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Tony skidded to a stop quickly, tires halting almost immediately.

He paused, hesitating while flipping the ignition off of his small Audi Cruiser.

The large mansion that Xavier owned was on his right, and it had been an insanely long time since he had stepped foot inside as a mutant, and not as Tony Stark.

"Here we go." He mumbled under his breath, opening the door and closing it sharply behind him, approaching the door and gently opening it the way he learned years ago.

The moment the doors opened, the sound of people talking and rushing around hit Tony's ears. It sounded like passing time at a normal school, something Tony had never heard in Xavier's home, but something he remembered his old mentor always wishing.

The doors closed loudly behind him, causing a few students to turn and look at him from the entryway where they were passing by.

A few girls gasped loudly in surprise, one girl with large cat ears took a stumble back while another with black hair and yellow eyes whispered excitedly to her friend, "It's one of the Avengers!"

He didn't look at them, instead quietly moving by, and the large whispering crowd easily parted. He ignored the tail which reached out quickly to touch him, and even more people whispered excitedly when instead of jumping or freaking at the extra limb, he gently lifted it off from where it clung to his left arm.

He continued moving, eventually seeing one small girl with near sightless haunting grey eyes, odd sparkling patterns drifting over her cheeks from the corner of her eye.

He awkwardly bent down, looking at her while she clutched her history book closer to her and looked at him, slightly intimidated.

"Hello. Can you do me a favor and tell me if Charles Xavier is in his office?" He asked calmly, and the girl gave a shaky nod, probably not trusting her voice.

"W-what are you doing here Mr. Stark?" She asked quietly, fingers tapping on her book nervously while Tony gave a blink.

"Wha? Oh, well…I need to catch up on a few things." Tony shuffled awkwardly, pulling out a little Christmas light he always kept on him (Just for when he was bored, and he didn't have a phone to hack the CIA with).

He held it up and with a smile, let it light up.

Her eyes lit up with wonder, and held up one of her hands, from her fingertips a thin silver strand of something drifted out, swaying in the way.

Tony exchanged a small smile before rising, the little girl pointing with the silver string covered hand towards the hallway to the right.

Tony nodded before moving, mutants already whispering about how he 'lit up a Christmas light.'

He was sure by lunch everybody would know about it.

He walked, easily finding the old office room, and knocking before inviting himself in. Xavier would know about him before he was even on the property.

He opened the door, walking in and crossing his arms behind his back, waiting for Xavier to open his eyes from his slight meditative trance.

"I wasn't expecting your visit so soon." Xavier spoke, eyes sliding open while Tony just gave a small smile.

"I figured everyone may need closure. I left rather abruptly with torn ends." Tony shrugged while Xavier smiled slightly.

"Indeed. The others are down in the Danger Room, If I recall correctly, you still enjoy grand entrances, correct?" He smiled, chuckling slightly as he wheeled out from behind the desk.

They walked, quietly moving to the elevator and waiting patiently as they plummeted far below the floor into the X-men lair.

The bright white walls were shown as the doors parted, Xavier moving alongside Tony as they moved out, walking towards the opposite end of Cerebro to where Tony first managed to find connection with his ability.

The bunker had been transformed into a white plated room with mechanical arms that could probably stimulate any form of attack.

He looked at the one way glass, momentarily observing how Scott was blasting away mechanical arms while Logan took his sweat time slicing a few leisurely.

"How upset would they be if I shut down the entire thing?" Tony asked, testing the room by reaching out with the butterflies, surprised at the somewhat repelling 'taste' of it, almost like the smell of vinegar.

"We attempted to stop that issue. Is there any differences?" Xavier asked with an arched brow and Tony wrinkled his nose.

"Yeah- vinegar. Smells like you doused it with vinegar, burns my nose." He sniffed while Xavier chuckled, looking at the severed robotic arms on the ground as he narrowed his eyes, making one twitch slightly.

"Well, Hank will be interested to know his attempts were slightly successful." Xavier sighed, watching in amusement while Tony looked around, noticing the long metallic tentacle like limbs that Logan had severed lying on the floor.

"Mind if I freak them a little?" Tony asked, and Xavier chuckled, watching as Tony gave a smirk.

They jumped, startled as the entire room gave a loud hum before slowly dulling to a metallic grey.

"What? Did the room malfunction?" Jean asked with a gasp, looking up from the turret she was mentally tearing apart.

"Impossible. It never breaks down." Scott frowned, walking towards the door.

