I am updating this story sooner then I intend to due to a review from a Guest saying this story is a goner. The story about Ana reporting Jack is in the past and she is recalling the event when Christian mentioned Jack's name in present conversation. I have indicated in that Jack has been sacked after Ana reporting him to the management. Another comment from the guest review was Christian is not the owner of SIP… if the guest followed the story, then you can see that CG has meetings and sort with SIP management on restructuring and stuff… isn't that good indication that he owns SIP. Also in Chapter 3, Ana's last email says that CG can contact Ana only pertaining SIP work else she will leave. The guest has indicated that this story is stupid and can't read… I am sorry but if you can't follow the story line… then thank you for reading so far…

In this chapter, I will be recapping some of the events that happened before.

We sat and stare at each other for a long time. I know what Jack is capable off. Jack did not go to New York but cancelled the trip and the next day after the incident, he try to frame me for work ethics. Christian intervenes and gives Jack the pink slip and sent him off by noon. Jack had recorded his sexual advancement with all his previous assistants and used it to blackmail them. I was warned by Christian about his character. After Jack walked out, we never heard of him until the threat letter which the security team thinks it might be from Jack and Jack might come after me to hurt Christian.

Jack had gathered details of Christian and every family member including Kate and me and he has been tracking Jack since then. He was nowhere to be found until he attacked Christian with Leila at the garage. Now he has helped Leila to escape from the rehab and I wonder what he has planned.

'Anastasia… about Elena, you have to give me time to sort it out… I can assure you that I will end all business dealing with her. I can't just end everything abruptly as it also involves my family. Will you trust me on this?'

'I feel that I am letting you off the hook easily Christian.'

'Huh… '

'Yah… anyway… you want time.. I will give you time… meanwhile… I need to know… why do you think Jack is after us?'

'Ana.. it's simple… I sacked him because of you… he is after me because I sacked him and you because you caused it…' Christian explains to me like I am a child.

'Now.. how do you think Leila and Jack got together?'

'That I am not sure… they were together when they hurt me and we have handed them to the police… It is puzzling how they manage to escape.'

Kate walks in looks at us with surprise.

'Hey… what are you guys doing here?'

'Talking' I say simply.

'Huh… '


'What ever.. I am going to Elliot's today and will be back on Sunday night'

'Then I will take Ana back to my place.' I shoot a glare at Christian but he makes an innocent face.

Kate bangs her room door and I turn my attention to Christian.

'I didn't say I am following you to your place.'

'I can't leave you here… They might come and get you here.'

'But we have not solved your Elena's problem. She has been bugging me about me not good enough for you and I can't give what you want. Christian.. she has hurt my feelings. Can't you see that… can't you see why I detest her so much?'

At that moment I hear Kate's door opens so I kept my mouth shut.

'Ok guys… see you all. I have taken my set of keys. Bye Ana… Bye Christ!'

And she is off out the door.

'She called me Christ?!'

I can't hold my laugh anymore and I start to giggle.

'That is musical…'


'Your giggle'

'Stop it Christ' was only it took for Christian to launch himself to me. He crushed his lips hungrily to mine and I think if I don't stop him he is going to suck my lungs out. I push him away…

'You are going to suck my lungs out!'

'Oh Ms Steele… what am I going to do with you?'

'Nothing… Come let's eat… I am hungry. All the talking and stress of Elena has made me hungry.'

'Are we going back to my place after that?'

'Yeah… in case the two maniac comes after me… then who is going to look after you?'

I pick up my coat and Christian follows me

'Look after me? Who is going to look after you?'

'Noo.. ' I started locking the door, 'You need looking after.. you were the one got knocked out and left in the garage for someone to rescue.'

We continued our banter until we reach Burger House.

'You feel like burger?'

'No.. I feel like Ana… I want to eat burger.'

'Anastasia… you are soooo… argh.'

'You are so argh…' I caught Taylor laughing at us.

In the mid of our lunch, Christian's phone buzzes. I throw the napkin on the table.

'What now?' I ask irritated.


'What? How? Fine…' He ends the call and looks frustrated.


'Ana... let's go home'

'What happen?'

'Tell you in the car.'

On the way to ESCALA, 'Anastasia, Jack has been sighted near SIP and he had broke into Grey House. Guards caught him but he manage to escape and later seen near SIP trying to get in. when the patrol police approached, he ran away.'

'How can he break into GreyHouse? It is so secured!'

'Welch is working on it.'

We reach ESCALA and we duck into the reception from the car because it has started raining. After showering, I slip into Christian's t shirt and my yoga pants and walk to the study.

'Just track them and get them! What do you mean by you can't trace them! You guys are trained army and they can give a slip to you… Stop being ridicules. I want them behind the bars.' The phone flies to the wall and shatters into pieces.

'What happen?'

'Jack and Leila keeps on giving a slip and she has a gun. I just hate it. Why are we having so much of problem around us.'

'Your baggage!'

'Anas…' I crush my lips on him. After a wonderful session, I drifted into sleep.

I hear the piano and check the clock. 4 am. Gosh he is on the piano worrying about everything. I get up and I saw a black figure walking pass the door through the balcony. I rub my eyes and there is no one. I get up to inspect the balcony and the door is closed. I dismiss it … mind plays game when you are tired.

'Christian… '

Christian finishes his final line and ends the music.

'Why are you awake?'

'You were not there? I came to look for you.'

'Come.. there is no point you think hard about this but you can't solve it. Let the experts do their work and you rest. Come…'

'I don't know Anastasia… I am just getting tired of all this. Can't people just leave us alone?'

'I have been asking the same thing.'

We enter the room and I feel a chill. I feel someone is in the room. Then we hear glass breaking in the bathroom. I turn to Christian alarmed and Christian picks the bedside telephone.

'There is someone in my room!' he hiss.

And the bathroom door opens…

'Oh my god!'