Spirited Away 2

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Chapter One

"Will we meet again someday?"

"Sure we will."


"Promise, now go and don't look back."

That was their hands parted. They both sighed, not only for the girl's happiness but they had to leave each other not knowing when they would meet again…

"I wish I never left." Chihiro whispered and sighed, her long, brown hair cascaded its way down to her waist as she drew a magnificent piece of artwork.

"What did you say and are you drawing your usual again?" Ryu asked his black fringe was blocking his sapphire eyes, with a swift movement of his head; he was able to admire the beauty of Chihiro's artwork.

"Em… Nothing, really." Chihiro answered with a blush. "And yeah, I suppose I'm drawing my usual." Ryu gazed at the turquoise dragon breaking the surface of the clear water with a ten year old girl on the dragon's mane. Whilst the teacher of Park Sea Grammar explained the different effects a single paint brush has, Chihiro was sketching a mini portrait of Haku.

"Who is that guy, you draw him in every lesson you have, now spill, who is he?" Ryu asked suspiciously, he was jealous of this boy, as Chihiro obviously liked this boy, despite Ryu and Chihiro being best friends ever since they met. Chihiro sighed, secrets where just the things which did not last long, especially with best friends.

"Well, he's…" Chihiro suddenly got broke off, by a sudden noise by Mr. Mori, her art teacher, clearing his throat.

"Ryu, Chihiro, would you like to share your conversation with us?" Mr. Mori demanded Chihiro and Ryu blushed as every set their eyes on Chihiro and Ryu. The boys focused their eyes on Chihiro, as she was the prettiest girl here and the girls focused on Ryu, apparently as he was the cutest boy around.

"No sir, we are very sorry." Chihiro whispered and looked at Ryu, who was smiling at all the girls.

"Oh yes sir, we are sorry." Ryu replied and Mr. Mori nodded and continued with his lesson. Soon after, their torture of Hell finished, as the heavenly bell rang. Everyone packed their stuff and walked out of the classroom. Chihiro and Ryu swiftly trudged their way out of the school gates.

"So… You doing anything special tonight?" Ryu asked, breaking the placidity, Chihiro shrugged her emaciated shoulders.

"Well no, not really." Chihiro knew she was telling a big lie, however, I some cases she could not share this secret, even with Ryu.

"Alright, see you later, I'll call you!" Ryu called as they split their ways back home, but Chihiro was stopped by Ryu embracing her, giving her quite a shock, she only treated Ryu as a friend. Soon Ryu stood back and ran off, cursing himself, Chihiro sighed and headed back home, not the one she moved to six years ago, but the one she found six years ago as well. The Spirit Gate…

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