Ian finally woke up. He was staring at the sight of shorts up to a girl's navel. It wasn't a girl though. It was Goro, the coolest and horniest of his friend, snapping his fingers in his face.

" Wake up!"


Inside the Hinata House all its inhabitants were doing their normal duties. Rina and Yui were trying to clean up the kitchen; impossible. Goro was outside, obviously, trying to get Ian inside. And no one saw Naru, Mutsuni, or Kaollu
since Daisuke and Mr. Bianchi went upstairs.

Ichigo and Nikki were sitting on a couch. Ichigo was working his mojo on her. Ichigo was ready for some smooth talking.


" I'm keeping something very powerful under my trousers. You want to check. I have a coupon with gin with your name on it."

* Nikki's Imagination*

Nikki was in a eighteenth century ball, with Daisuke. A masquerade ball. There was dancing. Daisuke was wearing sexy glasses. There was something about men in glasses that aroused Nikki. He-was-so-HOT! Daisuke took Nikki's hand with his fingerless glove and walked her towards the ball.

Nikki and Daisuke were dancing. The moment the masquerade people saw Nikki and Dasiuke dance they placed a slow kind of music. The music was without words and just kept singing three notes over and over again. But to Nikki they were three notes of wonder-he got to spend every moment with Daisuke.

" It's a good thing my ancestor's found a fun way to burn off those calories," Daisuke said to Nikki. Daisuke had a happy smile on his face.

Daisuke pulled Nikki's hand out. Daisuke twirled Nikki around. Nikki's head fell flat against Daisuke's chest. Daisuke was rubbing his hand through Nikki's hair. She could feel Daisuke's breath against her face. The whole floor transformed
into a lake.

From the puddle wet amoeba's appeared. The amoebas were split into two pairs. Each one looked like Nikki and Daisuke, and they all appeared to be dancing with each other. Nikki noticed fish swimming through the lake. She could see the fish glowing under the pond. It was magical.


" Hello, H-Hello. Babe, are you still going to blow me off?"

Ichigo heard the sound of knocking.

Ichigo sighed. It was obvious Ian and Goro. Ichigo heard the sound of knocking again. Ichigo walked up to the door and swung it open.

It wasn't Ian and Goro.

But Ichigo was in deep shit. So deep shit. The person staying behind the door, not only older and much more mature than him, was also the person who could kill him, again.

" Oh crap."