Red. It signified death, anger, blood and pain as well as so many other things that were pointless and meaningless now. It was a terrible colour: terrible for hair, for clothes, for lipstick. And for eyes yet red was the colour of the demonic gaze of Ciel Phantomhive.

Red was the colour he'd have to put with for the rest of his existence. Of course that red faded to its original mismatched clash of sapphire and amethyst but, the point was, Ciel was no longer the human thirteen year old he'd once been.

His soul was no longer accessible and that angered his eternal butler. Sebastian would have devoured Ciel's soul by now if it wasn't for that bastard, Claude and that bitch, Hannah. If not for them and that whining brat, Alois, Ciel wouldn't have become a demon. Ciel would have been rotting away in the pit of his demon's stomach.

A month had passed since the night Sebastian had punched a hole through the demonling's chest, swirls of crimson blood decorating the dark waters. The young one had laughed it off but inside he was hurting. There was no physical pain and the wound had healed quickly.

No, this pain was entirely emotional.

It killed him inside that Sebastian wished for his long awaited demise, that he wished he had never met the once-earl, had never rescued the boy from the clutches of those filthy humans of which had dared to use and abuse the younger in every possible way.

Ciel watched through sad, lonely eyes that were disguised with an apathetic gaze as his butler became more and more reserved. Sebastian didn't smirk smugly and tease mockingly like he used to. He didn't even make those annoyingly snarky comments anymore. It broke the little one's heart to see the demon he had come to see as a close friend –not that he'd ever admit it- become so utterly empty.

It also made Ciel furiously angry; could Sebastian not see that the younger was hurting too? The young master had been looking forward to eternal oblivion, he had wanted to die. Life was not something he cherished, not something he delighted in experiencing. He had wanted Sebastian to get the soul he so surely deserved and it hurt that Sebastian hated him now.

Ciel hadn't asked for this.

Why did he get the blame?

A verbal fight broke out between the two; insults were thrown back and forth.

"I hate you!"

"Well, I hate you!"

"You're nothing to me!"

"I'm your master!"

"You've ruined everything!"

"You're being a prick!"

Then, finally, the little lord uttered words that rang in their ears and made Ciel regret something for the very first time. "Well, if you want to leave so badly, why don't you take your stupid contract and go?"

There was silence and, for the briefest of moments, Sebastian actually looked hurt. Then his red, wine coloured eyes darkened. Sebastian turned on his heals and headed for the door. "Goodbye, young master." He said coldly before leaving the room.

Breathing hard with fading anger, Ciel listened to the gentle footsteps as they faded while the owner left the building. A moment passed and hurt replaced anger. The young demon ran after his elder. "Sebastian! Don't go, please don't go! I'll do anything, Sebastian! Please! Please don't leave me!" he begged grabbing hold of the angered demon's hand. The elder shook off the fledgling demon but Ciel took hold of that arm again. "Please. I'm sorry. Please don't go, don't leave me alone. You're all I have left. Please, I don't..."


Too weak to defend himself, Ciel found himself tumbling to the ground cupping the side of his face where Sebastian had struck him. "Seb... Sebastian..." he whispered, his mismatched eyes brimming over with tears. "please..." His lower lip had split and a mark was left behind where Sebastian had hit him, forming into a nasty bruise.

For a moment, Sebastian just looked at the snivelling wreck in the dirt, still muttering his pathetic pleas. "D-...don't. P-...please. S-...Sebastian." the young one sobbed as the elder walked away. "Sebastian!" Ciel called but Sebastian had gone. "Please... I love you."

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