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Dracula had heard many things in his life. He had heard the miniscule sounds of crickets outside the window. Sometimes he made a habit of listening in on phone conversations. Once in a while he would go out and see how good his bat hearing was, trying to listen to what each raindrop hitting hard ground muttered- what stories they told. His hearing was superb, being that of an animal who relied solely on its hearing.

He'd heard sounds from high to low and everything in between. But never had he heard anything like the sound his daughter was making in the background of the phone.

Loud soprano of a thousand screams, all threaded into one tremendous wail.

"She's going into labor!" That's what Jonathan had said.

"I changed my mind!" That came from the background. "I CHANGED MY MIND! I DON'T WANT A KID! GET ME A SUROGATE!"

"Kind'a too late…" muttered her husband, quickly turning back to Dracula who was panicking on the other side of the phone. "Listen, Drac, we're going to the hospital. The one… well- you know it! Meet us there! Hurry, please!"

Dracula didn't wait another moment, zipping out the window, not even worrying that the sun would be coming up in a few hours.

The hospital chairs were uncomfortable and plastic. He hated them. Hated the hospital. Hated the waiting.

He'd been waiting on the same chair for the past three hours, the one chair that avoided any windows, allowing him to stay in the shadows. There weren't many other people in the waiting room, but they all avoided him warily. It was a good thing. He didn't want to deal with anyone.

Why couldn't he have gone in? The answer was obvious. But he had wanted to help his Mavy. His poor daughter, in more pain then he'd ever want her to be in a lifetime. And he couldn't do anything about it. There was a certain amount of standing back a father could do before it got to be too much. She could be as free as she wanted, go on a million vacations, visit a million different places, if only she'd be okay.

He drew his arms closer, his cape encircling him- a security blanket through rough times. He'd asked the nurse, the one that worked at the desk with the red hair and the bubble gum, at least twenty times to go in. But she'd just shaken her head, popping a bubble. He wasn't allowed in. Not until they called for him. That was the rules.

He used to love rules. Now he hated them.

And so he sat, longer and longer. The sun rose to the top of the sky and the linoleum floors shone, casting the corners into darkness. The moon began to rise, facing the blazing sun as they paralleled each other for that one time a day. The clouds turned pink and the sky went to pastel. And he continued to sit, legs and mind both going numb.

Elsewhere, in a small hospital room, a baby came into the world. Whisked away by doctors, cleaned of blood and fluids, and returned to the parents. There was marveling over her, Mavis and Jonathan stunned into a philosophical state. They had created a baby! Love, their love, their zing, had been strong enough to create life.

And there lay the problem.

The doctor was kind enough to point this out as he reviewed everything about the baby. From gender to regular heart rate and body temperature.

Heart rate? Body temperature?

The two adults could only stare at each other. Then at the baby. Then at each other.

Apparently, their love had been strong enough to create life. Literally.

It was a minute before any sound entered the room, Mavis testing her fingers on the baby's skin, almost amazed at how warm it was. They looked into the baby's mouth when it yawned. Not even a budding fang, not that they'd be able to really see them yet. But even Mavis had had two little pearls poking from her gums when she was born- her baby fangs. They were longer then teeth, after all. Nothing.

Jonathan was the first to speak, and his voice was that of a question. What was Dracula going to say.

For once, his wife had no answer.

The room, white and sterile before, had tinted itself orange by the time Jonathan had walked slowly into the room.

Dracula hadn't noticed him at first, too wrapped in his own world, but he finally did notice the red head, who stood near the door farthest from the vampire, rocking on his heels. Jonathan's hand looked red and swollen- most likely from being grabbed and held tightly for too long- and the sleeves of his orange shirt, still underneath that ridiculous biker wear, were rolled up to the elbows. He had temporary lines etched between his eyebrows and dark circles under the curve of his eyes, resting heavily on cheekbones.

"Well?" Dracula rose, his hands latching together. "Well?"

Jonathan cleared his throat, tugging at the collar of his shirt. "Well…" Dracula gave him a look.

"Are you going to tell me somet'ing? Or no? I have been waiting to hear news!"

"Um… Dracula?" Dracula's head snapped up, getting to his feet in a moment. Whatever look was on Jonathan's face… he didn't like it. That was a look you came out with when there was bad news, something that you didn't want to say to someone because you knew that they'd respond… really, really badly.

"Jonathan. Vhat ees eet." Voice neutral, face stolid, dangerous. "Vhat ees wrong?"

