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"For the thousandth time, dad, yes. I'm absolutely sure."

Dracula couldn't help but pace faster at that one, twiddling his fingers behind his back. "It ees not possible. You may be wrong."

"I'm not wrong, dad." His daughter droned, now resting her head on her palm from where she was slumped on a table. "And I'm okay with it. Really. I wanted this."

He gave her a protective glare. Well, she might have been fine with it. But he sure as hell wasn't. And first thing after he was done giving his daughter a talk he was going to find Jonathan and suck all the blood from his body until he looked like a deflated Whoopi Cushion.

Mavis seemed to see the look on his face and straitened, "Dad! Don't you dare do anything to Jonathan!"

He spun around, pointing toward the door with one sharp finger, "but it's his fault!"

"This is no ones fault!" His daughter finally stood up, crossing her arms. "This was a mutual decision. We decided! TOGETHER!"

Dracula opened and closed his mouth, trying to compose himself enough to say something that at least made sense. What came out of him was more of a childish reaction then that of a high class, feared vampire. He stomped his foot on the floor and pointed once again. "But! But eet ees hees fault!" He couldn't get it through his head. How could she be okay with this?

Mavis simply rolled her eyes. "Dad, seriously?"

"Yes, seriously!"

She sighed heavily, finally walking towards her father. "Dad. Listen, I know you're scared-"

"I am not scared!"

"-But everything is going to be fine!" She offered him a smile. "I mean, don't you want grandchildren?"

It wasn't that he didn't want grandchildren. People thought that he wasn't one to like children. And their assumptions weren't without reason. He was the infamous Count Dracula. The dark monster of the night. The man known for lurking in the shadows and using his fangs to quench his thirst of blood.

But the truth was that he adored children. When his own daughter was born there was a rumor that went around his family that it would be difficult. For who, they had no idea. Some bet it would be difficult for the child to live without the love a proper child needed. Some said it would be Dracula himself, having an addition into his life- his life that he loved to have total control of. And when the baby was finally born, a girl, they honestly didn't know what to think. They'd all waited for him to be disappointed that it hadn't been a boy who he could teach everything to, or that maybe he'd realize it had been a mistake to have a child altogether.

They had been wrong. Very, excuse the pun, dead wrong. Dracula positively worshiped his little girl. To him, nothing in the world could be more perfect. And he spent as much time with her as possible. The two were never seen apart, she was always in his arms, surrounded by the skinny limbs that protected from anything that so much looked at her. And when he was pulled away, for work or other purposes, he became easily distracted, always worrying how his little "Mavy-Wavy" was doing without him. And although they all had told him time and time again that she was fine, she was with Martha, and he told them again and again that he knew she would be fine with his wife, that he trusted no one more than her, he still hated his arms feeling empty whenever they were void of the constant weight.

When Martha died, Mavis never left his side. It became a struggle to raise her, totally alone. But he seemed to have been born for the job as father- taking to it like a fish to water- simply knowing what to do whenever the situation called to him.

And now, the idea of another one of those children, another one of those perfect beings that he could hold and tuck in and read stories to… it was incredible. His Mavis had grown up, and now she wasn't the same as she used to be. He loved that she was bracing her independence, but sometimes wished that she were still a little girl.

And in a way, his wish was coming true.

Oh no, he loved the idea of another child in his life. How this child came to be… that was what he despised. That… human… had touched his daughter? That was simply not allowed. Maybe, when they were asleep, he could take Jonathan to the top of the mountain, dangle him off and-

"Dad? Hello?"

"Hmm?" He awoke from a fantasy of dropping Jonathan off a cliff. "Oh! Sorry my little voodoo doll. What was eet you were saying?"

"I was saying that we're having a kid, dad! And I'm happy! Really!" She did look happy. "I mean, I've been married to Jonathan for three years. You should have expected this by now. Or at least seen it coming!"

"Sorry, I do not like to dabble in such ideas," her father's words were sour.

She sighed. "Daaaad!"

