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'Anastasia!' Christian burst into the ER room yelling my name.

'Christian! Do not run around or yelling around ER rooms! You are disturbing others.' Grace scolds Christian like a child.

'What is wrong with Anastasia.' He asks without moving his eyes away from me.

'Nothing! She is perfectly fine. Not even a scratch.' Grace informs him but worry is evident on his face.

'Then why is she at ER?' he questions while moving closer.

'Checkup. The car that she rode in took the hit at the back. She was thrown forward and hit the passenger seat head rest. I have to make sure there is no internal injury around her spine.' Grace says after finish examining my spine.

'Anastasia, who did this?' he raises his voice. He is gripping his palm so hard that his knuckles has turned white.

'Christian! For heaven's sake! Would you be quiet for a while!' and I can help laughing at both of them but the giggling caused my head to hurt and I flinched. Grace looks at me with concern but I shook my head slowly indicating nothing is wrong.

'Christian, I am fine.' I smile at him.

'Alright Ana, you are fine, but I am giving you some pain killers in case you get some pain later on.' Grace says and gets ready to leave the room.

'Mom! Why…'

'Christian! Anastasia is fine and I am just giving her the painkillers as pre-caution.' Grace raises her voice. She continues, 'Stop worrying Christian.'

Christian sits beside me holding me around my shoulder.

'What happened Anastasia?' he asks after Grace leaves us.

'We were on our way to SIP and just one block away, a car hit us and I hit my head at the front headrest. Then I didn't know what happened after that. When I opened my eyes, Luke was sprinkling water on my face.' I can only remember that much and the rest is very blurry.

'Thank god nothing happened to you.' Christian lets go a huge breath. I lean against the soft pillow and try to replay the entire incident.

'How bad is the damage to the car?' suddenly it strikes me.

'You bloody worry about the fucking car? Anastasia! Jesus, I am here fucking worrying about your safety and you are asking about the car?' Christian yells.

'Christian! It is just a damn accident. Why are you getting so worked up?'

'Anastasia! The entire Seattle knows Christian Grey's car and no one dares to knock my car.'

'Christian, accident happens. Hundreds of accident happens at Seattle and who actually cares if it is Christian Grey's car?'

'Anastasia, I will get to the bottom of this!' and he zones out with his hand phone barking some instruction on tracing some car number.

I dozed off as the medications kicks in.

'Taylor, I want to know who is the owner of the car which hit Anastasia this morning.'

'Yes Mr Grey.'

'Sawyer, I want every detail of the accident.'

'Three blocks from SIP, a green Hummer started following us. At first I thought it was a random car. But they were following too close and I tried to lose them but they manage to keep up and as I made the turn one block away, the hit the rear end pretty hard and drove off, Sir.'

'Number plate?'

'I have informed Taylor and I believe the message is conveyed to Welch for tracking Sir.'

'Yes sir, I have informed Welch and he is tracking sir.' Just as Taylor finishes his sentence, his phone rings and Taylor says, 'Welch, sir.'

I turn my attention to Sawyer while Taylor is on the phone.

'Sawyer, how bad was the hit?'

'Sir, the angle they hit us looked like they were trying to hit the back door where Ms Steele was seated but since I was in evasive driving mode, I was swaying and the drive only manage to hit the bumper but it was the hard hit. One of the air bag was released due to the impact sir.'

'Mr Grey,' Taylor calls me. I turn my attention to him.

'It was a rented car sir. Welch has got his face and is running face recognition to find out who it is. His primary suspect would be hired hit man sir.'

'Why would someone wants to hurt Anastasia?'

'Sir, the engagement news is out everywhere sir. There is a threat for Ms Steele. I was arranging for the securities for Ms Steele but never thought the threat would be this soon. I am sorry Sir.'

'It is not your fault Taylor. So what precautions have you taken to up the security for Anastasia?'

'Mr Grey, I have received two threatening letters addressed to Ms Steele since midnight till this morning, both written by an unknown person and both are murder threat. I have sent the letters to Welch for fingerprint detection and handwriting matching with a database that Welch has access to from the secret services.'

'Two threats? In less than 12 hours?' I whisper. It is ridicules.

'Yes Mr Grey. We are looking at a very serious situation sir.' Taylor's voice is deathly quiet and he gets into this mode when the situation is very critical and dangerous.