Dracula didn't know why Jonathan looked worried, but he was going to slap the look of that boys face if he didn't tell him something. Just because his daughter was immortal didn't mean she wasn't incapable of death.

Somehow he wished the boy would just break down into tears on the sterile floor. It was better then this silence he was suffering. "Jonathan! Tell me something? Ees Mavis okay?"

Jonathan seemed to realize what Dracula thought, holding up his hands and waving them in a desperate gesture. "Huh! Oh, yeah she's fine!" Dracula relaxed. But that's when Jonathan began to squirm on the spot again. "It's the baby."

Dracula was in his face within seconds, Jonathan's back becoming playdough, arching and twisting back to avoid the Vampires ruby gaze. "Vhat is wrong with the baby!" Nothing could be wrong. Oh god no! He'd sooner die than let something happen to the baby. The baby he'd been expecting, the one he'd imagined holding and told so many things to, talked to it about a future they'd share. Nothing, nothing, could be wrong

"Oh, the bay is okay. It's just that she's… well… she's not… she's,"


"… Human."

The words was like a Mac truck. It hit him fast and hard and for a moment he couldn't move.

Human. Human. Human. Human. Human. Human. Human.

The word repeated itself through his mind, carousels of familiar faces, burning castles, escapes from torches, pitchforks. Wives lying on cold stone.


Rage that he thought at first could not exist surged through him. He was mad. No, he was more than mad. He knew this human- human- would be no good. He'd done worse then infiltrate his hotel and pick apart his values. He had made him the blood relative, literally, of the one thing he had sworn to always avoid.

Human. Human. Human. Human. Human. Human.

Next thing Jonathan knew, he was on his back in a square of fading light on the floor, Dracula making his way though the door to the rooms, hovering at top speeds.

"Dracula! Dracula, wait!" His calls met deaf ears. But why would Dracula listen? He was now a man with a plan. A plan he was sure was nothing more then fuel food for more rage to come. Change the baby. Change the baby. Human. Human.

He stormed through the hospital, ignoring Jonathan's pleas from behind him. He didn't care about that boy at the moment. What he did care about was that his granddaughter was a human. The people who he didn't get along with. At all. And though he was now on better terms with the thought of mixing with humans, to have one extra in the family besides the bumbling mess that was Jonathan was more than enough.

He'd change this baby into a vampire now if his daughter wouldn't. That would show them all.

He followed every vampire sense he had, following some trail until he stood in front of the wooden, windowless door. 122A it said. Such a normal name. A normal name for a circumstance that was so clearly not. Did the doctors not see what had gone on? Or had they not cared? It didn't matter anyway, he'd fix it. That was what he did for a living. Hotel managers fixed things. This baby, for instance. This human baby.

He rushed into the room, the door slamming behind him, face stagnate, as he floated toward the bed with the two people in it, one old and one new, with only one intention in mind. He could vaguely see his daughter there on the bed, preoccupied with something else and not even looking up at the monster her father was quickly shifting to. But he could hardly see her. All he saw was red. And a human. He could smell the fresh scent of blood in the room. The sound of one heart that had just begun to beat without enclosed space of a mother. The sight of beating from the red haze. His fangs were out and his claws were clutching at his cape, the sharp ends tearing into the fabric. He was going to lose it within seconds, and then god knows what he'd do. Not that he cared. Not now when he had discovered his granddaughter was a-

And then the world stopped moving.

He had reached the bed, expecting to see his daughter holding evil itself in her arms. He waited to see flashbacks of fire and steaks and angry voices as soon as he looked upon the face. He was ready to see something he would hate.

What he saw instead was a little pink bundle, a tiny face poking from the shrouds of cheery color, eyes coated in dark lashes, closed to the world. Black, gauzy hair already coating its small head, tiny fists balled by a small mouth. The miniscule creature was taking scant breaths, it's chest rising and falling. And with his vampire senses he could hear her tiny heartbeat, delicate and fluttering under rosy cheeks.

He leaned closer, just a bit. The baby, the thing he had come in, waiting to hate the very sight of it, waiting to see a human. Something he could never touch or be near. Something he would never even consider allowing his daughter to possess.

She wasn't evil, ugly, horrible or monstrous.

She was perfect.

"Hey dad." His daughter had all his attention in a moment.

"Hey there, sweet fangs. How are you feeling?"

She shrugged. "Tired." Mavis adjusted the baby in her arms. "You wanna hold her?"

