As soon as Fury fell, Bit sat down on the ground. The demon was turning back into his human form. And he really didn't look too happy about losing.

"How can I lose to a group of pathetic humans?" Fury asked himself, "I am a mighty demon who's slain many over my long life. So why am I now the one facing my death once again? And at the hand of the same two warriors, no less."

Bit told him, "You lost because you gave in to evil. Remember, you were born in a human body. But you gave in to your demon's power, and it consumed you. If you'd just have stayed as Xavier Alexandria instead of becoming Fury, you would have survived."

Suddenly, the fortress began to shake. Fury began to laugh as the warriors wondered what was going on. "When this fortress falls, It'll take all of you with it. I won't have to perish alone, you will all die with me." With that, he took his last breath and died.

"We've got to get out of here or we're all monster pancakes," commented Bit.

"No time for jokes," chided Leena, "Let's return to the entrance. Luna should be waiting for us, and we can blow this Popsicle Stand."

* * *

After what seemed like an eternity of running, the warriors arrived at the exit. As expected, they saw Luna flying around in the air near the fortress. The dragon settled her tail on the floor and motioned for them all to get on. Together they watched the fortress sink into the depths of the ocean, where it would hopefully stay buried forever.

"Finally, it's all over," whispered Leena.

* * *

After landing in Vilyane to give the report, and pick up Harry and the Lightning Squad they all boarded the dragon again for the ride to Jatiran. The king was pleased at all of the warriors' hard work that he rewarded them handsomely. Brad had gigantic dollar signs lighting up his eyes at the sight of all the money.

Then Luna began taking everyone home. Leon, Harry, Jack and the Taskers were easy, they just stayed in Jatiran, although Bit and Leena were going along since Luna only listened to either one of them. Then, she dropped off Jamie and Fara. Next, she took Naomi and Brad to a popular mercenary hangout where they began to look for a new job-the war was over so Jatiran had no need for mercenaries. Finally, she took Julianna back to the Village of Berserkers. But surprisingly, she told her grandfather that she wanted to go to Jatiran to be with Leon. So she was taken back there right before Luna made one last stop for Bit and Leena.

They stopped off at Jager Village. In the past sixteen years, it had completely rebuilt. Bit ran into the village, hoping to be recognized. Surprisingly, he was.

"So you have returned Garreth. You look so like your father," stated the elder, "But what has become of your brother Xavier."

"Dead," replied Bit.

The priest said, "May the boy rest in peace."

Bit didn't say anything. He suspected the priest knew who Fury really was, but didn't want to upset the elder. So he decided not to bring it up. He introduced Leena to the people of the village, even though he was just meeting them himself, and went to visit his parents' grave. There he laid a yellow rose, his mother's favorite flower, and said a prayer.

The next day, as they prepared to go, he heard a voice calling out his name. Bit turned to see Scott running up the path to the village. "Bit, I heard from Princess Sara that you were born in this village, so I decided to come visit you. How was your adventure?"

"Just fine," Bit replied, "But I'm not staying in this village. I have to return to Jatiran with Leena, since I am her bodyguard."

"Do you love the girl? If so, you really should tell her," Scott chided.

Bit replied, "I have told her. But I don't think I'm quite ready for marriage yet. Neither does Leena. We plan to wait about a year or two, and make sure our love is still there. Last thing we need is to realize that we made a mistake, and we weren't meant to be more than friends. I wouldn't want to make Leena miserable."

"Still.don't forget to show her how you feel. Otherwise, you just might be the one to cause your love to fade away into obscurity," commented Scott.

* * *

Of course, Bit's love for Leena never did fade. He eventually proposed to her about three years later over a candlelight dinner. They were married in a splendid fashion a year after the proposal. By then, Bit and Leena were twenty years old. Everyone they'd met on their adventures came to the wedding, like the famous heroes before them.

Jamie and Fara had been married for about a year before this, and Brad and Naomi were still preparing theirs. The only ones without plans were Leon and Julianna. But that soon changed. While enjoying a beautiful dinner at Bit and Leena's reception, Leon got down on one knee, and proposed to her. Everyone in the whole hall clapped when this happened.

The only person in this story who was not happy was Harry. He was being forced to marry a Vilyane noblewoman in order for his father to get in with the higher ups of Vilyane. In doing this, the merchant hoped to increase his profit tenfold. But Harry hadn't wanted to marry any girl but Leena. He ended up spending the rest of his life completely miserable, at his own doing.

They say that love is quite a funny thing. It has the power to quell evil demons, wake sleeping princesses, and control someone who went in too deep. But on the flipside, it can be used to heal the pain of our worldly existence. And in the case of these two young warriors, their love was able to bring peace to a world in utter turmoil.

- - - -

Well, as usual, I'd like to thank a few people. First, the makers of Zoids for the characters I'm borrowing (all but Julianna, Fara, Scott and Fury to some extend are theirs). Second, to the makers of Slayers, since I went a little postal with the Slayers refs in this story. Third, Squaresoft for the little Xenogears bit I added in, as well as some of the Final Fantasy twists. Fourth, to any other anime and RPG creators that I borrowed twists from, but forgot their names. And finally, to my best friend Dan, who got me into Zoids in the first place. Good luck in college Dan.