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"I have come for my kin give her to me and you will live." Lykos roared before hell broke loose.

3rd POV

A mighty roar filled the room, causing the foundation to shake and rattle. Glass shattered as they fell loose from their frames with the force.

Isabella flipped and crouched over her mate, her eyes locked onto the man before her. Her senses saying he was safe but he was a threat… how can one be safe and a threat?

"YOU WILL NOT HARM HIM!" She roars before tensing ready to strike if need be. A shimmering blue bubble forming over them both.

Lykos blinked before calming as he saw the mating bond between them both, she was in no danger by anyone in this room and with a quick look at them all he confirmed his thoughts. Cocking his head to the side he nodded, "no harm will come to your mate young one. Calm, it will do you no good to become lost in your rage; you are not ready for what it will bring." He soothed.

Isabella let out a snarl before tensing as she felt a hand being placed between her shoulder blades, sniffing she allowed her body to relax as she realised it was her mate, her scentless mate. "Then do not barge into our home snarling, I don't care who you are."

Dipping his head, Lykos relaxed his body, "I am sorry young one. You are of my kin and I had seen all the things they had done to you… those filth will be destroyed and I came to help you, came to see with my own eyes you were alive and not anywhere near them or the very fire of hell would rain down on them." He told her, watching with lowered eyes on how she would react.

He could tell that his kin was on a double edge sword, very close to sanity or insanity. He couldn't let the barbarians who took her be the cause of her mental break, not one so young. So much like his sister, even now snarling in rage at him; her eyes swirling black and red pools and the burn pulling down her face; she still looked like his sister.

"Darlin' we can trust him, he will help. He won't take your victory; he will train you to be the mighty warrior you were always meant to be." Peter whispered in his mates' ear while rubbing his thumb in soothing circles. He knew that the king before him will always treat her with an equal; he knew that the brothers will not take this well when they see her. He also knew that because he was under her shield his gift can work, work well and will begin to work once more once he had gained her trust.

Isabella cocked her head to the side and listened to the words being spoken, everything in her screams to protect him but her instincts knew her mate was correct. With a huff of air she dropped the shield and strode forward and stood eye to eye with the man who was her kin.

The others watched with wide eyes and baited breath as they watched Isa stride her way over to the ancient king and poke him in the chest warningly. "I will not be treated like a fragile doll I may seem to be, you will treat me like an equal and teach me how to control my powers."

Lykos smiled down at his kin and nodded, "yes, I wouldn't have it any other way. You are much like my sister Is'bel, she was very much like you and I admired that. I will teach you all I know, you will be able to keep your kin safe." He admitted with a small chuckle causing her to smirk.

"Where are the brothers and the guard?" Garrett inquired as he turned to look out the window realising the others didn't bust in to help their king.

"They are not much far behind; I am old and can run much faster. They will be here soon; shall we take out meeting outside?" Lykos hummed while gesturing outside once more.

The Denali clan, Jasper, the Swan Coven and Garrett looked towards Peter who looked towards his mate in question. It was truly up to Isa knowing that she hated many vampires around her, especially ones she didn't know. With a nod of her head she waited until the others left before exiting the house, standing close by Peter's side with Charlotte on the other.

"You did well Isa, I don't have enough balls to go up to the ancient king and poke him." Char drawled out causing Isabella to laugh slightly.

"What could I say, I was motivated." She hummed back, forcing her fear down as figures began to step out of the tree line, led by three men. Two black haired, one as pure as snow.

"Aro, Marcus, Caius." Peter hummed before dipping his head slightly, the others doing the same. Some may not like the Volturi, mainly the Denali but they still respected them in a way for what they did to keep their kind from being found.

"Ah, we were expecting a violent war not a welcoming." Aro hummed as he scanned the crowd confused. Many vampires he didn't know, but he knew the Denali coven. "It is good to see you again old friend." He greeted Eleazer.

"As am I," Eleazer replied quickly and calmly before dipping his head once more.

"They are her coven, her mate had saved her." Lykos stated neutral but he was proud of the warrior that was his kin's mate.

"Mate?" Caius asked, while Marcus stared at the man next to the woman who he believed to be Isabella. Yes, he could see now. Soul-mates, their bindings wound tightly around each other and intertwined, he had never seen one so beautiful.

"Yes, I am her mate." The Captain rumbled out darkly, "Is there a problem with that?"

Caius looked at the man who spoke with a critical eye; he could see the scars that marred his flesh and knew at one point in his life he had been in the wars with the southern covens. They were much different than the ones on Isabella, you could tell they were from fighting as he bite wounds look like someone yanked the teeth out or they bit and shook their head while the ones on Isabella – though intimidating – were those of being feast upon.

"I mean no disrespect; I had assumed that we were coming to help free her." Caius replied with a hum. "I see you were in the wars."

Peter snorted, "Yes I was in the wars, and I was third in command of one of the leading armies too. Fortunately for me I was freed from that shithole run by that bitch."

The Volturi looked at Peter curiously now, before sweeping over the rest of the crowd, only three others held scars besides the one they came for. Two blonds – one male the other female – and a brunette male.

"You look familiar. Have I run across you before?" Demetri asked frowning trying to recall the strange vampire, he couldn't sense the tenor of his mind.

Peter smirked at Demetri, eyes glinting. "Yeah, you came across me and Char here the night we escaped and I relieved your head from your body."

Demetri froze before thinking back to that specific night in the desert many years ago when he Jane and Felix went to settle a smaller coven in the area that weren't controlled enough. He remembered coming across a newborn and a seasoned vampire before being attacked by the male. He remembered the dark black eyes snarling down at him as his head was ripped from his body quickly, the woman screaming at him to keep running.

Captain! Keep running! Leave them, Major can only hold off Maria's goons for so long! The woman screamed.

"You're the Captain. The second most feared vampire in America?" He asked out causing Peter to smirk and nod.

"Yeah, but people call me Peter."

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