"Maybe there's a power outage." Kitty offered, phasing through a large broken robotic limb that rested on the floor.

Tony smirked on the other side, feeling the broken connection of the room, and then feeding a steady stream of butterflies in.

The room glowed white again, causing Scott to pause and Logan to extend his claws.

"Looks like it's fine now." Bobby stated blinking and nudging the limb by his foot.

Then they came to life.

Kitty yelped as she was suddenly flipped upside down, hair pooling around her head as a mechanical tentacle held her upside down.

"No! Bobby!" She shouted loudly as the mechanical chord started spinning, causing the world to spin rapidly.

A metallic slicing noise and the mechanical limb felt in half near her, dropping her onto the white paneled floor hard.

She groaned, rubbing her head and watching in slight fascination as all of the severed mechanical and broken machine guns slowly whirred to life, turning and moving to look at them.

The disconcerting part was how they sparked. Logically, there was no way it was possible for it to work.

"Summers?" Logan growled, holding his claws defensively while the mechanical limbs seemed to almost hiss (Their circuits actually sparking close together to make the noise).

"Don't ask me. Jean, can you reach the Professor with your telepathy?" Scott asked the group backing into a close knit ring, Ororo, Scott, Logan, Kitty and Bobby in a tight knit circle around Jean who had her fingers pressed to her temples.

"They are asking for my assistance." Charles spoke aloud, Tony's concentration wavering as he looked back at Xavier who smiled slightly, noticing just how much Tony had improved.

"I'll let myself in then." Tony smirked, walking towards the door which swung open as he approached.

Weapons and mutant powers were pointed at him in a second, and he only lifted one eyebrow waiting calmly while the connection between him and the mechanical limbs.

"Stark! Why are you here, and make these things stop!" Scott commanded and Tony rolled his eyes, deactivating the butterflies.

"Aw, not glad to see me? I'm hurt." Tony mock pouted, walking down the railing towards the group.

"Cut the crap. Why are you here?" Logan growled, and Tony's smile faltered as he paused, thinking quietly as his hand slipped into his pocket, grasping the small light he always had on him.

"Closure." Tony spoke, voice quiet and dead serious as he tossed the small light quickly with a flick of his wrist.

Scott's quick reflexes caught it immediately while his brows furrowed in confusion.

"What is this?" Scott asked, demanding actually while Tony quietly walked down the last few steps.

"It's a light." Tony spoke quietly and Logan snarled at the obviousness of the statement.

"No, stop." Jean stated, pressing one hand on Logan who held, glaring only while Tony ignored him.

"Stop messing with us Stark-" Scott jumped slightly as the light illuminated brightly, causing Kitty to trun away from the sharp glare.

"Okay, you can be a flashlight, good for you." Logan growled. Tony tossed back a glare which Logan smirked to.

"Interesting, but why is this a reason for you to come around?" Scott sighed and Tony gave a tiny smile.

"Just thought should show you that I finally figured it out. Turns out, everything's a closed circuit." Tony hummed, spinning on his heel and walking towards the door out, causing Scott to look at him confused.


"Oh!" Tony spoke, eyes lighting up in realization when he spun to Ororo, pointing at her with a small smile.

"I still owe you, from Christmas about a decade ago. Scott, if you need an extra visor just call, and Jean, where did those rubies go?" Tony asked and Scott's eyes widened from behind the visor.

"I, what?" Ororo asked quietly, completely confused while Tony gave a small smile.

"It might help if you stopped thinking of me as Iron Man." He spoke causing the group to stare at him confused.

"You're just full of crap Stark." Logan growled and Tony pointed.

"See? That's my point. People look at me and think 'Oh! It's Iron Man!' You guys keep forgetting I'm not just Tony Stark. I'm a mutant, I'm Ashton Carter." He spoke, voice softer at the end bit causing Scott to inhale sharply as Tony turned and walked out of the room, giving a smile to Xavier who mentally added while Tony continued on his way out.

"If you ever so need a home, the doors are always open."

"I have houses all over the world, Xavier.' Tony thought back as he started the ignition to his car.

"Houses, yes. But a home? No. Besides, I'm sure you could teach if you needed to."

Tony smiled, pulling out as he thought back quietly, 'Maybe when I get too old for this hero business. If you X-men ever need an extra man…give me a call."

"Of course, Tony. Of course."


The Avengers were lounging around the penthouse, lazily watching television while Clint flicked popcorn at Natasha, who skillfully knocked it away just in time.

It was spring, still too moist out to actually do any summer activities, but too hot to enjoy winter still, thus, the laziness.


