"Tell me a story nan," the young girl asked a sparkle in her eye as her elderly grandmother desperately tried to settle her down for bed.

"Where did we last leave Frodo and Samwise the Brave?" she asked settling down into the rocker by the fire.

"Not that story again Gran," the young boy said, rolling his eyes, "I know that story so well that I could tell it, and I am a horrible story teller."

"Yes!" her granddaughter said, "tell us a story we have never heard before."

The grandmother smiled, and looked at her two grandchildren, "There is but one story I have yet to tell you."

The grandchildren instantly sat up in their beds, eagerly awaiting this mysterious story their grandmother was about to tell.

"This story, is often forgotten as the story of the One Ring so often over shadows it."

The children, if possible were even more intrigued.

"This is as story of honor, and bravery."

"Is there a battle?" the young boy asked, his eyes shining with excitement.

The old woman chuckled, "Yes dear boy, there is a battle, and one of the biggest cavalry charges in all of history."

"What else is this story about nan?" the young girl asked.

The grandmother smiled, "This is a story, of true love, a love that brought an entire realm together in a time of war to fight against a common enemy. This is how the Light of the Edoras came to be."

"But nan," the boy questioned, "the Light is not an actual person, it is just a thing…right?"

The old woman shook her head, "The Light was as real as you or I. This is her story."