In the rays of the morning light, her skin slightly glitters like a diamond. A red diamond. With blood gushing out of her wound as she tried to flee from the vicious snarls and claws of the enemy.

Her extremely dangerous gift has already caused her humility, sadness, anger and betrayal. All that's left is death which she refuse to give up easily. For not only does her gift a rare one, it's also a very destructive and chaotic one.

With her gift, she can start World War 3 that can last forever; she can make extinct volcanoes explode and the sea to form multiple tsunamis.

Though, having a very powerful gift, her body is as fragile as a human's. She can bleed, cry and hurt. She can easily be killed in a battle if she is not ready.

And because of these unusual traits, everybody seems to be repulsed, intimidated or jealous by her presence alone.

But all she can think of is where would she be happy. Her true home must be out there. Somewhere.

A journey of love, life, hurt, family, freedom and success that will take you to an extraordinary experience.


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