Tony jerked, sitting upright in surprise as the female voice flooded his mind, and automatically he dropped the electric shields enough for Jean to get a steady pain-free transmission.

"There's a mutant coming in on your tower- it has a bomb strapped to its chest and is flying in fast."


"As far as we can tell, it has something on its feet that's letting it fly. It can shoot fire, but it's not Pyro- not one of ours."

"Tony?' Steve asked, sitting upright as he noticed Tony's stiffness.

"Mutant." Tony grunted, jumping to his feet and the patio doors swung open, Tony walking out and standing on the balcony ledge as he scanned the sky for the mutant.

"He's on your left we think- be careful! One wrong move from Iron Man and your entire tower could go up in flames!"

Tony frowned, seeing the speck of the fast flying mutant, the kamikaze one if Jean was right.

'Are any of you below my tower?'

"We have Shadowcat running in, only a few seconds before she gets to your floor-"

'Leave her down there. As well as any who can fly or teleport.'

"I'll tell Nightcrawler."

'Kurt? Oh! Hey, tell the fuzz ball I say high.' Tony mused, eyes locking on the incoming human projectile as the other Avengers wondered out, Clint giving a small gasp as he saw the issue.

"What is it?" Natasha asked, and Clint responded quickly.

"Mutant, there's a bomb on his chest." Clint grunted, hand moving for the quiver that wasn't there.

"I got it." Tony muttered, closing his eyes and branching out, ignoring the power cables and other electric transmissions in the air, focusing on the butterfly covered mutant, or more precisely, his shoes.

He opened his eyes lazily, the shoes stopping the ignition and the mutant gave a soundless squawk, flailing as he plummeted through the air rapidly, spinning and turning.

"I'll take care of this. Make sure Project Runway is recording." Tony noted, stepping on his Iron Man platform and blasting down towards the street once he was ready.

The mutant had been caught by the dark blue elf, and was thrashing, threatening to press the trigger for the ticking bomb on his chest.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late." Tony shrugged landing and not even casting the sweating nervous mutant a glance while the X-men looked at him in slight surprise.

"Stark. Didn't expect you to show up." Scott stated, almost hesitantly while Tony just gave a dismissive shrug.

"Nah, you know…my tower, and a bomb nearby. I don't want my baby to get destroyed…again." His nose wrinkled as he lifted the faceplate.

"Let's see, mutant- hello!" Tony grinned to the obvious evil mutant who looked now like he was going to pass out of fright.

"I-" The mutant bumbled while Tony just looked at the bomb with his smile turning to a frown.

"Oh, haven't seen that model before. New?" He hummed, and the X-men tensed behind him while he rolled his eyes.

"Magneto make it?"

"You wish." The mutant sneered, almost instantly looking stunned at having said that, Tony hummed and locked eyes on the ticking timer, four minutes.

"Ah, you made it. Impressive because I have no idea what it is- anyways." Tony reached out quickly for the bomb, grabbing the strand of butterflies and tugging it into himself.

He underestimated the amount of power inside the bomb.

He stumbled back, barely managing to stay standing as he slunk to one knee, the armor giving a loud chink as it hit the pavement and instantly his hands went to his temples.

"Stark? Stark!" Scott asked, slightly worried as he hurried next to Tony who flinched at the contact.

"How in god's name-" He gave a shuddering breath as he looked at the pyromaniac mutant in horror, "Did you create a hydrogen bomb?" He nearly shrieked, flinching as his chest constricted painfully.

"A what?" Shadowcat asked Kurt, who shrugged in confusion.

"A hydrogen bomb? Are you sure?" Scott asked, immediately jumping into leader mode while Tony shot him a withering glare.

"Am I sure? No, I'm just taking a gravity check. It works still." Tony snarled as his leg refused to lift him back to his feet.

Jean was hesitantly shifting back and forth on her feet, not exactly sure what to do.

"What is wrong then?" Kurt asked, accent thick while Tony gave another shudder, back spasm noticeably.

"What is wrong, is that when I absorb energy, I don't just throw it away. It goes in the arc, but the arc was never made to store enough energy to wipe out here to New Jersey!" He grunted and convulsed again.

"Wait, you mean that a hydrogen bomb is inside you?" Shadowcat gave a large blink of shock and horror.

"The only upside to this is that I don't explode." Tony grunted, squeezing his eyes tight as if to relieve pressure.

"I- shit it's getting out." Tony groaned, slumping onto the pavement while Jean winced, fingers racing to her temples.

