Author Note: I own this story, not Love Hina created by Ken Akamatsu.

This story takes place years after the end of Love Hina. It will involve the son of Keitaro and Naru, the son of Kanako Urashima and nephew of Keitaro and Naru, and a new generation of residents; some of which are related too original characters. Every Chapter will have a character or two's biographies. Ian 'Shima' Urashima Age: 18 Gender: Male Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue The son of Keitaro and Naru. He is someway ways like his father. He's good at drawing, Archaeology, doesn't like seeing people in trouble, and is honest (though it's mostly a bad thing). He's different in good and bad ways. He gets nervous around girls and just ends up mad at them, has his mother's temper, is good in school as he appears stupid in everything else, and picks his own fights. Rina McDougal Age: 18 Gender: Female Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green.

The daughter of Sarah Mcdougal. Her mother and her lived in the Hinata House all their life. She's developed a habit of making people's life miserable just like her mom. The pranks including putting socks filled with goo on Ian's feet when he's sleeping and nailing the sock into the floor, sending her snow leopard Toru on him when he's outside, making fake letters usually leading him too one of the girls room and getting beat up. Unlike the other girls; what she does too him is out of curiosity over how Ian does things and it impresses her.

Love Hina Bara

Chapter 1: Beginning of Hinata!

A young man is sweeping the floors in a restaurant solely using his right hand and uses his left hand to wipe sweat off his forehead. It is the first day of Summer, yet it already feels like the hottest day of the year. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing a black biker uniform his boss let him wear, blue khaki shorts, and black sneakers. Other noticeable features were the cuts and bruises all over his face, restless leg syndrome in his left leg, and a golden ring on his index finger.

" Ian," old raspy voice called behind. " There's a letter for you."

Ian got too excited—tripped on the broom. He fell on a table. A bulky and brutal faced man was on that table, and wasn't keen on Ian breaking his pitcher of beer. A Man with short gray ivy hair, large choppers, blue jacket and jeans, no eyebrows. Ian slightly sobered from falling. Noticed his undoing. Creeping his head up, seeing the bulky gritting his teeth too him, tried making an impression, smiled.

" Ah…. Tabs on me," Ian hastily replied.

Man didn't care about the money. He grabbed Ian, trying to run away, and brought him closer to his face. Ian could feel the booze leaking out his mouth.

" Know how ya can't drop the soap in prison?" buffoon of a man teased. " Never mess with the devil."

" You're not the devil," Ian replied. "Your practice." Ian smacked his head back. Behind of his head hurt the man's mouth as he dripped blood out. Ian grabs his broom and dustpan. Man counter's with a jab attempt. Ian blocks it with the dustpan, and smacks him on the head using the broom.

" Ahhh!" More voices yelled in the restaurant.

Ian backed up. Dozens of other people encircled him, panting, fists raised up. Ian could take them down easily. Heard his termination:

"STOP!" Ian's boss yelled from far away.

Everyone ducked. All on the ground, hands on their heads, and shaking. Ian felt boss's cold breath on the back of his neck. He was paralysed. He knew: Boss isn't someone you tick off.

Ian turned to his boss, Mr. Fisher. An elderly man, tubby, white muscle suit, gray pleated pants, short white hair out his head, armpits drenched with lots of sweat, amber eyes, and large white mustache under his chin.

Mr. Fisher squeezed Ian's left shoulder, belabored, worried, said, " Am taking you out of this."

Ian pushed his hand away, angry, said, " I don't need your help."

" Am not helping you. We go; we'll be in deep shit. Besides, there's something for you."


Ian sat in Mr. Fishers office. Ian was anxious. It's been a year since he's left home, was living in a rundown apartment on his own, and worked at Fishers Pub for $11 an hour.

Mr. Fisher held his left hand out, holding a red envelope, saying, " This is for you. Keep your head up when reading. I want to see the look on your face."

Ian opened the top of the envelope. Reading….

