Spirited Away 2

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Chapter Twelve

Haku felt the pain overwhelm him as he punched the wall for the millionth time. Blood started to form around his bruised knuckles, Haku wiped them away and he leant against the wall. The coldness of the wall cooling his forehead, Haku sighed and pushed himself off the wall. He began to stagger away into the darkness of the night.

Haku walked onto the bridge where he met her, where he warned her and told her to run away. And that was when their first encounters' memories began to flow into Haku's mind. That was the day where he fell in love with her...

...Haku was peacefully swimming in his river invisibly. He scanned the area and began to swim deeper into his river and there he saw a fat man and woman sitting together as they both looked at the beautiful view of the valley where his river was located. Haku began to swim away when the couple were packing their stuff away into their car. Haku smiled and swam further up the river, seeing if there was any sign of any humans around and changed into his true form. A dragon.

Haku swam around, the cool water touching his scales; he enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere until he heard some worried voices.

"Chihiro! Chihiro, where are you?" the couple shouted and Haku saw the couples panicking and worrying as they ran around finding this Chihiro. Haku decided to swim on further to find this Chihiro, until he heard an angelic voice.

"Mommy! Daddy! I'm over here! I'm just paddling in this river!" the little girl explained and smiled a cute smile in her parents' direction. In the little girl's hand was a little pink shoe and she slowly dropped it into the river. The river's current pushing it down the river, the little girl gasped and began to sprint after her little pink shoe along to river bank, until the girl leapt into the water.


Haku swiftly swam towards the sinking little girl and dived directly underneath her. Haku completely forgot about his dragon form; however he shook it off him as he tried to save the girl. Suddenly, Haku felt small yet strong hands grasp on his horns and felt the little girl's body on his back as they swam up to the surface of the water. As they reached the river's bank, Haku carefully placed the girl on it and began to sink to the depths of the water, until the little girl stood up.

"Please wait! My name is Chihiro Ogino! What's your name?" the little girl asked and smiled her cute smile. Haku dared to rise a few inches to the surface of the water.

"Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi..." Haku whispered.

"Thank you! Nigi... Hami... Ko... Haku... Nu... Shi?" the little girl asked and smiled again. Haku chuckled to himself as the little girl tried to pronounce his name and began to sink to the depths of his river as he sensed the couple coming.

"Bye bye! I hope we can see each other again! Can we be friends?" the little girl asked and Haku nodded and sank to the bottom of his river. He saw the couple envelope the little girl in a tight embrace, tears pouring out of their eyes, he saw them walk away and he began to look away, before seeing a glimpse of the girl's cheery smile once more. Haku was surprised yet happy at the same time. Many humans saw Haku in his dragon form and ran away in fright, however, this little girl was special she saw him in his dragon form and did not run away, but she asked to be her friend. On that day, the little girl did not only steal a glance of him in his dragon form. But she stole his heart. That was the day when he fell in love with Chihiro.

Haku opened his eyes and saw the moon shining on the red bridge. He jumped off the spot on the bridge where the second time he saw Chihiro, he began to walk away until he heard a distant whisper.


"Chihiro?" Haku turned around and saw a black shadow becoming bigger as it approached Haku. The black shadow stopped in the moonlight.

"Chihiro!" Haku exclaimed and gazed at Chihiro's new form, she was wearing old traditional Japanese samurai clothing and in her hand she was clutching a sword. A sword dripping. Dripping with blood.

Chihiro smiled to herself as she saw her prey standing there and began to walk towards him, she swung her sword around and blood sprayed in every direction.

"Chihiro!" Haku cried and Chihiro chuckled to herself.

"You should no longer call me of that foul name, for she is gone and never to come back. I have taken her body, mind and soul, therefore she is gone. And so will you be Haku! Prepare to die!" Chihiro exclaimed and swung her sword to her side and began to charge towards Haku. Haku simply dodged and again Chihiro swung her sword towards Haku.

After a while, Chihiro could see her prey out of breath and she chuckled to herself, she let her drop and jumped into the air and kicked. Chihiro sent her prey flying across the bridge and Chihiro smiled to herself.

