Hey guys! So anyways thanks so much for the reviews, and "Kylie" everything you said is true, I talked to Alice and Chris about it and it really is true! Yes I really did give her permission to keep the story but Kylie well her original name is Gabby was based on a late cousin of mine but my cousin and I are very alike, Alice didn't know my cousin but she loves my personality in real life so she told Chris about me and then the Kylie or Gabby if you will, that you now know was created. That's the background of this story haha and yes it is weird that the story ended back in my hands.

Nicki P.O.V

My cell phone rang right when I got to the mall. I saw it was Mello's number so I answered quickly.

"Hey Mello.'

"Um yes Nicoletta?'

"It's Nicki.'

"Okay Nicki we have unfortunate news...yes your friend Mello has died.'

"WHAT h...he died?'

"Yes about an hour ago.'

"Okay thanks for telling me.'

"We thought you should know.'

The anger inside of me boiled in me. I wanted to punch something or someone and bad. I started screaming on the top of my lungs. Everybody started staring at me but I didn't care at all my best friend died and he was the best thing that happened to me besides Kylie and L (Nicki: don't ask).

"Nicki what happened why are you punching the wall?' Kylie asked in the most sweetest voice.

"Maybe she realized L will never love her again.' Matt said teasingly.

"Oh shut up Matt. Nicki what happened you can tell me anything.' Kylie said sitting next to me.

"Something happened to Mello...'

"Come on Nicki you know you have to check the candy stores first.' Matt said pausing his game.

"No somebody called off Mello's phone saying he died and they texted me saying if I wanted to take one last look at him that he would be at the hospital near this mall.'

Matt and everybody stared at me with amazement. Matt looked the most shocked he actually threw his psp down on the ground and it smashed into little pieces.

"Wh...what do you mean Mello died.' Matt asked gripping on to my hand.

"Matt he did die believe me. Do you want to go see him?'

"Nicki I...I think we should I mean we all care for him right? And Nicki I'm so sorry I knew he was your best friend.' Kylie said hugging me tight.

"Thanks Ky you always know what to say.'

"No problem.'

"This is horrible Mello died. I can't believe this.' Near said showing a little bit of emotion.

Near thought it was horrible that Mello died this was a new one.

"Yes Near this is horrible we must go to the hospital like Kylie said.' L whispered.

Sorry this one is a little shorter but I made it shorter because the last chapter was so long. Haha, well I and Chris hope you liked it!