Dracula backed up quickly. "Oh no."

Her face fell. "Why not?"

"Because, honey, she ees a human. I might, you know-"

"Dad, you're around Jonathan all the time, you aren't going to drink her blood. And besides, you already ate bloodbeaters today, didn't you?"

He frowned, "Yes. But… but she ees young. Her blood ees- eets fresher. Not so fatty. Eet always a better target."

"Dad, you aren't going to bite her! She's part you, for gods sake!"

"D'er is always a chance! I- I am just playing eet safe!"

"Well stop being your uptight self for a minute and take the baby!"

He would have retorted to the comment or at least given another excuse, had she not, without warning, passed him the little bundle. He had to stop himself from instinctively dropping the baby girl onto the floor. Instead he held her out, his hands looped under her armpits, scared to see what the human child would do. Looking was one thing. But actually holding? There was no telling what horrors could be unleashed.

"You can hold her closer to you, dad. It's okay."

He nodded, swallowing dryly, before slowly placing the baby's body nearer to his own, cradling her the way he used to with Mavis. The baby snuggled closer to him. Fingers fisted the fabric of his vest, kneading. And then, as if sensing a new presence, she opened her eyes.

"It's weird," Mavis' voice was almost background noise to him as he looked at those eyes. "I have blue eyes and Jonathan, he says everyone in his family has light brown or hazel eyes." Dracula could only nod, "so why does she have dark brown eyes?"

Dracula stared at the girl's eyes, entranced. His shoulders, so tense before, relaxed and rolled back. But his previously guarded mind became alert with a feeling of excitement and enchantment. The baby stared back, dark orbs gleaming under halogen lights. "Eet's because… they're your mothers." He touched the baby's eyebrow with his thumb, watching as the hooded eyes regarded his own blue ones with interest. All he could do was stare into those dark eyes; so familiar in color. Dark- an abyss of chocolate- and yet so pellucid.

Mavis perked up at that, "Really?"

"Mmmhmm," he smiled widely, watching as the baby in his arms fluttered her long lashes and tested out her fingers, toes beneath the blanket would vellicate every so often, working out just how muscle works. Young face screwed up in concentration as she taught each languid bone how to move. "She looks like Martha. Like you and Martha." The resemblance was lucid, amazingly obvious. The dark hair, the eyes…

As he looked closer, there were pieces of her father as well. They did nothing to interrupt any of the other traits- small things such as freckles, and that human skin tone that actually had coloring to it, instead of their paler than paper look.

"Isn't she perfect?"

"She is." He tickled the baby's stomach with one long finger and beamed when said baby giggled and squealed, reaching up towards him with two fat hands. "Look! Look at dat! She's knows who granpa is!" The baby squealed again, as if to display the affirmative and then grabbed onto his finger. Like Mavis had been, the baby's skin was smooth against his. Unlike Mavis, when this baby touched him he could feel the warmth of her pulsing, beating, pumping, living body. He pink skin, summery against his own freezing skin. It left his hand slightly warm, and when she let go the feeling lingered for just a moment before fading. And as soon as that happened, he stroked a thumb over her forehead, just to feel it again. Refreshing, new, addicting. He loved it.

It was an amazing feeling. Violative. Strange. Different. So used to feeling only cold on cold, the buzzing warmth of her skin was incredible. She felt so… she looked so… she was so…

"Alive." The word came to the surface in a murmur. "She's so… alive," he said again, and the baby chortled.

"Yeah." Mavis smiled from the bed as she sat up against the pillows. "Isn't it great? It's like holding a heater that drools."

He chuckled and the baby smiled a toothless smile at him, hopeful that she had been the cause of the grin. "Do you think she vill have any vampire in her?"

"I dunno. I don't think it matters, though." Mavis shifted, almost uncomfortable. "I was thinking, for just a second, that maybe we should change her. But… I dunno. I just don't think I could."

"No!" Dracula traced the baby's unmarred neck, feeling her brisk pulse underneath his finger and the soft skin on the pad of it. "You can't do eet. At least, not until she ees older." Too perfect to change.

"Yeah. That's what I thought too." She hesitated. "She'll grow up faster than I did."


"So we'll have to visit as much as possible. I want you to see her grow up."

"And I wish to watch."

His daughter smiled at the scene. Her father still hadn't taken his eyes off the baby, rocking her almost automatically now, his body on autopilot while his mind centered on only one thing.

