Nathan was in the middle of a dream about Jay when he felt an arm—Tom's, judging by how roughly he was being woken up—shaking his shoulder. He squinted in the bright light of the dressing room and when his eyes adjusted, he saw that Allison was back and waiting for him to do the interview.

"Is it my turn already?" he asked groggily.

"Well, you were asleep pretty long," Allison shrugged. "So, yes, it is your turn."

Out of habit, Nathan checked his phone first and found a text from Max:

Good luck. She asks all the hard questions, if you know what i mean.

He stretched, got up, and followed her into the hallway and into a small white room containing only a table, two chairs, and a recorder.

The click of the lock behind him made him nervous for some reason. What have we gotten ourselves into? he thought, thinking of Max's text.

"Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable," Allison, who was already in one of the chairs, said and gestured to the chair across from her.

Nathan reluctantly lowered himself into the other chair and squirmed, trying to find a comfortable enough position. He then leaned back and looked at her expectantly, as if to say "come at me."

"So, Nathan," Allison began. "You're the youngest member of The Wanted, right?"

"Yeah." He'd gotten this question many times before, so he wasn't surprised that this was the first question she asked. In fact, he would be surprised if she didn't bring up the whole "youngest The Wanted member" subject up.

"So, being the youngest, was it intimidating when you first met Jay, Max, Tom, and Siva?

"Yeah, I guess, what with them being years older, but we got used to each other really quickly and we became like a family."

"And who would you say you're the closest to in the band?"

Normally, he avoided answering this question, dismissing it by saying that it was impossible since, like he had said, the five of them were like a family now. But with Allison, her tone made it seem like he had to choose just one of them. And I thought we didn't have to answer everything.

"Gee, I don't really know," he began, scratching the back of his head. "Like I said, we're like one big family..." He trailed off, waiting to see if she was satisfied. It was evident in the way she looked at him expectantly without asking the next question that she was not satisfied with his answer.

"...But if I had to choose just one person, I'd say I'm closest to...Jay. He's like a big brother to me and…" he stopped himself before he could say the words "something more." He quickly covered up and continued, "Yeah, I guess it would have to be Jay."

Her ears perked up at his name, but her face remained devoid of expression.

"Okay. Last question: how different is your life now that you're famous?"

"It's very different. I mean, I get to see my family less, and I can't go out in the street without Kevin-he's our head of security-or some form of disguise now. And there's always the expectations: I constantly have to be what everyone thinks I should be. And I kind of have to stay single just so our careers won't be ruined. But it's still very fulfilling to see all those fans appreciate all our hard work and continue to believe in us after all this time. So I guess it's annoying sometimes, but it also has a lot of perks."

"That will be all," Allison said, stopping the recorder. "Thanks for answering our questions," she smiled sweetly and shook his hand.

"Thanks for having me," he said and followed her back to the dressing room. The whole time he couldn't shake that nervous feeling he'd gotten before and during the interview. He couldn't help feeling that Allison had something to hide.