Chihiro swiftly jumped on Haku, grinding him to the ground, not letting him go. She smiled evilly to herself and raised her sword in the air. She saw her prey's terror flash in his eyes and as she lowered down the sword, she decided to let her prey die a slow painful death.

Haku closed his eyes as he saw the sword slowly make his way to him and looked away, until he heard Lin's annoying voice echo in his head.

"She needs you Haku. The only person who she truly trusts is you..."

"She needs you..."

"Only person..."

"Truly trusts..."

"Is you..."


Haku smiled to himself and mentally thanked Lin. He opened his eyes, his emerald eyes shining in the moonlight. He raised his hand to touch Chihiro's pale skin. He shivered as his fingertips felt the coldness overcome him. He saw the anger flash in Chihiro's eyes as he did, but dared to keep his hand there.

"Chihiro, please remember, aren't we friends? Remember the first time we met, you fell into my river, I saved you and you asked to be friends and I accepted," Haku could see that his plan was going well, Chihiro's solid black eyes were flickering black to brown and smiled as he dared to continue. "And then I met you again, in this exact spot and then I said you were my friend and you gratefully accepted, please remember... Chihiro..." Haku explained.

"No!" Chihiro cried as the anger overwhelmed her and Haku closed his eyes as he saw Chihiro swiftly bring down the sword. He grunted in pain as he felt the sword pierce through his clothes and skin. Haku looked into Chihiro's solid black eyes and kept his hand on Chihiro's cheek.

Chihiro blinked several times as she realised she was in darkness, her body, mind and soul had been possessed and now she was unable to do anything. Chihiro sighed in defeat, but as she began to close her eyes she heard a distant voice call out to her.


"Haku?!" Chihiro cried and saw a weak light in the distance, as she came close to the light it ran away from her. Chihiro grunted and ran as fast as she could, until she tripped over. She saw what she, no, what the thing possessing her was doing to Haku, she was about to kill him... In her body... Chihiro stood up and dropped to the floor again, knowing that she was useless to do anything.















Chihiro slowly stood up, with a determined grin on her face.

"That's right, I'm Chihiro and I have friends and family... And no one can take that from me... For I am Chihiro and you cannot take that from me!" Chihiro screamed as she sprinted into the light. She sprinted into the exit of the darkness and sprinted into the entrance of the light.

Haku inhaled deeply and closed his eyes.

"Tell me this, what is my real name?" Haku asked.

"How am I meant to know that?" Chihiro snapped back and placed more pressure onto Haku's chest; he grimaced in pain and dared to look into Chihiro's black eyes.

"I am not talking to you but the one who you have taken her body, mind and soul. Chihiro, what is my real name?" Haku asked and again felt the pain dig into his skin as Chihiro pushed the sword down further. Chihiro closed her eyes in slight pain as the memories began to flow in and her true self came back. Haku saw her pale white skin disappear into her usual peach and her eyes, the solid black diminished into her brown chocolate eyes.

"Chihiro!" Haku cried and Chihiro slowly stood up and smiled at Haku, before her legs gave way and collapsed. Haku quickly pulled the sword out of his chest and groaned in pain, but swiftly caught Chihiro as she fell.

"Your real name is Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi, how can I forget that my friend?" Chihiro whispered and smiled her cute smile at Haku, who hugged Chihiro tightly to his chest.

"Lord Keitaro, you called me?" Ryu asked as he knelt down.

"Yes I did Ryu, I just want to say that your little human is a lot stronger that I predicted," Lord Keitaro stated and motioned for Ryu to stand up. Ryu stood up and looked into the glowing crystal ball, showing Chihiro and Haku.

"Well yes, Chihiro is a very strong human and could even pass as one as well," Ryu explained and blushed as he realised Lord Keitaro was looking at him.

"Young love, eh? Therefore, with that mush power, my plans will continue, and let's see if you love can endure this one as well," Lord Keitaro explained and Ryu's fist clenched.

"Ryu, you need to understand that your contract with me means that your loyalty comes before anything, even you strong love for that girl, do you understand?" Lord Keitaro asked.

"Yes Lord Keitaro, I understand," Ryu replied.

"Good, because soon your next assignment will be your time to take action!"

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