TITLE: To Be Theirs
SEQUEL TO: To Be His, To Be Hers
AUTHOR: crazyevildru
TIMELINE: after To Be Hers (most of season 5, excluding the last few episodes)
POV: Eric/Sookie
SUMMARY: Continues after To Be Hers. The gang moves to Memphis for the clubs to open, into Eric's huge mansion. Sookie is expecting in two months. But can they deal with the discovery of a larger threat to the supe community and still prepare for their babies?
DISCLAIMER: I sadly do not own the characters, else there would be way more of Eric's body and many more sex scenes. True Blood belongs to Alan Ball and the characters belong to Charlaine Harris.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: So this is a True Blood fanfic. Please note I've made my own canon about Sookie's fae heritage.

Please note: italicized words would be the thoughts from another's mind they hear. So when it's Sookie's POV, the italics represent things of Eric's she hears. And if it's Eric's POV, the italics are things of Sookie's he hears.

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Chapter 1

"And this is going to be where Daddy gives Mommy a heart attack when he starts training his little warriors in sword fighting," I whisper as I walk into the exercise studio slash workout room. It's already got some work out equipment for me on one end and Eric's sword collection covers the wall at the other end.

I don't know if they can sense the new place but they were a bit apprehensive last night, so I think they might know something is changing. Perhaps they can see it through my eyes if we're psychically linked? Either way, I've been walking them around and talking to them and they seem content to listen.

"See? So it's just a much bigger house with lots of green grass for us to play. And Daddy is getting horses for the stables so he can teach us how to ride. And we've got a huge pool so you can learn to swim. We'll have so much fun together," I coo to them as I leave that room and head back to the second floor with all the bedrooms.

"Say Pappa, where are you?" I call out to him and suddenly, I'm standing beside him. "I believe the babies didn't want me wasting time looking for you," I smile and kiss his cheek.

"Almost got this set and ready for the mattresses," he states. He's with a couple of his men setting up our bed. I don't care if nothing gets unpacked for a week, but our bed needs to be set up immediately. He and I have our priorities, like christening the new house and our new bed with lots of sex.

"See, Babies? Pappa's getting our bedroom set up so we can get a good night sleep in the new house. So now we get to go and pick out the babies' room!"

I don't want it far from ours at all, so I choose the large room next to ours. It has ivory walls that I will have painted; Eric said he'll commission an artist to paint a mural in the room. I don't know what it will be yet, but I can see a rocking chair and little bookshelf between two of the windows so I can read to my little babies there. My belly glows quite brightly when I think of that.

"Do you like that, Lovies?" I laugh and glow back at them.

They have been nothing but chirping and happy and very talkative since we figured it out all. Every now and then, we'll feel a pang of sadness so Eric and I keep reminding them that they'll get to be together in just a couple short months.

In the last two weeks since the ordeal, I've gained five inches on my waist. I thought I'd feel like a whale or something but I just feel happy. Hell, I feel radiant. I link to my two little babies very often and I wonder if that means they are most fae-like. I would have thought the more vampire-ish babies would be in one placenta and the fae children in the other, but maybe there's no distinction. Either way, they send me visions of my other babies daily.

"So this will be your room," I smile and take note of the closet. It's going to be measured and customized to have plenty of places for all the things we'll need for the babies. Me and my ladies have made lists of things that need to be purchased, starting with thick curtains that will keep it safe for my vampire and the possibility of the children being light-sensitive. We really have no idea how the vampire blood will affect them, especially since I've had so much of it.

"And you'll have a big crib where you can all cuddle up and sleep together," I tell them and laugh at how loud their chirping gets. "See, my little birdies? Mamma will take care of you, I promise." We're actually having a crib built that will accommodate five infants, since we can't find one that's big enough. It'll be large enough for five but because then it might be hard to get to the babies, it is going to have locking wheels on it so I can pull it out and move it around to reach them all.

I still haven't decided if I want a crib in our bedroom. I haven't brought it up with Eric yet because I don't know how he'd feel about having the babies sleeping in our room. I just feel as if I'll want them with me all the time. Maybe the easier solution would be to have a bed in their room for me. I still have at least a month to decide.

"The bed is done," Eric says before he slides his arms around me. "They'll work on carrying up all your things next." He kisses my neck gently as he rubs my belly. "How are our little babies?"

"Very happy about a big crib where they can all cuddle together," I inform him. "And quite excited about me having a rocking chair as well. Can you have the furniture guy make one?"

