Darby was wounded with Energon. Her bloodstream is contaminated with it beyond repair. She also has too much metal in her body, which causes her extreme pain" told Ratchet to his commander. He looked at Optimus, not sure what to do about this whole situation. Ratchet was a brilliant Field Medic, one of the best in Cybetronian history but even he was unable to treat such deep wounds on an organic being, whose biology was very alien to him.

"Very well Ratchet. I think that you need to decrease her pain as much as possible and if it is indeed true that Nurse Darby has only a few hours to live, she should spend them with her son Jack. Now, Chromia, what is the report you wanted to deliver to me?" asked Optimus the new female Autobot.

"I really don't think that I should deliver this information to you here. Alpha Trion entrusted me with this knowledge during last days of Cybertron and specifically stated to only report to you."

"While I understand the concern my former mentor had displayed, I think that you can reveal your secret information here to me and the Autobots." Optimus looked at the large transformer, who obviously was frustrated.

"Very well Prime. I brought the AllSpark, which is believed to have many mystic properties" she began.

"I am well aware what the AllSpark is rumored to be able to accomplish. Ratchet?" The Autobot Medic returned to Optimus, after placing June Darby in the medical bay.

"Yes, Optimus?" he asked with concern

"I believe that it is possible that the AllSpark might relieve some suffering Nurse Darby is having right now. I suggest you place it next to her." He suggested.

"But Optimus, the direct exposure to the energies within the AllSpark might kill her instantly. We have no idea how it would affect the organics"

"It once relieved the pain and suffering of Elita after she got the infection. The relic might do this to June and save her life too" said Optimus to Ratchet and the Medic understood. He remembered how his leader has once relieved through a very similar situation, where the leader of the female Autobots was nursed back to health after her exposure to Arcahno venom.

Meanwhile Jack sat next to his mother, unable to speak. He tried not to show it and sat silently with a straight back, but it was clear that the sixteen year old boy was feeling strong emotions. "Don't worry Jack, I am sure that the Autobots will take care of you. I love you my son" She lifted her body and hugged him.

Arcee came in to the room and looked at the two humans. "Don't worry June, I will take care of my Junior Partner. I will defend him while my still have my spark." She tried to reassure June, who smiled. The three sat in silence before Ratchet arrived.

"Nurse Darby, it is possible that your suffering could be lessened and your life saved but I am not sure if the procedure will work. It can effectively terminate your life. However, Optimus for some reason believes that the AllSpark will save your life." Jack looked at his mother worryingly, not sure whether he needed to be happy or angry.

"I believe Optimus. Please try the procedure doctor" June spoke before her back dropped on the bed, with her producing a scream of pain. "I am OK" she tried to reassure them.

"In that case, I need you to get out from the room as the AllSpark might harm you" spoke Ratchet as he looked at Jack

"Why don't we go on a routine diagnostic Partner and then return when the operation is finished?" suggested Arcee as she transformed into a motorcycle. Jack hesitantly sat on the motorcycle, and looked back at his mother, who weakly waved at him. Arcee sped up and soon the pair exited the ground bridge in their search for Energon.

The pair arrived at the scene and Arcee immediately knew that they arrived to the trap. Like before, when the two tried to rescue June Darby, her head now hurt as she tried to contact the base. The two also saw the same large blue Decepticon who had a gun pointed at them. "I thought I would find you here. " he spoke. Arcee transformed into a bike and the two rode away into the bushes.

"Ravage, find them" commanded Shockwave as his small minion transformed into a wolf and started chasing the blue motorcycle.

The two hid behind a tree, not sure what their next move should be. "Jack, stay hidden. This monster is even more cruel than Airachnid" the blue femme warned her partner.

"Come out Arcee, or are you scared of me? I must congratulate you at defeating my sparkling, whom I personally trained in information retrieval. I hear that she killed one of your partners, Tailgate I think" He taunted her.

Arcee lost her nerves and started shooting at the large Decepticon, who successfully dodged her attacks. "We might dance the whole night young bot but your newest partner might not be so lucky" he spoke coldly as Arcee heard Jack's scream and saw Ravage holding her partner in his mouth by the shirt.

"Surrender and I will not kill him just yet." Arcee sighed and lowered her weapons.

Meanwhile, at the base, Chromia was very confused onto why her leader was giving so much attention and care towards humans. "Why do we even help them? This woman is a casualty of war. Besides, should not we worry more about restoring Cybertron or at least trying to win our war?"

"Chromia, I understand that it might be difficult for you to understand with such drastic changes in the environment but the Autobots respect all sentient life and try to protect all of its members, not just wage was against the Decepticons." Spoke Optimus before the two looked at Ratchet who began the medical procedure.

"Everything seems fine" he commented, looking at the monitors. Suddenly he noticed an increased activity in one of the machines. "No, don't break now!" he shouted, punching one of the machines he was not using with his fist. Bumblebee and Bulkhead glared at him.

"I thought you needed that" the green Wrecker tried to make a joke but met with an angry and frustrated face of their Medic.

"When a life in in danger, it is always more important than some trinket" he stated before trying to reverse the procedure before the AllSpark were to literally tear apart the woman.

"Almost there" he stated as he heard his patient screaming in pain. The Team Prime heard a lot of noise, as if someone were throwing metal at the walls. The relic produced so intense light that the Autobots could not see a thing.

Meanwhile, June's body with all the Energon and metal in her body was reacting strongly toward the newfound relic. Her body was solidifying and expanding, changing from an organic body to a more metallic one, Her body grew is size exponentially, her arms and legs expanded in size. Her body was even lifted with all the energy present in the room into the air as she continued to grow. As the white energy disappeared and the operation came to an end, the Team Prime could clearly see that instead of June Darby, the medical bay contained a very tall Autobot.

