'Oh My God!'

There is a beautiful frame carved from one wood with the picture taken on my graduation.

My graduation day where I agreed to be Christian's sub is the day I signed the damn stupid contract.

'Anastasia… I really want this with you. I hope you are happy with the revised contract.'

I have really fallen for him and for me to be with him is by signing this contract. I will sign now and later I will pull him out from his darkness I promise to myself.

'Alright, Christian. I will sign it. I will send it to you when I see you.'

'I will come to you tonight. I will see you before leaving to Seattle.'

After meeting my father, who thinks that Christian, is my boyfriend – thanks to Kate – Christian left from graduation. Later that night, he came to the apartment with the contract. After signing, I see that his face is relieved and he had a contented smile.

'Please come out for awhile Ana..'

I followed him out and there is at Audi hatchback in red.

'This is my graduation present for you Ana… stop driving your car.'

Huh.. Why?

'My dad bought the car for me.'

'Your dad agreed with me on this car. I have told your dad that I am getting you a new car and disposing the old one and he is all with me on this. No argument.'

'But Christian!'

'Anastasia… as a sub you should just accept what I give. If you argue, I will punish you.'

Damn this man is frustrating. 'Thank you sir.'

'That is more like it. I am leaving to Seattle now. Taylor will come tomorrow to dispose your car. He will get at good price. I will see you at my place on Sunday.'

With that he left to Seattle leaving me like an idiot at my door step.

Looking at the graduation picture, the bitter thought came back. Picking up the photo, there is note beneath.

Anastasia…. I know what I did is wrong…totally unacceptable but these three days have been living hell for me. You have been haunting my dreams. Please come back to me Anastasia. You may dictate your terms… but I need you.

What game is he playing? Me dictating my terms…. This man does not know what love is. I loved him and he failed to see it while being with me. Now … and the entry phone buzz. I wonder who?


'Ms Steele, Taylor'

I let him in. He knocks at my door and he looked relieved when I opened the door.

'Yes Taylor… I thought you were suppose to be with Christian due to the threat?'

'Yes Ms Steele but Mr Grey asked me to drop this box to you.'

'What the hell is this?' I could not help my sarcasm.

'Ms Steele, please see the content.'

'No Taylor… Please take this back. I don't want anything from him.' I forced Taylor out of my doorstep with the box and close the door. What I did not realize is I kept on holding on to the graduation photo. It is too late now. I walk to my room and drop on my bed with the photo in hand.

There were moments where Christian laughs and jokes with me. He was carefree but when it comes to his playroom – he became uncontrollable. He was in need of the control. He feels relieved when he hits me. It was like his stress was lifted from his shoulder after every session.

I sat on my bed analyzing every situation where he hit me.

Leila's incident – my safety was threatened – I was hit

Jack's incident – my safety was threatened – I was hit

Followed by unidentified individual – my safety was threatened – I was hit

Lost big business deal – Christian's lost – I was hit

Rolling eyes + defying + ignoring – my mistakes – hit or spank (not painful)

Elena threatening letter - my safety was threatened – I was hit – I walked out!

That's it! I was punished for not taking care of myself. But how can he do that. It was not my mistakes. None of it was my mistake but analyzing further – Christian can't control the situation so he turns to something that he can control – which is me. So he hits me.

It is still unacceptable Steele. Don't be stupid to accept his damn apologies

Yah… you are right. He should find his own way to relieve his stress rather than taking it on me. I just slept off with my work clothes crying my heart out because I miss him a lot.

After having my tea, I busied myself with the manuscripts. The photo that Christian sent me yesterday was on my dresser and the picture kept popping into my head making me lose my concentration. I just need to find a better way to forget him. I always believed in a saying – 'Old habits die hard'

BDSM is a habit he has since he was 15 and can he just come out of it. I know it is not possible. While dwelling on these thoughts suddenly I hear some commotion outside my office. I open my door and I saw Christian standing there talking to Hannah.

What the hell he wants! He turns and sees me and gives a big smile.

'Good morning Ms Steele' and he shakes my hand. While shaking he squeezes my hand softly which brought memories of his hand on me. Damn this man.

'Good morning Mr Grey. How can I help you?'

He smiles with wicked eyes. I bloody know what he is thinking. He can dream on me helping him like how I use to.

'I was just visiting and having meeting with the management team on restructuring.'

'IC. Have a nice day Mr Grey.' I want to dismiss him.

'Indeed I intend to. See you very soon Ms Steele.'

That's it. I think I should just leave this damn company. After he walks away, Hannah passes me an envelope. My guess is it's from Christian. I enter my room and opened the envelop and after reading it, my hands were shivering.

'This can't be happening' I whispered.