I know. I haven't updated in forever and I'm a horrible person. Either way, this update is for all you impatient sexy things. Unfortunately, I have to warn you about a certain snake. Beware feels. Seriously. Also, jelly = jell-o. I'm English. Sorry.

A black slithering snake, wriggled in through the window, keeping to the darkness of the shadows as it silently glided stealthily along the floor, making its way towards the small bundle sleeping peacefully in the hand crafted crib. The snake squirmed through the bars of the old cot, once used by the babe's very own father and sister, its heinous gaze on the child that had once been its saviour but was now nothing except a tool for gratifying revenge on the feline demon that had stolen the husband of the snake.

The illusion of betrayal had failed to part the lovers who so foolishly clung to one another, loving each other so completely. How utterly disgusting. How...obscene. The crow was to be hers and hers alone but the defiance of such a pathetic young brat had parted the once married couple. How dare those two prance around so in love while she suffered. They should suffer. They would all suffer.

Anger boiled in the cold blood of the snake but was eased by the glee and the rush she got as she found flesh, bit down and injected lethal venom into the babe as she slept. Delicious was the warm blood of fresh newborn that filled her reptilian mouth and hardened until its texture became akin to a melting gummy-bear.

'Arya, if only your mother had listened to me,' the snake hissed as the child's eyes flung open, her lush pink lips parting wide to scream in agony as the blood stilled in her veins and hardened into a jelly-like substance as the snake slipped away into the night.

The scream had alerted the household and Ciel came rushing in. His own eyes widened at the state of his daughter and screamed for help as Sebastian rushed to Arya's twitching form. She frothed at the mouth with bubbled saliva as she struggled for air, her muscles no longer working with her. "Poison..." Sebastian spat, his eyes wild with rage. Ciel shook his head as he sunk to the floor, at a loss as to what to do for his only child.

Arya's eyes seemed to bulge out her sockets, each now watering was they were forced to stay open by the panic that took over every single one of Arya's young senses. Ciel screamed at Sebastian to do something, anything, but there was nothing he could do. Sebastian was as helpless as his lover, unable to help his daughter, unable to calm her or even so much as sooth her as the poison slowly spread.

Branwen swooped into the room, her expression strangely calm but her pupils were dilating with cold rage. She grabbed Arya from her bed, the child now turning blue, and stabbed her with a syringe filled with an odd looking substance that resembled vomit. Ciel watched, paralysed with anguish and horror as the substance entered his daughter's system.

Minutes ticked by and nothing happened. Even Branwen looked disheartened. Eventually, she placed the small bundle in Ciel's arms. "I'm so sorry..."

"No." Sebastian suddenly sprang to life. "No, try again. Don't you dare tell me she's gone. Try AGAIN!" he roared, gripping the edge of the crib.

"Sebastian..." Ciel began but was cut off.

"She's just a child! You can't tell me...she's not even a week old...you can't expect... no, I won't..."

"Sebastian..." Ciel said again.

"Try again. Arya...she's my baby, my little girl..."



Ciel smiled at the elder. "She's breathing."