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Chapter 8 "Please..."

»Sophia's POV«

I snapped my eyes open.

Looking around, I noticed that I'm in nowhere familiar. Stone walls, old but not dusty books on the shelves, no sunlight and an eerie and creepy vibe...

Then I realized that I'm in the Volturi castle.

But where's Isaac?

I tried to stand up and saw that I'm in a queen sized, elegant bed and that I am not alone.

Oh, shit.

My head snapped to the person sitting lazily on the chair on the right side of the bed.

He had on a pair of black slacks and some kind of royal suit. In black of course. His blood red eyes sent shivers down my spine and his full lips gave me goosebumps. His "Justin Bieber" hair cut was...dare I say it...perfect. No strand out of place.


"Who the hell are you?!" I asked.

The boy...or man...whatever, he looks like 18, scoffed then the next thing I knew, I was gasping for air. He has my neck in his hands, squeezing it lightly for a vampire while pushing me up againts the wall.

"You don't talk to me like that!" he snarled.

Well, this guy is a total douche. He thinks that he's stronger than me just because he's a full vampire and that he's a guy. He IS but it's not like he has a gift like mine.

But before I could even use it on him, a voice interrupted his goal to choke me.

"Alec!" the feminie voice said. "Master Aro wants her alive."

Her voice was ice cold that it made me froze. The boy named Alec let me go, making my butt hit the floor. Hard.

I groaned it pain and stood up.

"What for?" Alec asked in the same cold voice. "She's just a pathetic human!"

The girl, who looks like Alec I think she's his brother, clicked her tongue three times.

"Dear brother," hey, I'm right! I should become a detective! "Does she look or smell like a normal human? I do believe that her scent is something NOT human for it is NOT appetizing at all."

Oh, yeah. I am surely not a normal human, bitch. Wait. A bitch is a female dog. Right? Whatever.

"That's for you, sister." Alec disagreed. "Her blood is as appetizing as a human's for me, Jane! Maybe even a hundred times better!"

Oh. So, Jane is the girl's name... Old. And Classic. But, I'm Alec's singer?! Because that's what it sound like.

"Umm...sorry to interrupt but...I AM HERE you know." I said, ready for whatever their gifts are. They both looked at me with dead looks that gave me the scares. "Uh-oh. I think I shouldn't have said that."

"That's right. You really shouldn't." Alec muttered before charging for my direction. But before he could even get to touch me, he was already floating 3 feet in the air.

"What are you doing to him?!" Jane shrieked then she started staring at me. What the heck is she doing?

My body started to burn very badly. I looked at my body without putting Alec down but there were no flames.

I scream escaped my mouth but I still didn't let Alec go.


Jane scoffed.

"As if you could do that. You're just a weakling." she said.

I let Alec go for a while and tried to focus on the lampshade. A second later it was flaming in the air.

Then the fire in my body was gone.

Thank you, Lord!

I struggled to stand up but suddenly an arm was around my waist. I looked up and saw a familiar set of green eyes.

"Isaac..." I breathed out in relief.

"How did you escaped from Felix?" Jane and Alec asked in unison.

"None of your business." Isaac growled at them before turning to me. "Let's go. I'm sure Aunt Bella and Uncle Edward are looking for you."

"Where do you think you're going?" A kind of gayish voice said from the door way. We turned our heads to the direction of the voice and saw the three "kings" of the Volturi. Aro, Cauis and Marcus. The one who talked was Aro. Hmm...makes sense.

The next minute was chaos for me and Isaac.

We were first separated from each other but we didn't budge. Instead, we both used our gifts to stop them. Isaac tried to paralyze them with lightning while I tried to burn them up. But I guess our control is not really that good. We still got caught. And now I'm back here in the bedroom with scary Alec looking after me like I'm a baby and with nothing to do because they took my phone.

"Are you sure that I'm not allowed to use my phone? Just for music?" I asked.

"No." he answered coldly as he read a book.

"Please! I'll just take the memory card and use it on the mp3 player! Just please let me have something to do! I'm gonna die of boredom!" I whined.

"Would you just shut up?" he snarled.

"No." I growled back. "Not until you let me listen to music!"

"Ugh." he groaned. "Here."

Then he tossed me a memory card. My phone's memory card.

"Thank you!" I said sweetly and sincerely. Alec seems to be dazzled for a moment for he just stared at me with no coldness or harshness in his eyes.

Looks like I got my Dad's talent. I guess...

I stood up and went to the small mp3 player and took out my earphones from my hidden pocket. The first song that was played was "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" by Panic at the Disco. I returned to the bed and layed down with the duvet covering my body and face.

"I hate Pop." I heard Alec mutter. I immediately sat up and looked at him.

"Say whaat?!" I asked.

He just rolled his eyes at me. If he hates pop music then I'll just have to teach him to like it. I removed the earphones and set the mp3 player to speaker.

"Pop music is awesome." I said just as 'One Way or Another' by One Direction came on.

"Could you turn that off?!" Alec snarled.

"Nope." I said popping the 'p'.

But instead of giving up like I expected him to, he just went over to the mp3 player, turned it off and took the memory card.

