Hey guys its Alice and my friend Christian! Hey. Yup that was from Christian. Well anyway Chris made a fanfiction account but it won't let him on, so we've decided to co-write a story! We hope you enjoy!

Kylie's P.O.V.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Huh what oh yeah the alarm. 8:35, crap it was time to get ready for work. "Morning Kylie.'
"Morning Nicki.' Nicki is my awesome sister who I would give up my own life for. Nicki is cool, smart, super pretty, and so nice. And that's why I love her so much that and our parents died when we were little so we moved from New York to London to Japan so she's basically the only family I have. "Come on Kylie we don't want to be late for work and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' "Aw thanks Nicki, I knew you wouldn't forget.' She handed me a small white box that said 'I Love You' right in the middle. I flashed a smile at her and she smiled back. I opened the box and in it was a necklace in the shape of an angel wing like the one I had when I was little, before our parents died. "Thank you Nicki, so much. Can you help me put it on?'
"Yes anything for you my perfect little sister.' Nicki said wrapping the necklace around and buckling it. "Ok thanks Nicki now let's go to work.'

"Good morning everybody.' I said while setting my coffee down.
"Morning Kyky! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' Misa screamed while giving me a hug.
"Thanks Misa you remembered.'
"Well of course how could I not remember one of my best friend's birthday!' I kind of forced a smile at her.
"Here's a present from me and Light.' I opened it really slowly fearing that it was a rat like last year.
"Oh my gosh Taylor Swift bracelets. Thank you I love them so much.' "Oh it's nothing and your welcome Kyky.' Misa said.
"Don't worry there is more from the rest of us.' Zack told me. "Come on let's go then. We all get a day off on Kylie's birthday.' Nicki said.
"Thank you Nicki!' Matt said dropping all of his papers.
"Hey L are you coming?' I asked L who was staring at his computer screen.
"What? Oh yes I am let me get my stuff.'
"Ok but hurry we want some space.' I said while grabbing the keys to my 2015 Honda NSX.

L's P.O.V.

I stared at the computer screen. It said:

What can be an important day to one,
Can be be worst day to others.

What could that mean? Was he killing more people on Kylie's birthday? Kylie and he had met before he was a criminal. They got along so well but why would he want to kill her? "Hey L are you coming?' I realized Kylie was calling me over. "What? Oh yes I am let me get my stuff.' I replied.
"Ok but hurry we want some space.'
I care to much about Kylie and Nicki but I couldn't worry about this right now.

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