Dear Ian

I've recently retired from Archeology. Me and your mother finally get too spend all day together; we can't run the Hinata House.

Am entrusting it too you. Congratulations, Ian. Here's some words of advice before you enter. You'll meet Daisuke at the entrance. Keys are in a fake rock scattered in a pile of rocks you'll need to enter the house. And whatever you do…. Don't go anywhere without Daisuke.

A little fatherly advice. The first woman you see naked in the house…. Usually is the one you'll spend the rest of your life with. Can't say more. Am writing this out loud, and your mother's coming to "talk" sense into me.

With Eternal Love, Dad.

Ian couldn't believe his eyes. Management. The one thing he's ever dreamed of. A task, giving too him by his father, examined letter of "Love"…. Crumbled it up. Ian made a lazy attempt to score the paper in a trash can behind, however, missed it by an inch.

Mr. Fisher leaned forward, left eyebrow raised up, goofy grin on his face, saying, " Thus I've done my end of the bargain. Get-back-to-work."


Closing time at Fishers Pub. Drunks, roughens, wealthy businessmen, and tubby-obese men walked out. Ian and Mr. Fisher were the last one's too leave.

Ian explained his situation too Mr. Fisher. He was making a temporary leave of absence. Mr. Fisher understood. He was once young. Also, had a wife and children to look after. However; made their last farewell speeches.

" Here," Mr. Fisher said, handing a 19th century blackwood box. " These are our finest bottles of wine. Generations old. You need them more than I. Miss's wants me 'clean'.

Ian took the box away, both hands holding it by the sides, held it close to his chest, acknowledging the kind gesture, " Thank you, sir. I just need to sort things out. I'll be back working before you know it."

" I thought you were getting a new job? You ask me, that doesn't sound like a bad place to work."

" Sir, will you please not tempt me, Mr. Fisher. I've already sworn myself too working with you, sir."

" That's nice to hear, theoretically. Good-bye and good luck…. Ian 'Shima' Urashima."

Ian had a cellphone. He received a text from his relative Daisuke. Ian was less than keen on working at the Hinata Household. He had many non-fond memories of listening to his dad working there. Never learned what type of house he ran, however, heard they allowed "specific" types of people live there.

Ian came up to the stairs of the house. Came up too his cousin Daisuke. Daisue had short-trimmed raven black hair, hazel eyes, wearing a white school uniform with a with a black tie, black groomed school pants, and open-toed beige brown sneakers.

" Daisuke, you bastard!" Ian called from far away. " Come over here, and give me a brotherly hug, man!"

Ian teased his cousin. Ian knew how bodily contact made Daisuke sick at the very thought. However, Ian was intrigued on seeing how much Daisuke's changed. They haven't spoken in three years. However, not much changed in appearance for Daisuke besides his height.

Daisuke showed his true colors: Bookworm. A small black leather notebook and an actual crow's feather with black ink on its tip. Daisuke used his quill too write in the book, consistently. Said while avoiding eye contact:

" Keys were taken care of for now. Do with them as you please."

Daisuke had unimaginably amazing throwing skills. Pitch the keys like a baseball behind his back—threw them right at Ian—knocking him right into the ground. Ian tried catching his breath, keys hit his windpipe.

" Augh. Erm…. L-little help, please."


Ian and Daisuke were in the lobby. His father recently made some redecorating. He added a green velvety polyester sofa, glass chandelier hanging above, expensive china plates in a visible glass door trophy case, and an HD TV against the wall. Almost everything Ian heard about the lobby remained intact.

" Well, this is where we'll start our tour," Daisuke said in a formal fashion. " Now, we should begin with the –"

" Wooh," Ian interjected Daisuke's information. " First things first. Where is the hot springs. I could use some relaxation.