I sent death glares at him.

"You know, I'm hating you more by the second right now..." I said.

He scoffed.

"I'm used to people hating me and my sister now." he said casually like it's the most relaxing thing in the whole world.

'Well, that was unexpected.' I thought to myself.

I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Huh? Why?" I asked. I absolutely don't know their whole story though I would really love to.

"As if I would tell you." he rolled his eyes. I huffed in disappointment.

It seems like days have passed by with me sitting in the dark and cold room, bathing everyday, Alec acting as my bodyguard and babysitter bringing either food or blood for me, though I have a feeling that they're trying to make me drink human blood. Not only that but I'm also worried sick about Isaac but I bet our parents are a million times more worried.

"What are we actually doing here?" I asked Alec out of curiousity one day...or night. I wasn't sure because there are no windows present or any entrance for fresh air.

"Why would I tell you?" he answered my question with another question.

I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest just as the door burst open revealing some burly man named Felix.

"Master Aro wishes to see the girl." he said with a smile. I think he's the first Volturi member I've seen that smiles.

"Very well." Alec replied. "We will be up soon."

Then Felix was gone in a heartbeat. Alec then got hold of my arm and started escorting me to some kind of throne room.

"Aah! Welcome, my beautiful Sophia!" someone greeted so creepily that it sent chills down my spine. It was Aro who greeted me. He stepped forward until he was right in front me, took my hand in his and read my mind. "Aah..I see that you've had a very interesting life, my dear."

"Aro..." someone breathed out in a bored tone, so I guess that was Marcus. Aro immediately flitted to his brother's side and read his mind. After that, Aro had on a pure, genuine smile which was waaay too creepy for anyone.

I wonder what he saw in Marcus' mind. I heard that he can see and recognize bonds between two people. I looked at them and they were both looking between me and Alec.

"I shall ask you a question, mio caro." Aro said. I raised my eyebrow at him like the respectful person I am, note the sarcasm. "Would you like join our coven?"

Very straightforward, dude but I shook my head.

" I don't think so." I simply said as if they aren't the scariest coven ever.

Aro's smile dropped.

"Oh. And why is that?" the one with white hair asked. Caius.

"Because I don't want to spend the eternity being cooped up in a castle with nothing to do except stare at the walls or annoy Alec."

Before they could answer, the giant doors slammed open revealing Isaac with Jane.

"Sophia!" Isaac said. I smiled at him. Happy that he is safe and sound. He rushed to my side and secured me in a tight bear hug. I swear that he gives hugs like Uncle Emmett does. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Me too." I sighed.

"Now that we're all here why don't we ask Isaac what he thinks?" Aro said.

"What I think about what?" Isaac asked.

"About joining our coven." Caius said.

Isaac shook his head.

"I don't think so." he said. "Now when can we go home?"

I was about to elbow him on the ribs for such a stupid question because I know that there is no way that they will let us free after this.

"You can go home in one condition." Aro said.

Wait what?! We can go home?! I guess that the Volturi are not what they're meant to be.

"What condition?" I asked.

"You have to take Alec and Jane with you." he said. A gasp escaped the other guards lips except for Alec, Jane, Caius and Marcus.

"B-but Master!" Someone protested. I turned around and saw maybe the most beautiful vampire ever. Next to Aunt Rose of course, I think her name is Heidi.

"My decision is final." Aro said in a hard voice then turned to Renata who is his personal guard, of course. "Flight arrangements must be made."

"Yes master." Renata replied before disappearing.

»Bella's POV«

My baby's gone. She's gone. The Volturi took her. Never again to be seen. 3 days without seeing Sophia and even Isaac was hell. I refuse to leave our room and do anything. Edward keep on forcing me to go downstairs to the living room and I decided to agree.

"Why can't we go there, Edward?" I asked my husband who is also frantic.

"We can't just attack them, love." he told me. "We're outnumbered."

If I could just cry, I would.

My only baby has been taken from me by those cruel people.

"But how can we get her back?" I asked sadly.

"I need to see my son!" I heard Rosalie screech.

"Rose. Calm down!" Emmett told her. I instantly saw Jasper enter the room with Alice and started to calm Rose down.

"MOM, DAD!" We heard two very familiar voices yell. I shot up from the couch and sprinted to the front door to see my daughter and nephew with...

Jane and Alec?!

What the heck are those two doing here?

"Jane? Alec?" Carlisle asked.

"Hello, Cullens." Jane greeted boredly, pulling her hood down.

I didn't care if they were here, I only care that my daughter is back home again. Edward and I hugged Sophia tightly, Rose and Emmett did the same with Isaac.

"Why are they here?" Edward asked Sophia.

"Well, Aro wouldn't let us go if they won't come with us." She replied.

Wow. The Volturi just risked two of their most important coven members to just keep an eye on Sophia and Isaac.

We went inside and got settled in the living room. We let Sophia and Isaac take a shower first because they're complaining about airplane smell or something while Carlisle and Esme led the twins to their bedrooms.

"I'm puzzled on why Aro sent the twins here." Emmett said.

"Me too." we all said in unison.

●End Of Chapter 8●

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