Red haired witch

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Lily Potter wanted to raise only one of her children, the boy-who-lived. James Potter took the other twin with him to his home world, where he was known as Red haired Shanks. Fem. Harry raised in OP world. Challenge #44 from TheBlackSeaReaper

Chapter 1

It was 31th of October, Halloween evening and James Potter, also known as Red Haired Shanks in his home world, was visiting his best friend Sirius Black in Grimmauld Place to re-discuss the identity of the Keeper of secrets for him and Lily. James' guts told him that there is something wrong with Peter. After long talk both James and Sirius agreed that they will visit Peter tomorrow to confirm James suspicion.

Meanwhile at one small house in Godric's Hollow James' wife, Lily Potter, pleaded for the life of her children. She blocked the staircase with her own body after she had been disarmed by a snake like man. "Please, spare my children, take my life instead!" Lily pleaded.

Cruel smirk came to the inhuman face of the powerful Dark Lord as he decided to play a small mind game before he would stun the woman in his way. No, he didn't plan to kill her like he did the rest of his victims, he would rather enjoy the despair after her children would be gone. He also promised one of his most gifted follower to spare her life. That would ensure Snape's loyalty for following decades. Tonight many delightful plans would come into fruition. "Step aside, woman, and I will spare one of your children."

Terror filled Lily's eyes. She loved both her children equally, but right now she knew she wasn't able to protect them and was only stalling for time in hope her husband would come back home, although even he had tiny chances in defeating the Dark Lord who spend last thirty years gathering knowledge in Dark Arts. Could his offer be a way to protect at least one of her precious children? Her entire frame shook from the weight of such decision. James was still nowhere to be seen. "I – I'll … just let me choose the child." She took small step aside, tears of despair trailing down her face.

Voldemort's smirk only widened. The stupid mudblood would lead him straight to her children! He followed the shaking woman upstairs to the children's room. In a double crib slept two identical babies, at least identical to his eyes. "Did you finally come to your decision?"

Lily kissed on forehead both her children, then turned to the Dark Lord. "Spare my little girl, spare Adrienne."

Voldemort cackled into high, cold laughter and stunned the foolish woman, letting her live with her decision, he had work to do. He turned his wand to the sleeping children. 'Damn, which one was the girl?' though Voldemort. 'Well, it doesn't matter, I will kill both.' "Avada Kedavra!"

The moment he cast the killing curse something went wrong and skin of the targeted baby turned black, causing rebounding of the spell, killing Voldemort instead and tearing the ceiling apart. Falling ruins injured a shoulder of the other baby, while the targeted child turned back to normal except for a strand of hair that was burned white, absorbing the residue magic around the baby of the killing curse.

When James arrived home, he noticed weird silence and the house was in complete darkness, no light shining through window. He hurried through main door shouting "Lily!" only to found out signs of duel, but his wife was nowhere to be seen. He rushed to baby bedroom. It was complete mess; the ceiling was broken into ruins with most of the furniture. James felt relief wash over his body as both his children was alright in double crib, except for bleeding wound on his son's shoulder and Lily lied unconscious beside them. The Dark Lord was nowhere in sight. James cast healing spell in order to heal his son, but it was far from perfect and it left scar in shape of S. When he was assured that both twins was not hurt, he took them and Lily downstairs and used Patronus messenger charm to deliver message to Sirius and Dumbledore about what happened.

The first one to arrive was Sirius through fireplace, Dumbledore apparated shortly after him. In meantime Lily regained consciousness.

"Fancy seeing all of you there." said Dumbledore "Would you care for a lemon drop?"

"A what?"

"A lemon drop. They are a kind of Muggle sweet I am rather fond of." Everyone politely declined the offer.

"It is just astounding ... of all things to stop him … but how in the name of heaven did the twins survive?" asked Lily, still in shock, with Voldemort's words ringing in her ears.

"We can only guess, we may never know." sighed Dumbledore and took his time to closely examine the twins before he spoke again: "Adrienne seems almost completely unharmed expect for the changed strand of hair, but there isn't any magic surrounding it, on the other hand Eric has more concentration of dark magic around him. Plus the scar on his shoulder … S like Slytherin. He will have the scar forever."

"Couldn't you do something about it, Albus?" questioned James grimly.

"Even if I could, I wouldn't. Scar can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is perfect map of the London Underground."

"Is it real? Did Eric really defeated Voldemort?" sobbed Lily, exhausted of passed terror, she could hardly bring herself to look at her daughter. Eric needed her, she condemned him to death.

"Probably, my dear. Now, I will announce this joyous moment to ministry. The war ended. It's been a while since we had something to truly celebrate over. I will stop by tomorrow to move you elsewhere since the house was damaged." with twinkling eyes said Dumbledore goodbye.

Sirius left a minute after the headmaster and Lily finally confided in her husband.

Next day:

At the breakfast looked Lily thoughtful. James observed his wife warily, he hoped she recovered from the shock, the war was over and their children were finally safe. "I want to send Adrienne to my sister Petunia."

