All alone in the setting sun.

I raise my little finger up.

"Please remain here, I will come again."

In my room, my heart racing, those words became my light.

I held the beautiful hand that raced through my hair fondly.

Strolling on the sandy path together.

That day remained a fresh memory to me.

Time passes as I live.

I remained where I was, as promised.

But the you I remember lovingly, had changed.

Showing a smile that I never know you had, to a woman I never knew.

It pains me to realize that our worlds have now diverged, our paths divided.

In a room nobody knows about.

Like a peaceful newborn, I remain in a slumber.

So, please call out for me.

As my sole wish and only desire.

At least remember my name.

In this fleeting, contorted world.

"My name is Ajimu Najimi, you may call me Anshin'in-san. And I've always wanted to be... your bride."