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Rated T

Friendship/hurt/comfort -

Fandom – Bay Verse

A/N – Follows both parts of the movie; as well as the ending in the book.

Summary- NEST and the other surviving Autobots are not happy, that Optimus did not kill Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons. This has caused the leaders of Earth, and the Autobots to exile the distraught Autobot leader. The troubled Autobot leader leaves willingly and travels away from everyone on Earth to a remote part of the planet. His travels have him find a homeless little girl, who teaches the broken Autobot leader once more to trust and care; while a friendship blossoms so strongly into an unbreakable bond of friendship.

Title – Unbreakable friendship

Chapter one

(Chicago – Normal POV)

Optimus watched as his brother, and the rest of the remaining Decepticons left Earth for Cybertron. Megatron had come back for him, and joined him in battling and defeating Sentinel.


Optimus turned wearily at his name suddenly being called; he turned to find Sideswipe and the other Autobots approaching their optics registering anger.

"What did you do, Prime?" Mirage demanded.

Optimus looked away, he knew to what Mirage was referring to. It was so apparent in all their optics.

"He wanted a truce, what was I supposed to do offline him when he offered a truce?" Optimus asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Optimus, the humans are not happy about this, and quite frankly we are not either." Ratchet replied with a growl.

"They offlined innocent humans, and Wheeljack is gone and do not forget Ironhide." Sideswipe shot out his tone not leaving any mistake he was angry.

Optimus narrowed his optics at Sideswipe.

"I do not forget when any of my men or friends are extinguished and to suggest otherwise is a show of disrespect toward me, Sideswipe." Optimus replied curtly.

"You let him go, and then he will gather more troops and then…" Mirage growled.

"We are not at war now…!" Optimus finally yelled.

Ratchet bristled, and hit Optimus hard with a wrench on his already dented body.

"This is unforgivable allowing them to leave, Wheeljack offlining not to mention they almost offlined Bumblebee." Ratchet snarled.

Optimus felt his tired joints creak; he wasn't in the mood for this. He knew he had made the right decision; so why his men were second guessing him was beyond him.

"And also Ironhide, let's not forget Ironhide was offlined." Sideswipe growled.

Optimus looked over at Sideswipe, his spark flaring in both hurt and anger.

"Ironhide was not offlined by my brother; he was offlined by Sentinel's servo!" Optimus roared in anger.

Silence at first…..

"I am your leader, do not second guess me." Optimus growled.

"Then act like it…" Mirage snapped.

Optimus felt like he had been blasted in his spark, why were his men acting like this? Ratchet hadn't even insisted on tending to his damage, it was like he wasn't even important any longer.

Finally, he saw the humans from NEST approaching, they all had weary expressions on their faces; but they also were angry, livid was more like it actually. Optimus wasn't sure what to make of his human allies right now, but all that anger seemed once again focused on him.

"Colonel Lennox…." Optimus started to say, until Lennox interrupted him.

"No Optimus, this city is in ruins and the lives that were lost; and you allowed Megatron and the rest of the Cons escape?" Lennox demanded.

"He offered a truce, I could not turn my back on that; and in good conscious just offline him." Optimus remarked trying to make the human see his point.

"And what did the Decepticons do to us; all the lives lost here your team had two lives lost. My men lost a lot of their lives, Optimus; or doesn't that matter to you any longer?" Lennox demanded.

"I never said it didn't Colonel Lennox, but our laws are different from yours. I have to accept the truce; by the laws on our planet I must uphold those laws." Optimus said.

Lennox and Epps looked half disgusted, when Optimus said those words; especially because of all those battles and lost lives, when they fought the Decepticons. Lennox thought, hell Megatron even killed Prime once already; and he was so eagerly ready to accept his truce just like that without any mistrust at all?

"You're unbelievable, Optimus…" Epps finally remarked in a sour tone of voice.

"Even your own men are angry over this." Lennox damn near growled at the Autobot leader and Prime.

Optimus glanced over at his remaining Autobots; they all had disgusted expression on their face plates. Optimus was taken aback by the anger radiating from his men.

This in turn seemed to annoy the leader; even more than he already was. "What was I supposed to do, you all know our laws or have you all conveniently forgotten; because we are here now?" Optimus demanded.

"No, we haven't forgotten, Optimus; but seem to have forgotten everything Megatron has done since he's been on this planet." Ratchet remarked.

Optimus spun to face his CMO; he couldn't understand why his oldest and dearest friend was being so insubordinate. It hurt, even though he would never allow it to show.

"Ratchet…..Enough I am not putting up with you being insubordinate to me!" Optimus yelled.

"I have to be disobedient, because if I don't you will….." Ratchet stopped before the words could be spoken, but it was enough the unspoken words still hurt Optimus.

Optimus stood and walked away, he suddenly transformed and drove heading for the base. Things were just not working now, why was everyone acting like they were against him?

Ratchet and the others watched in silence, as Optimus drove away knowing he was heading for their new base. However, Ratchet knew something had to be done about Optimus soon, and perhaps soon it would be changed; if the two Autobot signals that they had been picking up were who he hoped they were.