"What?! Why?" He understood the current excessive care for Eric, but he wouldn't let Adri take the blame.

"We need to focus our attention to Eric, he is the boy-who-lived and you know that Voldemort may come back some day. Eric defeated him once and may need to do so again."

"Next time I will be there and I will be stronger, there's no need to burden a child. I won't banish our child, you know how narrow-minded is your sister and her whale-husband. She was mean and abusive to you even when your parents died. Not to mention her hate for magic or anything out of her perfect normal world. Adrienne will go through hell in place like that." James hated that kind of people. Not to mention it wouldn't help Lily with coping with her guilt.

"Maybe Petunia wasn't a perfect sister, but she will take care of Adrienne and she won't refuse her if we pay them maintenance money. We have the duty to do absolutely everything for Eric, to give him the attention he deserves; another child would slow Eric down."

"Don't say that! She's our daughter and she never will be a burden. Give it time. Just don't pretend it's Adrienne's fault, Lily, please. I will be there for you." James was at wits end, after yesterday events it was hard to cope for him too, he couldn't stop asking himself why did Peter betrayed them. Did he do something wrong? It hurt more than anything, even more than his captain's death. But the last thing he would let happen was to let Adrienne be mistreated. His children was everything to him and his daughter did nothing wrong, she is barely more than a year old.

They were interrupted by knock on the door and Dumbledore entered. "Oh my, so lively by the morning. But I have to admit you aren't the only one, I must have passed a dozen feasts and parties on my way. Surprising I didn't find James there." Such words were only rewarded by hard glare and growl from James for the insult. How could the man think so?

"Dumbledore, I am so glad you came. There is something I would like your opinion on." said Lily with sweet smile on her lips. She knew she needed a help, but she was unable to look at her daughter, the guilt was too much to bear.

"Of course, my dear."

"Lily wants to get rid of Adrienne!" spat angrily James.

"No, no, not something like that, just send her to my sister. It would be for her good, Petunia will take care of her and we can focus on Eric, he certainly needs us, he just has become a hero yesterday." He was her hope to convince James since her husband certainly didn't like the idea. She had to be cautious about next words. "After what happened yesterday… Eric will attain fame, but also responsibility – Voldemort may come back as the prophecy says. We need to focus on his upbringing and give him the best." Lily observed James face. "I am sure Adrienne won't be treated badly if we explain all what happened to Petunia. We can also pay them maintenance money. And visit Adrienne from time to time." James still looked unconvinced and wore unreadable, serious expression so untypical for him.

"James, dear, Lily has a point – prophecy said Voldemort is going to come back and Eric needs you." said Dumbledore softly.

"Adrienne also needs me. I won't put her under such treatment. If you can't accept her, I will leave with her." James gazed at his wife and Dumbledore with anger he has never felt in his life.

"James, listen to reason - "started Dumbledore.

"No, you listen to me – I am leaving in a week. Lily, I am open to speak or listen to you in privacy, but until then, I am taking Adrienne. Patronus messenger will find me easily." spat James and picked up sleeping Adrienne. He gave Lily and headmaster one final glare, left the house and apparated at number twelve, Grimmauld Place.

James entered the house and began searching for Sirius only to find him sleeping in a bed. Waking Sirius up included a lot of groaning and cursing, but in few minutes was Sirius willing to listen to James' story about the argument. There was grim silence between them until Sirius finally asked: "What are you gonna do? Do you think she will accept Adri in the end? Otherwise, will you even stay here or will you give yourself a fresh start in that world of yours?"

James was lost in thought for a while, letting his pain to show at his face. "Honestly? Lily is now speaking about Adri like she is Voldemort himself. She chose to hate her instead of herself. I doubt she ever will be mother to Adri. So like you said I am going to return to my home-world with Adrienne unless anything changes. Would you come with me? You're my best friend. I will start a pirate crew to go on adventure with."

"I-I am not sure ... I am flattered by the offer. You always told stories about sailing with Roger Pirates to the rest of us, Marauders. I also appreciate that we were the only ones you trust enough to do so. I just don't feel ready to leave everything I know behind. I would like to oversee Peter's punishment or persuade Remus to live with me."

"So it's no, isn't it?"

"I am sorry, James." Sirius looked up at him miserably. He knew Remus as werewolf couldn't be aboard a ship and he couldn't abandon him here alone. At least he would do what he can when James was still here.

The week passed quickly, filled with many talks which all of them ended in fiery argument. After that goodbye was said rather quickly, James didn't want to yell and argue with Lily over Adrienne over and over again. It was hard to leave, but after Sirius told him about a trap Dumbledore arranged for him to fall in at the next meeting with Lily, his patience run out. At least everybody was celebrating and it was easier to sneak up to ministry in order to pass trough the veil like that. James walked towards new life with Adrienne and aching heart, leaving a lot behind: his best friend, his wife and his son.