He rolled his eyes, "I know, I know. But sweet fangs… Jonathan… he is still a human! I would have at least thought that you'd, well, you know." He mimicked biting, clicking his teeth together. Mavis gave him a firm look.

"No. Absolutely not. I am not turning him into a vampire. At least not yet."

"Have you talked about eet?"

"Of course we have!" She went back to the table and slumped down. "He seems fine with the idea! But I don't know. I don't think that it would be great. And now with the baby on the way," she touched her still flay stomach subconsciously, "he'll be outnumbered. Two vampires to one. What really worries me is what the baby will think. Or what will happen if the baby bites him!"

"And he's okay weeth thees?" Mavis nodded, and for a moment Dracula was overwhelmed with a sense of respect for the clumsy human that was married to his daughter. It quickly vanished, but it had been there and he recognized it for a moment longer before turning to Mavis once again.

"Yeah. Surprisingly he's a really passive player in all of this. He just goes along with everything." She slumped down further. "But we have been talking, and he says that he does eventually wants to change. There's only so long he can go on living after all."

Dracula rubbed at his temples. "What confuses me is how… he ees human! You are a vampire! And yet you… you are pregnant!"

Mavis' pale face blushed just slightly as she stuttered, "I-I don't know how it happened! Well, I do know!" the blush darkened. "But we were just hopeful! I didn't really think it would work!"

"Well, apparently eet deed."

"Yeah, I guess so." She squirmed on the spot. "But the point is that there's really no going back with this. And I wanted to tell you because I thought you'd be happy-"

"I am happy, angel fangs! I just… I just don't van't you to regret anyt'ing!"

Mavis immediately stiffened. "I will not regret having kids." Her voice stayed flat, and for a moment he saw the true vampire in her. "It's one of the best choices I ever made. I know it is." Then she softened. "You know what I mean."

He did. When he found out Martha had been pregnant he'd thought that life couldn't get any better. Of course, he'd been wrong. When he first held his little girl in his arms was the best. And even more best moment came afterwards.

"Yes, yes, I know." He slumped, allowing his vampirical posture to vanish.

His daughter stared at him, giving him a hard look. "Dad. Do you want a grandkid?"

He thought about it for a moment, and then straitened, his face relaxing. "More than any'ting, Mavy-Wavy."

She broke into a smile, jumping into the air to hug her father. "Oh, dad!"

He hugged her back. "Just… be careful. Alright?"

"Of what?"

"Well, you are having a vampire baby. Eet eesn't the same t'ing as a regular baby."

"How would you know anything about regular babies, dad? You never had to raise one."

"Well," he thought hard, "for one t'ing, you need to keep them out of dee sun-"


"-and make sure d'ey don't bite Jonathan."

"Again, obvious."

"And please, make sure you at least veesit!" Dracula crossed his arms. "I vant to be able to see my new leetle fledgling grow up."

She smirked, "of course, dad." She skipped to the door, no doubt to tell Jonathan about her fathers reaction, "I doubt I'll be able to pry the kid away from this place, anyway."

He sniggered and made a 'get out of here' motion with his hands and she scampered out. When she was gone he let out a heaving sigh. It was going to be different around the hotel now. So much different. His little girl was growing up. She had been for so long. And as he thought more and more about it a realization came over him. She wasn't growing up any more. She was grown up. It wasn't a great thing to think about and he felt himself grow sadder as the moments passed.

At the same time…

A small smile passed over his face as he remembered all the things he did with his little girl. Sing her songs with his guitar in hand, read bedtime stories, teach her how to fly. So many things that he had taught her. Things that only one vampire could teach another.

His smile grew by the moment. He'd teach this new child. This new baby in his life. Maybe Mavis would let him help. What was he saying? Of course she'd let him. He was count Dracula, the vampire of all vampires. He knew the most about everything that was being a vampire. He'd have to lend a hand, of course. And the more he went over it in his mind the happier and happier he grew. Having a grandchild, he mused, might be the best thing that ever happened to his family.

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