"By the AllSpark, it cannot be!" exclaimed Ratchet as he looked at the effect of his operation. He quickly opened the door, so that June could exit the room. Large white green Autobot stepped into the main hall. June Darby had definitely gained much height. However, while Arcee was small and stealthy and her sister large and extremely muscular, like the resident green Wrecker, June was as tall as Optimus and shared a very similar appearance to the Autobot leader. Besides being as tall as Optimus, she was also rather lean, with her upper body being broad like Optimus but not too heavy armored like Bulkhead or Chromia.

"What happened to me?" asked an astonished Autobot.

"Nurse Darby, the AllSpark, an ancient relic has reacted with Energon and Metal in your blood and body and transferred you into one of us, a Cybetronian. I was not expecting this, I though that the Artifact would cure you but clearly something went wrong." The woman still tried to adjust to her new body, not sure what she wanted to do next.

"I am receiving a message from Shockwave" spoke Chromia as she looked at Optimus. She then transferred the message to the base computer.

"Chromia, I am sure you can hear me well. I have captured your tiny sister and her pet, whom I will use for research. However, if you find me, I could exchange the lives of your little ninja sister and her pet for the relic you carried. Hint, use these coordinates. And come alone, or your loved ones will perish" he spoke

"I am not going. She knew the risk. The AllSpark is far more important than the life of my sister and her human friend" she calmly spoke, before heading off deeper into the base.

"I know Bumblebee, but I doubt that we all should try to rescue them. Shockwave is only waiting for one Autobot." Spoke Prime. The Autobots then heard their new member using some hammer into making some object.

"What are you doing Nurse Darby?" asked Ratchet.

"I am not sure but somehow I know how to make a perfect duplicate of the relic this blue bot by the Book brought us" she spoke, before showing an almost exact replica of the AllSpark.

"Aesthetically it is the same but obviously it does not function as the real AllSpark. How did you know the design of the AllSpark Nurse Darby?" asked Ratchet

"I am not sure, the design just came to me". She then activated the ground bridge and jumped into the green portal, while carrying the fake relic" As she disappeared, Ratchet looked at his leader with concern.

"Optimus, how did she know the exact design of the artifact? Only one Autobot could ever produce such a perfect fake copy of the actual AllSpark"

"I think old friend that today June Darby had received not just the spark and a new body but also some memories of one of our Ancestors" he spoke before retreating to talk with other Autobots.

"Solus Prime" spoke Ratchet as he realized the implications.

June arrived at the scene and saw Shockwave standing near the tree with his companion Ravage. "I brought the relic, now release them," she commanded.

"I am not sure I am acquainted with you Autobot but I will cut you in pieces regardless. I will not release my prisoners, you need to get them yourself," He taunted her. Shockwave and Ravage attacked June, who started fighting the two Decepticons. Shockwave threw the femme at the tree; June flew a long distance before stopping. The dog Decepticon jumped at June to bite her head off but her face instantly went into the battle mode and her hands transferred into cannons.

"I am armed?" she asked herself. As Ravage in his dog form jumped at her, she quickly pointed her canon at the dog transformer and shot him. With newfound confidence she shot Rave a few more times before the minicon felt on the ground.

"You destroyed my minicon partner," screamed Shockwave. Normally, even during long torture sessions, Shockwave was extremly calm but he lost his temper upon loosing one of his favorite creations. He jumped at Arcee and the two engaged into hand to hand combat. June knew that this con was an experienced fighter yet somehow she followed her instincts and the two warriors ended their fight in stalemate.

"I see that you are tougher than you look. Does not matter, I got what I came for" He quickly transformed into a jet, flew towards the relic, grabbed it quickly and ascended into the sky.

"No, you won't" screamed June, who could only loose her temper when Jack's safety was at stake. She looked at the disappearing jet and somehow scanned it. June then transformed into the same jet with the only difference it being green and white in color and started chasing the Decepticon.

"Happy landings, new Autobot" spoke Shockwave as he shot June, who was still extremely inexperienced in using her alternative robot mod. Her jet form got hit and June started quickly descending, soon crashing onto the land.

When she opened her eyes, she saw another tall female transformer looking at her. She resembled Arcee and Chromia but was clearly bigger than either of the other two femme bots. She was covered in black and purple color with a red Autobot insignia on her shoulder. Her eyes were red and strongly reminded her of Airachnid.

"Airachnid?" she asked

"No. My name is Blackarachnia and as I can see you two received the distress call. "

"How did you find this place?" asked June, who was surprised that another Autobot came to assist her.

"What can I say, Shockwave shared Arcee's comlink and us sister share the same frequency" Come, we can get to Nemesis using my ship." June tried to communicate with the base but could not as apparently Shockwave had disabled the communications between this area and Prime base again.

Meanwhile at the Nemesis warship, Shockwave approached his leader once again. "Lord Megatron, I retrieved this artifact from some new Autobot who managed to terminate Ravage. She was as tall as Optimus Prime, sharing similar body shape and was white and green colored. She also apparently got mad when I did not deliver Arcee and her pet to her" Megatron smiled which puzzled the blue scientist.

"Let Nurse Darby come. She will provide much amusement to my troops as target practice and we could then tear her piece by piece to see how she became an Autobot. And Shockwave" he looked at the scientist as he pointed the gun at the relic and shot it, "Please dispose of this trash. This relic is a fake, as I know how the real AllSpark looks. After all, I was there when Optimus Prime tried to save Elita 1 from death from Arahno venom" Spoke Megatron as he smiled.