Ian found one of the many hot springs and decided to relax in it, undressing (took his clothes off before getting into the swimming shorts)

He swam deeper and deeper into the water…. Then he found something unusual, a cave near rocks. Daisuke was "watching" him at the time. Daisuke instead kept reading words in his black notebook, sitting on a rock, cross legged. Ian wanted to inspect the cave and journeyed inside it

" Bad move, cousin," Daisuke thought too himself. " May they have mercy on your soul.



Ian tried to get out of the building. A crazy blonde-haired girl was chasing him. He rushed through the corridors fast as his legs could move. " GOTTA GO! GOTTA GO! HELL, BITCHES BE CRAZY!"

Ian stumbled and landed face first between something soft…And squishy… And round… And there were two of them… Ian lifted his head up and saw another face. A females. " Erm…" A pale young woman with blue, black-streaked hair and wearing a tight shirt, pants, and shoes, all black, stares at the intruder with an un-amused look on her face. " I don't know who you are, or why you are here…" She begins in a monotone voice. " … But I would really appreciate it if you get your face out of my cleavage, you perv…" She then grabs Ian by the face, and threw him behind her back.

Ian hit the wall behind face first. He made a quick recovery as his legs touched the ground. " Stop him!" Blonde haired girls voice yelled behind. " That pervert watched me in the hot springs!"

" He's a rapist!" Other girl yelled.

" Leave everything to me," Another girls voice said left of Ian. He had a glimpse of her. Also his age, long silver hair, tanned, wearing silver button pyjama's, and comfy white rabbit slippers on her feet. She used both hands to carry a heavy piece of machinery…

" Is that a motherfucking RPG!" Ian screeched. " They've got kids with motherfucking RPGs!?" Machine made a loud BZZZ. Ian knew that was never a good sign. Made a absence of leave—

" Shoot him, Kimza!" Blonde haired girls voice yelled. Ian practically dissolved into clouds. He escaped fast enough for cotton clouds too appear in his place. Ran the other way, however, machine had been fired. Ian ducked into another door.

All he saw was darkness. He heard an explosion. Ian heaved from his mouth. Thought the worse was over, however, it had just begun. Something soft touched him on the cheeks. Whatever it was, seduced him. " Well, well," Sexy brogue of a woman said behind him. " I've been looking for a Human Vibrator."

" Gyah!" Ian felt woman's legs walking on top of his broad shoulders. He'd felt the gentle touch of a woman; became overly angry. He just wanted to yell, " Get off me!" Woman took that as a challenge. Having his blood boil, teeth gritting, saw a woman's face.

Person also blonde. Wearing a cheerleaders outfit of white and red, pon-pon's held by both her arms, and characoal eyes. " You're my vibrator. I could use a nice Zing. Tell out your wood, now!" She'd fallen, Ian ran out the door, seeing another door, and him opening it and going inside.

Whole room was blank. " What in the world." All there was were white walls, and a woman. One who's tri-tailed black hair breezed despite no air, sitting by a bamboo tree, and found her humming too herself. " Hello. How are you doing?"

" Fine." Woman seemed different from all other girls. They'd hurt him over being a man; reasons he was never told. Looked at the girl, seeing her meditating, smiled.

" You should probably leave. Four girls are coming after me."

" They'll take 5 minutes at the most," Girl said in a emotionless tone. " They'll scream at you, you'll scream back, they'll sick Toru our snow leaopard on you, and… The one who loves you the most will save you from leopards end."

" How do you know—" woman raised her hands up. She'd stopped Ian midsentence. " You've 4 minutes in counting. My names Chazona. There's nothing in the world am interested in. It's a shame; I see everything. The whole world, what happens next, and how things really turned out. By the way. Adolf Hitler's actions our family related."

" So… You can see everything?"

Chazona raised her hand in midair, stopping Ian midsentence, saying, " You've got 2 minutes. Our futures will always be pre-set, unless we change it. I on the other hand… Cannot leave this room. I leave… The whole world shall crumble." Chazona made humming noises from her mouth she neglectfully remained silent. She believed not doing anything would divert Ian's attention. First time she's been wrong.

