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"Simi is this really necessary?" It's funny how just a look from his little demon can quell his rebellious thoughts.

"Yes Akri it is; Simi can't be a cook without barbeque sauce." Ash sighs as he glances down at her. She really is adorable in the pure white outfit complete with white hat but he doesn't see why he has to be the sauce. Simi had gotten him a bottle costume; an honest to god bottle costume. She hadn't been satisfied with him just wearing a shirt with the sauces logo; he had to wear the actual bottle suit. A big brown bottle costume with the logo on it; Simi had even made him dye his hair white and spike it up to match the cap...well she hadn't made him. She had just looked at him and begged him to do it; how could he say no. Right now he is really wishing he did though.

They have already gone to a couple houses and Simi has a full bag of candy that Ash is of course carrying as she fills up a second one. Who on earth introduced her to this holiday? Ash sighs again and then glances at the house they are walking towards; immediately his eyes narrow.

"Simi." There is definitely a tone of warning in his voice but Simi ignores it and skips up to the door to ring the doorbell. Ash contemplates disappearing but then the door opens to a smirking face and he forces a smile.

"Trick or Treat" Simi says cheerfully and Ash sighs as Kyrian's smirk grows.

"You look good Simi." The blond Greek's eyes turn to Ash and he chuckles. "A cook and her barbeque sauce huh? It suites you Ash." Ash flips him the bird and smirks.

"Screw you."

"You're not his type...too saucy." Ash makes a face as Nick arrives and groans.

"Really Nick? That was bad even for you." Nick just laughs at him and grins.

"Sorry I couldn't resist." Ash just shakes his head mockingly at him before turning to Simi.

"Are you ready to go Simi?" She glances up at him and smiles brightly which makes him smile in return

"We have to go visit Talon first" Ash's smile disappears when he hears that.

"Why? He doesn't even hand out candy."

"He said he would have something yummy for Simi this year if Simi stopped by" Ash scowls fully then. That damn Celt. He is about to say something when he sees the pout Simi is directing at him and he groans.

"...Fine" He forces himself to ignore Kyrian's and Nick's snickering and cheery-

"-Have funs." He grimaces and then appears with Simi in front of Talons cabin door. Simi doesn't even give him time to prepare before she is knocking on the door and it opens to mocking laughter.

"Well well well, what have we here? Looking good T-rex." Ash scowls at him.

"Go to hell Celt, you tricked Simi up here so you could laugh at me didn't you?" Talon just chuckles and nods.

"You got that right." He grabs something from inside and hands Simi a giant bottle of barbeque sauce. "There you go Simi; thanks for bringing Ash by." Ash sighs as Simi lets out a squeal of delight and hugs Talon tightly.

"Thanks so much Talon" She says happily and then grins over at Ash as she lets go. "Simi will bring Akri here next year too okay."

Ash groans loudly as Talon laughs evilly. When he finds who introduced her to Halloween he is going to kill them.


Not sure about this as it is my first time writing for the Dark Hunter universe. Let me know what you think.