"What's wrong?" He asked concerned while she winced again as suddenly every street post on the road glowed with an urethral light before exploding in a shower of sparks.

"It's him. He has a…electric fence on his mind. It's branching out, like barbed wire, it hurts." She winced again as more lights broke.

"Maybe his powers aren't working right." Shadowcat piped up, causing Scott to look at her, "Like the new kids. Maybe he's not able to control the electricity right now." She shrugged while looking at the fainted evil mutant.

"Maybe Professor X can fix this." Jean winced, Kurt jumping in and vanishing with Tony in a flash of smoke and an acidic reek.

Tony woke later to a blurry vision, a numb tingling feeling all across his skin, and a pounding headache.

He moved, swinging his head up and groaning as he saw the stereotypical video-game style of dizziness. Accurate as hell, but still annoying.

"You. Anthony, are an idiot sometimes."

Tony groaned loudly at Charles firm tone, at once a hand moving to his temple while he glared at the dark shadow he assumed was Charles from behind…glass?

"Haha, very funny. Now tell me what the heck happened?" Tony groaned, and Charles wasted no time explaining.

"You took it upon yourself to absorb the power of a Hydrogen bomb instead of simply deactivating it."

Tony blinked, the dizziness fading somewhere while his skin still prickled painfully, the numbness spreading until he briefly caught sight of his big toe twitching- speaking of toe…

"You changed me into my X-man suit?" Tony stated in disbelief, looking at Charles who calmly updated him.

"Your suit was created with the knowledge of expelling high amounts of electricity through a small surface area. That, and your other suit was turned to charcoal from the electricity."

Tony blinked, he liked that suit he was wearing before…The…red one?

"Of course, once Kurt arrived back here with you- you were convulsing at that point, we quickly transported you to one of our rooms created for mutants who have similar powers. You're safe here until you expel all of the electricity remaining within your system, then you are free to leave. We have already contacted Nick Fury of SHIELD, he is aware of the situation as well as the Avengers, who are waiting patiently for your return."

Tony blinked, stumbling upright and clutching the odd textured bedpost, staring at it in confusion.

"It's a compound Hank created, as far as I understand, it is composed of porcelain, glass and rubber bases."

"Smart man." Tony mused, shaking his head and taking a few steps, legs trembling slightly against his will.

"Indeed. I feel that you two will get along perfectly."

"Yeah yeah, I'm busy at Stark Tower so I don't have much time for fun and chat. By the way, do you have a tablet by chance?" Tony asked, giving Charles an innocent look while the older man frowned.

"Anthony. When you absorbed the energy from the Hydrogen bomb, no matter how small it was, you nearly killed yourself and Jean."

"Jean?" Tony asked, head snapping up as suddenly he stilled in worry.

"She is fine. The amount of energy you absorbed was enough that the electric pulses that surround your consciousness turned tangible. I am positive that if you were out in modern society you could very well create a black out throughout the entire city of New York."

Tony let a low whistle, looking at his still twitching foot as he frowned, looking at Charles.

"Do you think I can get rid of it? I need something to pour it into-"

"Anthony, even if you did manage to transfer the excess energy, there may be a chance that radiation has filtered into you. I'm sorry, but you are a danger to mankind if we simply let you out into the world. We will, I assure you, but once your body has used up the energy."

Tony stared, just staring at Xavier and instead he numbly and quietly stated. "It took me a week to get rid of the extra energy from a Car battery. A car battery dispels 12 volts over a 50 amp-hour, that's 625 volts over a week. Do you know how much energy is in a Hydrogen bomb? I- 500 Kilotons. That's not even on the same scale." Tony practically shrieked, recoiling as he actually saw the electricity snap in front of him in some form of an electric current radiating nearly a foot from his body.

"I'm sorry Anthony. It seems you're going to be here a while."


Tony had long since grown used to the silence and awkwardness of his room. Sure, people came to visit him in his odd little 'cell', but he couldn't tell what they were saying. He electricity would interrupt the PA and cause it to burst into flames, choke him, and he'd die. Not fun, but interesting in his opinion. What Capsicle would one day say about him, 'Tony Stark, bravest man I knew. He once took a nuke into space you know! He…he died from a PA system…'

Nope, as amusing as that was, no-freaking-pe.

"Interesting mind there, As-Tony." He heard Jean, stumbling to fix the slip-up on his name.

"Reading my mind? I thought you couldn't do that?" Tony drawled and he looked up to see not only Jean, but Scott as well.