" Look, am pretty much on a limb here. Why are these girls trying to kill me in the first place?"

" You're trespassing."

" Trespassing? How am I the one trespassing?"

" This is an All-Girls Dormitory." Ian comically fell backwards. He was in deep trouble! He should've paid attention to his father's words. Stay close too Daisuke. But, no. It was just him, in a room with a strange girl, about to be attacked. However, he wasn't willing too be hammered. He was his own man.

" Tell me, Chazona. Your saying I survive about a snow leopard?"

" Weeell, that's entirely your decision. You can start… 3…2….1…"

" HE'S IN THERE!" Blonde haired girls voice yelled on the other end. Door too Chazona's room fell down. The snow leopard made his appearance. Body appeared average too an average snow leopard. Irregularity, a bird mark scratch on his right eye. All girls Ian bumped into before made way into the room.

" Oh, shit," Ian cursed loud enough for everyone too hear. " Why does shit always happen too me? Snow leopard snarled too Ian. He immobilized him just by staring. First girl Ian ran into showed up left side of the snow leopard and stroked its fur.

" Ha. Thought you could sneak in here and have a peek, pervert? Well… Am sorry too disappoint you. You're are prisoner!" The blue haired girl walked up too the blue haired one. She poked her on her left arm, worried.

" Don't get overexcited, Rina. ( rubbing face into her left arm) We just have too report him." .

" Are those two lesbians or something? Ian pondered. " Oh, well. I'll got Bigger thing too worry about.`` Ian tried to look almighty. He raised his hands up high and dashed towards the door. Cloud of dust formed right behind him. The girls were all unimpressed by his move.

`` Sick`em Toru,`` All four girls said in unison.

Toru`s growling became more apparent. He hunched over and kept his claws out. Ian froze with the animals ferocious appearance.

`` By the way, Ian. When I say `one who loves you shall save you`,`` Chazona spoke at the worst possible time. I wasn`t referring in the present. You don`t run; you will die.`

``Oh…. Dear.`` Ian stopped running forward. Sprinted fast as he could away from the monster. Snow Leopard chased after him the entire way. All the girls cheered for Toru the leopard. Except for Chazona whom was too busy sleeping.

``That`s the way Toru!`Rina`s loud voice took over Ian`s ears. `` Shred him too pieces!`

`` Not if I can help it!`` Ian took a small wooden baton out his pockets. He reared his weapon back, and smacked the rampaging beast by hitting his head. He`d fallen back.

Ian stood over the wounded animal. Presence of Ian infuriated the cat. Both males growled at each other. All four girl`s stared at them as if they were nut jobs. Toru the snow leopard made his pounce—Ian shoved the baton in his mouth at the last second. Snow leopards attitude changed too biting on the piece of wood.

`` What are you doing?! Eat him!"—Rina.

Ian's ulterior was usually clumsy. He felt a flow of energy surging right inside his body. Pulled his free arm back—punched the cat squarely on his right cheek. The poor creature fell over.

Every girl were shocked by Toru's downfall, and for different reasons. Rina feared her pet's health. Second one never thought he could hit a leopard. Third one by how a non-machine could do such a thing. Fourth was fervidly excited over the outcome.

" Grrr… Yui!(Blue haired) Help me get Toru up. We'll take him down a—"

" That's enough!" Daisuke's voice yelled behind the girls. Daisuke walked right in(reading book) the room, one step at a time, and making way for the large snow leopard in front of him. Daisuke kneeled down, feeling his neck for a pulse, still reading from booklet. " Vital signs are normal. He just needs a little rest."

Every girl sighed in relief, however, not Rina. She continued glaring at Ian.

" Daisuke-senpai. Who's that ignorant man?"

Daisuke lifted his head up, seeing the worked up simpleton, said clear enough for everyone to hear, " Ian 'Shima' Urashima. He is going to be your new landlord.