"Of course. He'll do all the furniture that you want. You just have to pick the color stain you'd like."

Well that's easy enough. "We'll need the crib, changing table, a couple dressers as well as the rocking chair, a toy chest and a couple bookshelves."

"Your wish, my lady," he whispers and starts sliding my dress up my thighs.

"Eric," I protest but I don't really mean it. Instead, I use my orange to close and lock the door.

"Yes, my wanton lady?" he laughs a little and snaps my panties off easily. "Mmm… look what I have here," he whispers into my ear and sends chills down my spine as he strokes my core. "Someone wants to get fucked."

"Don't be so nasty," I chastise him when my mind is sending him a dozen images of what I want him to do to me. He moves us both toward the wall and takes my hands and places them there to brace myself.

Going to show you how nasty I can be, Lover.

I laugh softly but he is right that I've been very wanton lately. Maybe it's feeling safe and happy for a change or maybe it's just pregnancy hormones, but we've had some pretty wonderful sex the past few nights. Well, any time with Eric is wonderful because he's got a thousand years experience and isn't a selfish lover, but the past few days have simply been fun.

He lifts my dress so it's draped over my shoulders and he has access to my body. Then he undoes my bra but I know not to move my hands, so it hangs off me. His hands cup my breasts and pinch my tender nipples that feel like they're swollen already, and five babies are drinking from them.

His jeans rub against my exposed backside now and I feel how hard he is. I rub back against him, trying to entice him to take them off.

Spread your legs just a little and lean over, like this.

He pushes my back down a little so I'm arched and my ass and boobs stick out. I squeak when he smacks one of my breasts and I feel his delight at my squeak of surprise. I get a flash from his mind and-

"NO. No, Eric, no," I say and start to move but he traps me in position with his body.

Trust me, Lover.

"You can coo into my mind all you want, but you are not sticking it there," I hiss as he strokes my core and presses two fingers inside me.

I wasn't planning on putting it there tonight, Sookie, not until you want it there.

Well you'll be waiting an awful long time, Buddy.

Luckily, I've got forever to wait.

Arrogant ass.

I groan when he spanks me a bit more harshly than I was spanked as a child. To my surprise, it just turns me on more. His hand comes down again and again as he fucks me with his fingers.

"Errric," I groan and push against him, wanting more contact until- "ERIC!" I squeak.

I chuckle to myself and hold her hips steady as I simply rub her ass, using her own juices to slicken her entrance a little.

No, Eric.

"Trust me," I whisper. "Not until you want." And I do mean that. She just needs to get used to touch there before I'll push it. I will have her ass as mine and I know she will love it just as she's enjoyed everything else. I am willing to wait, but pushing her a little when she's so wanton simply makes sense.

I dip my fingers into her and work her a little more before moving them back to rub her backside, massaging her entrance gently. It's a delicate balance of giving her contact where she wants and then where I want until we've got a steady rhythm going and she hardly reacts when I touch her there.

I kiss her shoulders before finally unzipping my jeans and the bond floods with more desire for me. And who am I to deny that? Who am I to deny us both what we want? I bury myself in her and take pleasure in bringing us both the climax we want.

He holds me when I feel like jelly until I can stand again. I'm able to fix my bra and pull down my dress though he refuses to give me my panties.

"Master?" we hear Grant call from downstairs. "The truck has arrived."

"I can't wait until we get to try our bed," I tell him before we head downstairs. We arrive just as they are carrying in my grandmother's rocking chair.

"I'd like that in the sitting room," I inform them.

Don't think I don't notice what you did.

I did nothing you didn't enjoy, Sookie. Why don't you trust me?

I sigh.

It has nothing to do with trust, Eric. I trust you with my life on a daily basis. It's just not something I want to do.

Before he can respond, "Blood is here," Pam chimes as she walks in, flanked by Jessica and Tara who are carrying cases of blood for us. "Top dollar donors and screened for perfection."

"Well if the bar doesn't work out for you, a blood delivery service could be your next vocation," Eric tells her. "You coming with me to inspect the progress?" he asks her.

"Where does this go?" Grant asks of my Grandmother's sewing table.

"Upstairs in the alcove with the windows," I inform him and basically get to sit and direct his men and Tara and Jessica around as they all unload things from the truck. I'm so happy I decided to bring these things with me. The house is already getting a little character. I really think Gran would love this place.