" I'm sorry, but we're going to have to resolve this matter at another time."

" What seems to be the problem?"

" It's one of my residents. They don't seem to be getting along with Hinata House's former resident. I'll be cursory about this matter. For the time being I want you to stay in here and brainstorm a way to get past my pieces. And don't try to cheat. I remember everything on this board."

" Mamma-Mia. Wouldn't it just be easier to quit the game now and call it a draw?"

" Careful. Kids don't like to stop a game until they're done, or when they're bored."


Daisuke walked down the stairs of the second floor to the first floor. At the bottom he saw the old residents of the Hinata House and the New Residents, and Gero, watching something outside. Daisuke paced up to the front door and saw Motoko clashing with her daughter Kaeda.

" I'm not going to ask how this happened," Daisuke said rubbing his face. " But I'm sure it had something to do with you two." Daisuke said pointing his fingers at Ian and Ichigo—the accused victims.

He didn't even ask about Hiro. He didn't even notice her. Kimza walked up to Daisuke and hugged his leg. If anyone got too close to Daisuke, Nikki Heat, she was prepared to maim them.

" We didn't do anything. Honest" Said Ian.

" Yeah" Said Ichigo. " Kaeda just attacked her mother. It's like she's under some kind of spell."

" So Kaeda started this fight? Good."

" Good?!" Everyone in the house said at the same time.

" Yes, good. There's no way Kaeda can defeat Motoko. I watched Kaeda's progression through the lens of the camera's all over this house."

" Daisuke, creepy," Naru whispered to Mugumi who nodded her head.

" I expected the daughter of the greatest samurai woman in all of Japan to progress to the point she could swing a sword as proficiently as her. I was wrong. Kaeda is not like her mother. She has feelings."

" What kind of feelings?" Su asked.

" She is nostalgic. She has overwhelming happiness, a euphoric transcendent state which she is overwhelmed by happiness and delight and unaware of anything else. I thought through those emotions she'd give up on taking revenge against her mother, but it appears now that's unpreventable. The grudge in Kaeda's heart is smudged."

" What do we do?" Yui said.

" We do nothing." Daisuke walked on the porch of the Hinata House, pulled out a lawn chair, sat the lawn chair down and sat down with his small notebook and his quill. " Motoko is a better sword fighter than Kaeda in every way."

" She's going to kill Kaeda!" Ian shouted.

" Don't be absurd, idiot cousin. Motoko is not a killer. Never in her life has she killed anyone. Keitaro, no. Her sister, no. Her lover, no. Her sensei's, no. The people she works with, no. The people she worked against, no. Evil spirits…"

" Yes. What evil spirits?" Ian shook Daisuke's shoulder as he pondered. " What about evil spirits. Come on Daisuke, cousin, say something!"

" Requiem."

" What?"

" Requiem. Requiem is a Catholic service for the dead. Catholic mass held to offer prayers for somebody who has died. What if…what if Kaeda went to one of those Requiems? The soul of an evil spirit would have latched itself on the youngest thing it could find. What if it went inside Kaeda."

" Kaeda would know if something went inside her!" Ian shouted. " She's not stupid!"

" Stupid or smart, do you ever have those feelings where you want to kill? Some people call them sociopath's; a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial , often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social…psychopath's; somebody who is regarded as highly antisocial, aggressive, and lacking in empathy…all those people have been brainwashed by an evil spirit."

" So Kaeda has an evil spirit!"

" Not just any spirit. A spirit from Requiem. Some call it the Lord Spirits. They only come down every few years and go inside one host. They're exceedingly powerful and versatile. We must perform an exorcism on Kaeda. First we'll need a priestess."

" Great! Let's get Chazona down here and she can perform the—"

" Chazona is only allowed to leave her room once a month, Ian," Daisuke said. " Even if she was allowed to leave, which she can't because you took her to Vegas, she does not have the power to expel this evil spirit."

" So what happens now?" Keitaro asked.

" Unfortunately Motoko can forget who she's fighting after the first three slashes. And this spirit wants Motoko dead by any means necessary. The only future I see in this is…Kaeda or Motoko…one of them will kill the other."

Motoko and Kaeda continued clashing their swords. Kaeda picked up a nearby chair and tossed it towards Motoko. The chair tumbled towards Motoko's left side missing her by a long shot. Kaeda took this opportunity and rushed Motoko, her sword gleaming. Kaeda slashed at Motoko. Motoko jumped back. Kaeda continued her onslaught of slashes at Motoko.

" Wind Cutter!" shouted Kaeda. She brought her left hand up and slashed air into Motoko's chin. Small drops of blood fell onto the ground. Kaeda brought her other leg up and into Motoko's side. Motoko crumpled to the floor briefly before getting back up.

Motoko slashed her sword at nothing. A wind
storm stronger than Kaeda's blew into her. Kaeda fell straight into the ground. She struggle to her feet but couldn't. The blood dripping from her left arm was making her falter. Despite her being beaten her ambition was urging her on. She was going to kill her mother!

Kaeda managed to get back up onto his feet. Ignoring the pain in Kaeda's arm rushed at her once more. When Kaeda got close enough she bit down into Motoko's arm. Motoko screamed out in pain.

"Let go of my arm you, beast! I am not a human feast!"

Motoko slammed her fist into Kaeda's head. Kaeda let go of Motoko's arm. Kaeda's toothy grin shown.