AN: This is the last part of the fic.. I think, I might get some more inspiration, perhaps having Merlin retaliate or something. That would be fun to write. But for now, this is it. So enjoy :D Btw, still looking for a BETA-reader.

Being thrown against a wall, outside the Kings bedroom was not something that Merlin had planned on. He had kept a safe distance from the Druid all day. He succeeded in this so well, that he had honestly forgotten all about their spat, until his back connected with the cold stonewall.

Being dragged down the corridors by his scarf, wasn't something Merlin have seen coming either.

Mordred didn't speak. He simply pulled Merlin along in a fast pace, which had the latter half-running and stumbling behind him, earning both of them quite a few glances from servants who all hurriedly ducked out of the Knight's way, leaving poor Merlin to his fate.

Part of that fate was apparently him being shoved into Mordred's room, falling over and landing his bum, but even Merlin had seen that one coming.

Mordred was looking at him in silence, with his arms crossed over his chest and a sour look on his face. Merlin simply stared back, trying his best to ignore the part of him that had decided that Mordred scowling was an extremely attractive sight, that should be kissed and loved. He was certain that, for once, his lover wouldn't appreciate his kisses.

Finally, it seemed, Mordred broke his silence, throwing his hands in the air in frustration.


Merlin stared.

"What the hell were you thinking, Merlin?"

Merlin pursed his lips, surprisingly offended that Mordred used his non-druid name, something the man never did unless he was talking to Merlin nearby another person. Mordred had to be very angry, to refuse using Emrys.

"I-" Merlin didn't get to finish what he wanted to say, which could be argued was an good thing, seeing as he would likely just his foot in his mouth instead of bettering the situation.

"You humiliated me!"

Whatever shred of hope Merlin had that Mordred didn't know that it was Merlin's magic, which had been directly involved in him falling over at practice, should have been gone long before now.

Should have, that is.

"I don't know what you are talking about, Mordred," he denied, getting up from the floor to stand up in front of Mordred.

Once again Merlin found himself shoved against a wall, just as forcibly as before. He was going to have to find a way to steal ointment from Gaius, for the bruises he was sure to be covered in by morning.

"You know what you did, Emrys."

At least Mordred was using his name again, that was a good start.

"Don't you dare pretend that it wasn't you who tripped me, I'd know your magic anywhere!"

Merlin was painfully aware of the way Mordred's body pressed against his, as if the Druid tried to melt their bodies together, making them one. That or he was trying to cause Merlin as much pain as possible. Possibly both.

Mordred's arm was braced against Merlin's chest, the former putting his weight into it, making it hard for Merlin to breathe. In a feeble attempt to get lose, the manservant pushed at the arm, trying to move it and relieve some of the pressure. Mordred didn't, however, move an inch. Instead he simply leaned in, his lips hovering over Merlin's.

"I've worked so hard, Emrys."

Mordred kissing him, Merlin had figured out. He knew that the Druid was mad, no doubt, but he also knew that Mordred would never hurt him, would never really be angry, would not be able to suppress his love long enough to actually be this close to Merlin without touching him in a more loving way.

The kiss was hard, filled with teeth and tongue. It hurt, but felt good. The aggression behind it, matched the feelings Merlin had felt earlier, watching Mordred giving his attention to the pretty, blonde, serving-girl. So Merlin kissed back just as hard, just as aggressively, trying to convey the anger he felt just as Mordred did.

The arm on his chest lifted, moving down so its hand gripped at Merlin's hips instead, fingers slipping under the loose shirt that the manservant wore.

It moved quickly, finding Merlin's nipples and giving them a hard twist, playing with them vigorously, making Merlin moan out Mordred's name in return.

He felt a smile against his lips, as the fingers left their task, instead moving down to loosen Merlin's trousers, Mordred shoving his hand into them, wrapping Merlin's cock into a tight grip that had the sorcerer throwing his head back, banging it against the wall with a shout of pleasure-pain and stars behind his eyelids. Hips snapped repeatedly against his thigh, as Mordred rutted to ease some of his own pressure. Merlin drank in the small moans that his love gave, as pleasure rose.

Mordred's hand worked quickly, moving up and down as his mouth was seemingly everywhere. Kissing, biting and sucking anything they would get near. More bruises Merlin would have to hide from Gaius.

Quickly, more quickly than he would like to admit, Merlin felt his stomach tightening; his nerves standing on ends, buzzing with pleasure as he neared his end. And then, suddenly, it stopped. Mordred loosened his grip and pulled his hand out of Merlin's trousers. Quickly whipping the precome on it off on Merlin' shirt, much to the other's irritation, he stepped back with a grin.

"Where do you think you are going?" Merlin's voice sounded more like a whine than he would care to admit.

In turn, Mordred simply shrugged, adjusting himself quickly, and left without a word, leaving a stunned and painfully hard Merlin in his wake.

Pulling his trousers into place, Merlin stumped out of the room, hoping to go finish the work somewhere private before Arthur or Gaius found him and forced him to do some ridicules task.

By the gods, Merlin thought, quickening his pace, that's idiot is more of a prat than Arthur is.