'RED!' I can't take it anymore. I don't want to be Christian's sub. I can't do this anymore. Christian drops the cane and stares at me. I grab the robe from the back of the door and quickly put it on. In one swift move, I look at Christian with anger and disgust and leave the room. Reaching the sub room… which is mine at the moment, I close it – there is no lock because Christian would want to enter the room as and when he pleases – and drop on the bed. My back is stinging. Its so painful I think I might be bleeding. All these started when I agreed to be Christian's sub three months ago.

Why did I let him talk me into it. Why didn't I use my brain to think beyond what I saw at that time? I was just a stupid blind girl who was so drawn to Christian's looks and blindly in love thinking that the contract will change. He never wanted more. He only wanted a toy to play with and I have suffered enough for the last three months.

My room door clicks and I know it's Christian. I got up and he is holding a bottle of lotion.

'What do you want?' I can't help the bitterness in my voice. I just want to get the hell out of this place.

'Ana.. baby… I am sorry. This lotion will help sooth the pain. Let me apply it for you' he says approaching me. I raise my hand, 'Don't you dare come near me. Our contract says I can end it right… I want this to end now. I am leaving. Just give me the money you got for my car. I am leaving in half an hour.'

'No.. Ana…' and I cut him off, 'Don't you dare to Ana me. Now if you could excuse me.'

Christian stands at the door not moving. I walk towards him and push him out and close the door again. After a shower, I gather my own clothes and pack it in my luggage case. I am not taking anything from this man. I am leaving the wardrobe, laptop, blackberry and the car. Everything is placed on the bed.

I head to the great room and Christian is talking to Taylor. When Taylor sees me, he alerts Christian and leaves the room. Great! I am on my own. Christian walks towards me. I step back and said, 'The money?'

'Here' He hands me a cheque for twenty four thousand dollars. I shoot a quizzical look and he explained, 'Is a collectable car. Taylor managed to get a good price. Ana.. Keep the Audi and everything that I have bought for you.'

'No… All these will remind my suffering. You have hit me enough for these three months. I can't continue to suffer. You can always go to some submissive store and get a new sub that will be more than willing to accept you're caning, whipping and belting. I have lost my independence, friends and everything. I am leaving now to gain back all that I have lost.' I turn around and Christian holds my hand. I yank his hand and look at him sternly and said, 'Don't you dare to touch me again Mr Grey. Good Bye.'

I left Escala heading towards the bus stop. I pull out my own Nokia phone remove the call divert and dialed Kate.

'Hey babe… surprise surprise. Who is calling me on a Saturday? What happen to your Mr Money bag – Out of country?' Kate chirps.. She does not know what has been going on for the past three months. She only knows that I spend the weekend with Christian like any other loving couples do. Least that she knows that I have been enduring pain and suffering just to please Christian. How stupid I have been.

'Kate I am coming home. Are you in or out with friends?' I ask her trying to hold back tears. At the corner of my eyes, I see the SUV heading towards me.

'I am at home. So finally I get the weekend to spend with you…'

' See you shortly Kate.'

Taylor pulls up in front of me and walks towards me.

'Ms Steele, I am to send you back to your apartment. May I take your luggage?'

'No Taylor. My contract has ended and I got nothing to do with anyone from ESCALA or Grey House or any connection with anyone pertaining Grey. Please go.'

'Mr Grey has instructed me to …' I stop him mid way by waving my hand.

'I won't.. Just leave and Taylor…. It was nice knowing you and Gail. Send my regards to her. Thank you for everything.'

Taylor nods and says, 'Ms Steele… it was nice knowing you to. I just want you to know that Mr Grey is a good man.'

I couldn't help but smirk. Good man my foot. My bus arrives and I quickly got into it and head to Kate's apartment.