"The shield is in the air and no longer around your mind. I- we wanted to talk to you."

"To me?" Tony lifted an eyebrow, lounging against the bed while examining his nails, they were getting rather long actually.

"We…we wanted to remember what you were like when you were Ashton Carter."

"Ah, there it is." Tony let out a sigh from his nose as he looked at the two people sitting in the observation window.

"See, Ashton and I are the same, but we're not. Me? I'm Iron man, a world savior, robotic hero and Avenger. I'm Tony Stark, narcissistic playboy, billionaire, and occasionally a jerk." Tony hummed, looking up at Scott.

"I'm also Ashton Carter, orphaned mutant, and even more recent to join my little family is Achilles-"

"An X-man." Jean cut him off and he gave a small wry smile, and a nod.

"Scott says that…he's sorry. He's sorry about everything he ever did to you after you left, and he's sorry for forgetting. He says that he's had a lot on his mind-"

"Hey, I get it. Xavier actually got a school going. You've been busy." His voice grew slightly softer.

"Scott says that's no excuse and I agree with him…I'm sorry, Anthony, I really am. If there was any way I could make up for it, I would. Can you ever forgive us?" Jean mentally begged, and Tony let out a sigh, electricity crackling in front of him again before he froze, an idea racing through his head.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Hey, can you do me a favor and call Thor? And fuzzy the Elf, I need his little space hopper power."

Half an hour later, Thor was standing in Tony's little bubble, practically immune as the electricity pathetically danced on his skin, he paid it no mind.

"Hey! Thor, nice to see you again Hammer time, anyways, when you do that lightning thingy do you grab lightning from the clouds or more like…pull it towards you?" Tony asked, hands expressing his words while Thor watched confused.

"Friend Stark, I simply summon the powers of the norns." Thor said with a baffled smile while Tony rolled his eyes.

"Fine, that hammer thing, that can withstand electricity, right?" Tony asked, a growing grin on his face while Thor once again looked puzzled.

"I do not understand, Friend Star-"

"Drop the hammer."

Thor did so, the dull thump as it hit the ground, much lighter then physically possible as it looked at Tony, hilt practically mocking him. He glared at the worn leather handle, grasping it tightly while Thor lifted one eyebrow, probably assuming Tony was going to attempt to lift it.

Tony grasped the leather, instead of trying to lift it, he felt the butterflies within- (Odd and different feeling. Not the sudden and silky feel of wings, more of a tingling brush like a furry moth) and forced the butterflies in.

They were sucked in easily, they seemed to mingle with the moths easily while the fur seemed to spread, leaving the butterflies to the furry little creatures as Tony opened his eyes, stepping back and suddenly feeling very tired.

"Hey big guy- go get rid of that lightning, I'll be right ou-"

His vision swam.


Tony was fine a few days later and a long sleep.

It was…odd, if that.

He was still donating the amount of money (no matter how often Xavier kept telling him it wasn't needed), and helping the school with charitable donations.

There was a short conversation between the X-men before a decision had been made without Tony's knowledge. He was Achilles, and he was an X-men. Nobody declined.

In response, Tony willingly let any traveling Mutant rest in his numerous houses throughout the world, allowing a safe house for any weary traveler.

SHIELD struck a deal with Xavier, sending all mutants from government testing (Tony had picked a large fight after that discovery) automatically to Xavier.

When the world was moving slowly and Tony wanted to avoid paperwork, he even took up Xavier on his offer. Not only a week later was he actually teaching mechanics and countless sciences to younger mutants, who not only accepted him for his odd power, but adored him.

(There was the same little girl with the silk fingers that asked if she could see his suit. She instead went flying for nearly four hours).

It worked, and it wasn't even long until he was being called in on his private radio by Scott and sometimes, Logan.

(He won the wild man over when he sniffed at the Bud Light he had been drinking, sliding him a Guinness instead. Instant friendship).

The Avengers eventually didn't care…at all. They knew where he was, or how to be contacted. Even Steve and Scott found common ground and eventually even met up on occasion.

Letting everyone find out that he was a mutant (How the hell the press was still idiotic enough not to connect the dots would confuse him forever), wasn't actually that bad.

"Tony! Jeans on the phone!" Clint shouted out from the main living room as he lazily waved the cordless device in the air, Natasha rolling her eyes from her spot on the kitchen island.

"Whatever Legolas." Tony snorted, taking the phone.

"Tony? Magneto is down by Queen's street. You up for some fighting?"

Definitely not bad at all.

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