Clint sat perched on the rooftop. Below him, he could see Natasha in the street. Both of them keeping watch. This mission to Budapest was going fairly normally so far.

"Hawkeye?" she spoke into the earpiece. "I'm just going to be a minute. I want to check something out."

He nodded. A moment later, she was gone.

There was a sound of an airplane's motor, accompanied by a loud sound of something bouncing off the ground. Was that… an airplane? With a ball of rubber bands on the bottom?

It bounced past the building. A red haired boy leaned out from the open top and spotted the archer.

"Hi!" yelled the boy, waving.

Clint just stared as the airplane bounced by.

"What in the world…" he muttered.

"Hey, did you see an airplane attached to a ball of rubber bands go by?" asked a voice.

He jumped and looked down to see a hover car sitting just below him. The driver… was that a platypus in a fedora?

The speaker was a man in the back. Brown hair and a lab coat.

"Uh… yeah. Went that way," he said, pointing, unsure of what else to say.

"Oh, good! Thanks! Team Doofenshmirtz ho!" said the man.


The platypus and the other passenger – an older man with white hair – turned to glare at the man in the lab coat.

"What? I'm going to let you people name the team? Organization Without A Cool Acronym?"

"We've already discussed this," said the man with white hair. "We're wasting time, let's go."

The hover car pulled away.

"I'm back!" said Natasha's voice in his ear. "Did I miss anything?"

You have no idea.

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