Ryan and Myra are dating. Bored, can't sleep. See my concept? Good. Good. Now read.

"He is totally crushing on me. I can feel it."

Sadie rolled her eyes. "How you know he isn't one of those guys who will break your heart first time he gets? Plus, he's dating Myra." Sadie said. Skylar sighed. She had a point. He was dating Myra. But he's always staring at her in class. "Oh yeah, well, he asked me to come perform with him and Myra for a party. So far, on the friend level." Skylar said. Sadie rolled her eyes.

"Maybe he just wants to be your friend, not to be your boyfriend. That's what happened with Henry."

"Yeah, but Henry's different. He didn't even like us or show any signs of it." From what Skylar heard, Ryan and Myra aren't doing so good in their relationship.

She also heard Myra's going to try skateboarding. She wondered how that would work out for her...

Ryan is Skylar's first crush. Typical teenage drama. Skylar couldn't wait to talk to Ryan again. They were doing a rehearsal on Friday. And on Saturday, he parents were going on some convention.

"... and Ryan could just be leading you on. Maybe he wants something from you! Or-" Skylar was annoyed. "Will you stop worrying!" Skylar said. "Nothing's going to happen. I like him and I'm pretty sure he likes me. Now, shut up he's coming."

Skylar watched Ryan pass by. He saw her too and smiled at her. She smiled back, and waved her hand a little. She made her decision. She did not like not knowing things. She was going to tell Ryan she liked him. And ask him if he liked her. Even if he is dating Myra. She didn't care she was fearless.

She can ask him at the party. Yesterday he told her he was writing a new song. Something about Hello, she couldn't remember.

The bell rang and Sadie's worries began to kick in. "Oh no!" Sadie groaned, "I have a class presentation! What if they all laugh at me. Then , I'll spell the word goat wrong. Then, I'll get an F and my parents will kill me!"

Skylar just sighed. Practical Sadie. Now Back to the Ryan subject...

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