Sam: "I wouldn't say it's an innocent meeting at a very public place. I put where I worked on my résumé. I'm sure he put two and two together. He's not that stupid. But, why would he be looking for me at work? That's a sort of creepy thought. He doesn't know enough about me to stalk me."

Beth: "I think you are reading into this a bit much. There are a million Starbucks in the state of New York alone. He saw convince not a chance to stalk "that hot intern girl" from earlier this afternoon."

She starts laughing at how crazy that sounds out loud. Dylan didn't know her from Eve and yet, here he is in her Starbucks looking over stuff on his lap top with his cute little computer glasses on. She had to admit he looked even hotter with glasses on. Maybe she was the one obsessing on him. She wasn't the one showing up at his work like he had no idea she'd be on duty. She couldn't shake the feeling there was something more to Dylan then he was leading on.

Sam: "I doubt he thinks I'm hot. Men like that don't go for women like me."

Beth: "And exactly what is wrong with "women like you"? You're not any different then the women that live on Park Avenue and drive there million dollar cars and wear there Louboutins to wash the laundry in million dollar clothes. The difference is you like to get your hands dirty and don't worry about chipping your 500 dollar manicure."

Sam: "The day I pay 500 dollars for a manicure is the day money grows on trees."

Dylan started packing up his lap top and throws away his trash. He makes a point to come back over to the counter where Sam and Beth are talking and waiting on customers.

Dylan: "Until tomorrow, Miss Samantha."

Sam: "Until tomorrow, Mr. Whitman."

He smiles his million dollar smile and leaves the Starbucks. He heads back over to the university to do his presentation that he just finished putting together at Starbucks. He makes a phone call.

Dylan: "Thomas, hey it's Dylan Whitman. Yeah good to hear your voice too. I need a favor. A friend of mine is in town and I need you to come pick them up from this address. Take them anywhere they want. Thank you."

He hangs up. Thomas is one of his drivers. Dylan didn't want Sam walking home alone tonight in the city. The idea of her meeting up with some crazed psycho made him want to hover around and wait like her father, but he didn't want her to think he was the crazy stalker type. Even though, technically he was kind of stalking with his background check and showing up at her work. He'd even go so far as to say she got nervous when he walked into a room, but that was the usual response women gave him. His presence commanded respect and he carried himself with great pride. You could feel the waves of confidence coming off him.

A woman like Sam deserved to ride in the lap of luxury not on the 715 bus back to the dorms. He had a feeling he could mold her into the walking example of a fine elegant woman. She was just the type of woman he could work with. She had shoulder-length brunette hair and the most amazing crystal blue eyes he'd ever seen. Her delicate facial features. Her skin looked so soft and flawless. Her body was gorgeous from what the gray pencil skirt and button down top showed off at the interview. There were just enough buttons unbuttoned for her to look sexy, but not too many to look easy. He noticed right away how perfect her breasts were and how they would fit into the palm of his hand perfectly. He had to pull his thoughts back into the present. "Get a grip. Whitman. She's just another woman and you can't get involved with your employees even if she is just an intern."

But, damn if the idea didn't keep playing around in his mind. "Think about the presentation, Whitman. You have to speak with this presentation." He couldn't very well stand in front of an assembly of people with a raging hard on from imagining Sam naked. He quickly turned his thoughts to the hall full of people he was presenting to and walked to Lecture Hall B in the Fine Arts building.

Just as predicted. A room full of stuffy looking investor types with their million dollar suits and the women in their pant suits and dresses. That quickly got his mind back to the task at hand. He was presenting his art to the public for the first time tonight. He never let anyone see his work before and honestly, it unnerved him a bit. He felt naked standing there with the images of his work on public display. He remembered how each piece was inspired by different things he was feeling when he created them. The darker pieces represented darker emotions he hid away.

He noticed a young couple standing in front of his piece titled "A Mother's Love".

"Wow. You can really feel how the artist is interpreting that poor lonely child as lost. I wonder how this would look in the living area."

"The mother is so dark and far away. This artist is so deep. I can really feel his pain."

He smiled to himself as the gentlemen turned his attention to him.

"Hello Mr. Whitman. My name is Hunter Granger. My wife and I would like to purchase this piece. You are an absolutely brilliant artist."

Dylan: Thank you very much, Mr. Granger. You can see my assistant, Melody for the details."

He smiled as Mr. and Mrs. Granger continued their journey through his gallery.