A Confrontation

by Satin Ragdoll

The young Vulcan woman was just about thrown into the jail cell. It took her two point seven seconds to stabilize herself, and one point three seconds to realize there was another occupant to the cell, and who it was. "Commander Chapel! It is gratifying to see you again. Why are you here? Are you part of our...cause?"

The older human just looked at her, "No, I'm not. I'm here because they think I might be. I might be because I was Cartwright's protege. I might be because I was your friend. Soon enough, hopefully, somebody will figure out that I had nothing to do with this. Frankly, it disgusts me."

Valeris sat primly on the cell bunk, "I did what I believed to be right. The Klingons are not to be trusted. They are all rogues."

Christine leaned forward, "Listen, there's a bunch of things I've learned working in Ops and one of them is this: every species, every species has rogues, heroes, and ordinary people. Humans, Klingons, Vulcans, I don't care. Every species. Kirk is a hero, Spock is a hero, even Gorkon was a hero. You, you're the one who's a rogue. A rogue Vulcan. There was a time I wouldn't have believed it. Live and learn."

Valeris cocked her head, "I am willing to die for what I believe. Are you, Commander?"

Christine glared at her, "I've fought for what I believe a heck of a lot more than you ever have, Missy. You die, some people may see you as a martyr. But to me you're still just a rogue, and a traitorous one as well. You'll die a traitor's death at Rura Penthe."

Valeris raised a brow, "Maybe I will find...friends...there. Surely there will be some who will stand with me."

This caused Chapel to laugh uncontrollably, "You? Friends? On Rura Penthe? Ohhh, honey. You may be Vulcan, but you're petite and you're pretty. Rura Penthe is for the worst of the worst. They will suck you up, chew you to bits, and spit you back out. They will use you up till there is nothing left!"

Valeris' brows drew down in concern, "Is it truly so horrible? I was told I would have allies and aid."

Christine laughed, "Oh, Valeris. You gave up the names of your contemporaries, even if it was forced. Do you think they care how the information was gotten out of you, or would really help you now? I can almost guarantee you that you're on your own. Or even worse, they might decide to take you out."

Valeris' eyes widened, "You believe they would try to kill me?"

Chapel nodded, "Or worse."

The Vulcan woman gave her big, puppy-dog eyes, "You have to help me, Christine!"

Chapel snorted, "Not on your life! You betrayed the Federation, and you've betrayed Spock!" Her eyes narrowed, and Valeris saw the first sharp slap of hate in them, "And for that, I want to wrap my hands around that pretty little Vulcan neck, myself!"

Christine laid down and put her arm across her eyes, "Shush, now. I want to try to sleep." Valeris said nothing else.

Of couse Chapel didn't sleep. Ops had taught her you don't sleep in the same room with your enemy. She had just wanted Valeris to shut up!

It was Valeris who spoke first, "Spock!"

Christine took her arm away, to find Ambassador Spock watching her, and studiously ignoring the Vulcan woman. Valeris tried again, "Spock, I-"

Spock spoke over her, "Christine, you have been cleared. I have arranged your release."

Chapel sighed as the door was unlocked, "Thank Heaven."

As they walked away, Spock spoke to Chapel, "We have much to discuss."

Valeris watched their backs. That one sentence Spock had spoken to Christine had held real warmth. Warmth that used to be directed toward her.

Sitting alone in her cell, Valeris was overcome with regret. Regret, fear, and maybe the tiniest, tiniest bit of hate. Maybe.