"I was thinking, now that me and Johnny are moving around a lot, that maybe we could stay at the Hotel. For a year."

Dracula's head snapped up and his fangs gleamed through a wide open mouth. "Mavy! That's- I mean- of course you can stay! You know that the hotel ees always open to you!"

"I know, dad. But, I also wanted to know if Johnathan and I could come back. I mean, once a year, maybe more after that. We don't want to live there. We want a house of our own. And we've been talking about maybe looking for ones in Haweewee. But, like I said, I want her to grow up with you. It just wouldn't be fair to her if she didn't. You have to be in her life."

"I couldn't agree more-" Dracula blew a raspberry on the infants stomach and she gurgled with glee. "Do you wish to come back to the hotel now? Not go home. You can stay for a month or two!" Mavis hesitated, obviously unsure of what to think. "The others, dey weel all be there."

"Yeah. That's what worries me." At his look she sighed. "Dad, she's human. Look at her. It's obvious."


"And… the other people… well, I know that they're okay with Johnny. But a human baby? It's too soon to test them with something this extreme."

"She ees perfect! Why wouldn't they love her?" He could already imagine Frank's face when he told him that he had a new niece. Then he'd proudly display his granddaughter, his granddaughter, to all the others. Murray would obviously take to the kid quickly. And Wanda, forget it. She'd always had a soft spot for kids. She'd had enough of them herself. But if anyone had any objections or tried something-

Dracula had to interrupt his own thoughts, the irony seeping in. Not even ten minutes earlier he had been ready to bite this baby. Now, in the middle of the hospital room, he was holding her close, thinking of nothing but spoiling the kid rotten with affection and preparing strategies for ways to keep her safe. No one would hurt this kid. Not on his watch.

"Dad? Are you sure?"

"You weel need the rest, Mavy. And what better way then let the hotel take care of things for a while. And besides," he stroked back the infants hair, "everyone should meet her now, no?"

"Yeah. Yeah, you're right." The smile formed on her face, the one he'd been waiting for. He reluctantly handed the baby back into her mother's arms.

"So, vhat deed you name her?"

Mavis opened her mouth to speak, but the door slamming opened cut off her voice. Jonathan, as red as his hair, stumbled in. "Drac! Drac don't bite h-" At the sight of Dracula, standing near the bed with no foul intentions displayed the man relaxed. "Oh! Good. I was worried you were going to bite her or something."


"Vhat! I wasn't going to… well… maybe I was."

Mavis rolled her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Whatever. Anyway, Jonathan and I came up with the name together."

"Great name, too."

"We decided to name her after our mothers. Jonathan's mom for her first name and… well, my mom for her middle name." The thought of naming the baby, the human baby after Dracula's human slaughtered wife seemed a bit much. So the couple had decided that the more concealed name should harbor Mavis' mother's memory.

"And vhat was your mothers name?"

Jonathan stood taller. "Lillie."

The Vampire tried the name out a few times on his tongue, rolling the letters out. It sounded regal enough. The name contrasted him, much like she did, and as he said it while looking at the baby he could clearly see the attachment of such a floral name to such a pretty creature. It was definitely no monster name, though.

"Lillie Martha… Vhat?"

"Lillie Martha Mabane Dracula." Mavis smirked as she brushed her own cool hand against her daughters face, Jonathan following suit and cradling the tiny hand in his larger palm. "Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? We wanted to put Dracula last, though-"

"It'll get her places," Jonathan finished, eyes shining. "Such an awesome name!"


Dracula stared at the child again. "Eets perfect." The child stared at her parents, a smile painted on her face. She wiggled her arms in the air, grabbing a tuft of her fathers red hair.

"Ow! Ow ow ow! She's- ow!- got a grip on- ow!- on her!" Mavis giggled, making no attempt to help.

Dracula stood back and watched, not wanting to intervene. Though every so often the baby's- Lillie's- eyes would transfer from the faces of her parents to his own forget-me-not's, as if to say 'I know you!'. He flashed his fangs at her and the little girls eyes would widen at the gesture, opening her own mouth to copy him.

Finally, after staring from afar, Dracula was called over by Mavis to join the two- three- of them. And he was more than happy to comply. Especially after the baby, now struggling to release herself from the hold of the pink and fuzzy confines, regarded his presence with an affectionate giggle and a grasping at his finger once more. A way to let him know that despite the fangs and the cold and the closeness of a vampire to her own beating heart-

-she was not afraid.

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