'Is there any suspect?'

'Not yet sir, the handwriting matching will take some time sir.'

'Taylor, why didn't you inform me about this earlier?'

'Sir, I tried to inform you this morning but you were on the conference call between Ros and Singapore. I decided to handle the matters and report to you once you are done with the meeting this morning.'

'Alright. What have you done so far?' I trust Taylor and I believe he will do the best for Anastasia. He has always cared for Anastasia like a daughter.

'I have recruited additional security at SIP. I have screened and shortlisted Mr Dawson. Dawson will work with Sawyer as a team and they will be with Ms Steele all the time. I have arranged for an interview session with you today Sir. I started screening for another security after Ms Kavanagh was kidnapped.'

'Good thinking Taylor. When is he arriving?'

'Today at five sir. I have informed Andrea to include the interview in your calendar sir. NDA is signed sir.'

'What is his background?'

'Sir, he was with CIA based in New York and he left CIA few months ago after 12 years of service. He lost his family in a plane crash and he is looking for a change in location.'

'Alright. Let Anastasia be here till I get back from the meeting. Sawyer, stay here with Anastasia all the time. Don't leave her alone, AT ALL!' I stress my last word.

I enter Anastasia's room and she has fallen asleep. A small bruise on her forehead is now visible. Should be from the impact. I just need to get the bastard who did this to her behind bars. I run my fingers along her jaws and she stirs and opens her eyes. She smiles warmly.

'Anastasia… how are you feeling?'

'I feel better. When can I leave the hospital?'

'Today evening Anastasia. I will pick you up. I am arranging for extra security for you. Taylor says after the engagement announcement, he did expect threat, but not murder threat.'

Anastasia's eyes widens in fear.

'What do you mean by murder threat Christian?' her voice is barely a whisper.

'I am sorry Anastasia.'

'Christian, I know the risk being with you. We have gone through it before.'

'That was while you were my girlfriend. You are my fiancée Anastasia, there might be some psychopaths out there who don't want you in my life.'

'Christian, nothing will scare me away.'

'Rest,Anastasia. I will see you this evening. Stay safe.'

Murder threat? I know my fifty comes with a very heavy baggage but I never expected a murder threat. Kate was kidnapped, but that was nothing to do with Kate… it was aimed to me. Why am I attracting all this threats? Danger? Am I a disaster magnet?

'Ms Steele, your lunch.' A nurse breaks my thoughts.


'Yes Ms Steele. I will bring in your medications later.'

'Thank you.'

After lunch and medicines, I dozed off until Christian wakes me up. As I open my eyes, I saw the sun setting and the sky is colored in beautiful orange and purple color.

'How are you feeling Anastasia?'

'Good Christian. I feel so rested.'

'We can go home.'

'Alright.' As I get up, I lost my balance and almost fall down. Christian holds me and steadies me.

'What is wrong Anastasia?'

'Maybe because I was on the bed the whole day, so I feel a little light headed.'

'Are you sure. Do you want to stay here over night?'

'No Christian. Please take me home.'

'Alright. I will inform my mother that I am taking you home. Give me a minute.' With that he is out of my room.

Hmmmm a murder threat. Simply because I am engaged to Christian. I can be anyone… the troll Elena, Leila or any of the other 14 subs, or any girl who has a deep crush and now crushed after the announcement of engagement. I know Christian won't take this easily. He will definitely up the security till it suffocates me. I walk towards the window and it is overlooking the parking area of the hospital. There are paparazzi's lurking and waiting to get a picture of us.

'Don't worry about the paparazzi's Anastasia. We will be leaving from the doctor's parking which is located at the basement of the hospital, hidden away from the paparazzi's.'

'Christian… I am worried. You said about…' but Christian places his finger on my lips shutting me down.

'Anastasia… don't worry. I will take care. I will keep you safe. Trust me.'

We exit the hospital through the basement parking and we managed to avoid the paparazzi. Taylor dropped us off through the service elevator and we rode up in silence. As I enter the main door, a delicious taste of chicken soup fills my nostrils.

'That is a beautiful smile…' Christian says.

'The soup smells divine. I am feeling hungry.'

'Didn't the hospital gave you lunch, Anastasia?'

'Wasn't tasty… I am so used to Gail's cooking, now nothing taste as good as her cooking.'